Monday, September 10, 2012

5 Best Gifts for Men

When a woman celebrates her birthday or any other occasion that warrants gifts, you can get them just about anything. From flowers, chocolates, expensive fashion jewelry, clothes to personally-made cards, date nights and even slideshows – they’d love it. However, when it comes to buying gifts for men, things are a little more complicated.

You see, you cannot give men flowers. They don’t have the same effect on men as they do on women. Chocolates, well, you can give them, but I doubt they’d be considered as much of a gift as they do to a woman.

If there are gifts for women, there are also gifts that men would love to receive.

latest gadgets

What man doesn’t love gadgets? From Plasma televisions, to Apple Mac Book to Apple IPhones, a man will truly love it once he opens up his gift. You can even watch him as he opens his present and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the look on his face once he sees what’s inside. Expensive? Probably? But when you see that bright smile he has after he receives his dream gadget? Priceless.
mens fashion
2.Specialty rings and pendants

There’s just something about specialty rings and pendants that make a man so manly. For some fashionable men, wearing rings that state who they are or who they come from give them a really good sense of pride. And we all know how important pride can be sometimes. Special rings from the Navy or Marines can make a man beam with pride. There’s nothing like a piece of jewelry to show off what they’ve done for their country. It will help them know how proud you are too.

3.Outdoor Equipment

If you happen to have a boyfriend, husband or brother who loves the outdoors, then anything that they can use outside will definitely be appreciated. Bicycles are usually very expensive and some of the best can be hard to find. Good tents are also appreciated because the best are rare. Backpacks, GPS, passport holders, cooking sets are all things that they can use while out traveling. Since many of these outdoor equipment can be quite expensive, if you give it to them as a gift, they’ll definitely thank you.


This is the simplest out of this list. Wallets are common as a gift for man. But did you know that most men are really specific about the type of wallet they want? They’ll never admit it, but really, they want a very good wallet. It’s probably a boy’s thing, but the better the wallet you have, the bigger your earnings. If you do get them a wallet, make sure you get the one that they can’t stop looking at in the mall. It might be their current dream wallet.

ferrari 2012
5.A Car

Ah. Boys will be boys. Nothing makes a man happier than brand new, spanking clean wheels for them to take to work. And if those wheels just happen to belong to a fiery Ferrari or a Bentley, you’ll enjoy looking at their Cheshire Cat grin for the rest of the year.

So, have you given any of these to a man yet? How did they react?


Jo Jo said...

I don't define success by how much money someone makes. I don't define success by how many trophies or plaques or awards someone has.

I don't define it by membership in exclusive clubs or the ability to name-drop about someone's famous friends.

I don't define it by how many luxury cars or opulent homes someone might own or how many sumptuous vacations they might taken in exotic locales all over the globe.

I don't define success...oh, hell, I'm just kidding. Actually, all that stuff is fantastic! Send Gifts to Pakistan

Unknown said...

Great post, man I would love a car as a gift!! Wallets are always a good choice too I think.

I love seeing what everyone else thinks makes a great gift for a man! Gifts For Men

Unknown said...

well receiving a nice porche is a really good thing but anything is okay be it expensive or not as long as it came from the heart, from someone you loved.

OneBigMistake, andSome said...

I will take a car anytime lol
but more seriously I think your list is great. But guys are definitley harder to shop for 'cause most stuff they like is expensive stuff. I found wallets are great gifts and easy to shop for 'cause all you have to do is see what wallet they already have, and get something similar but a better brand and they will be thrilled.
About chocolates, I am a girl, but I don't consider chocolates a gift. I don't care if they are dipped in gold, I want something I can hold on to, or at least a memory to hold on to - like a day at the spa: my favorite of all gifts (after a Mazeratti.)

Unknown said...

@OneBigMistake, andSome
I agree about "the gifts for men are harder to shop and its oh so expensive", i mean, come on, they loved gadgets, sports equipment, cars and all that are definitely hard to find, if not hard to choose, not to mention expensive.

I love your spa idea, next time I'll add the gift certificate option on my list, who can refuse a whole day pampering for free right :D

Unknown said...

These were some great men birthday gift idea's. Thanks so much for sharing. I wish I could get my husband the car he wants so badly, but that isn't going to happen. You did bring up some other great ideas. Thanks so much for getting me thinking more about his gift!

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