Monday, July 30, 2012

4 Most Important Displays for Your Jewelry

jewelry display

As a jewelry seller, I keep having to wonder which types of jewelry display is the most important when it comes to sales booths and physical stores. Sometimes, I end up having to scour competition just to see what they’ve got.

After years passed, I’ve finally made up my mind on which jewelry trays and cases are the most important for my precious jewelry collection.

First, I definitely think that acrylic hands and necks are very important to a display. Even those these kinds of displays are kind of expensive, especially those made with good materials, they are essential to a display because they provide the customer with a background look at what the jewelry looks like when worn. After some time, I realized this was important because everything I display on these make-believe hands and necks, they sell out pretty quickly.

Second, I also think ring and earring trays and towers are very efficient when it comes to storing the jewelry. Since I sell quite a lot of earrings and rings, I make sure to have at least a tray set and a tower to help me display the jewelry. If I had to settle for single exposure, I’d never be able to get out all of my jewelry at once. At least, these trays and towers can hold a lot of earrings and rings at the same time.

Third, jewelry cases are very important when it comes to selling sets. People like to see sets of jewelry together so I needed a way to display them in one place. Now, jewelry cases are easy to find. The PROBLEM is – finding one that will suit the jewelry set. Each case cannot be just any case. They have to compliment the jewelry set, in order for it to stand out. Otherwise, if the case looks boring and ordinary, no one would notice the set at all.

Fourth and definitely one of the most important types of jewelry display – it should be anything that would be comfortable and safe for the jewelry. Selling various types of jewelry has made me realize that they can easily be ruined by anything. Small scratches and broken pieces end up not being sold at all. So instead, I make sure to buy only comfortable jewelry cases and trays to ensure that my pieces don’t get scratched out of the blue.

What about you? Have you figured out the most important types of display for you?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding True Love in a Bag

This is not one of those gory blog posts where I’ll teach you how to desperately find your match and put him or her inside the bag for you to take home. Even if that’s possible, it’s down right crazy we should pass up on that idea.

Seeking out for our better half is an age dilemma. If it weren’t why would there be tons of sappy romantic flicks and match making sites plaguing the World Wide Web, right?

I don’t have anything against it, of course. Finding love, slowly falling and basking in the arms of the one that makes your heat flip is truly an amazing feeling.  You and I deserve to feel that in our life time.

But what if you get that very same feeling with a bag?

Ever thought that could be possible?

This idea may not be as disturbing as having the love of your life inside a bag but it’s certainly bizarre. But hey, bags can’t hurt you – only their price tag can. And the best part is you can walk away easily with no painful goodbyes and bitter regrets. Well, there would be but it won’t leave you scared for life. Finding a match is not that hard after all.

Today, I’ll share with you how to find the bag of your life. Make sure to read the rest of the article so you wouldn’t miss out on anything.

Here’s how to find your true love in 3 easy steps:
1.As in life, you have to know what you want before goin’ shopping. You can’t just storm in any store and pick up the very first bag you see. Doing so will just make the search strenuous, aimless and more often than not, unsuccessful. Not having a clear vision of what you want or what will make you happy can make you end miserable for two reasons. First is that you didn’t find what you really want. And second you might not have found anything at all. So from the beginning, make your expectations clear.

TIP: Make a list of the following things: purpose of bag (for the office or for travel, etc.), style (sling, satchel, backpack, handbag, etc.), preferred colors, other desired requires (this could include number of pockets and material used)

2.Once you found the one, never let it go! I know this is easier said than done but you have to make the effort if you really want it to be yours. Price may be one of the most common issues in this stage which very much understandable. If the one is our of your league then you should really give ample time to think about the commitment that you want to get into. Is the bag worth it? Are you willing to sacrifice? Can you honestly say, without any hint of impulsiveness, that you really need it? After much consideration and you are still able to say yes, then by all means take the risk.

3.Exhaust all efforts to make the relationship last a lifetime. Finding and having the object of your desire is one thing. It is another to thing to keep it with you forever. Taking care of your things is a necessity especially if you’ve taken much risk. Don’t waste anything by failing to appreciate what you have and taking it for granted. Flaunt your new love when ever you go out with the girls – just don’t leave it hanging at home waiting for you.

That’s it! I hope you’ll find the love of your life in no time.

Ciao! I gotta run in my bamboo shoes to find mine.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Make a DIY Jewelry Display

jewelry display

Did you know that it isn’t that hard to create a creative jewelry display? I thought it would take me several brain aneurysms first before I could create one that can truly sell my pieces. If not a brain aneurysm, I’d have to drown in debt first just to pay all those expensive display trays. 

Good thing, I discovered that I can actually make a do-it-yourself display without having to sell my kidney. 

First, I had to think of a creative theme for my jewelry. Since I like nature and I have a thing for the color combination of blue, green and brown, I wanted to build an effective jewelry display that will focus on just that, plus the elements of nature. 

Now that I had a theme for my display, I needed to set up my materials first. I took some blue lace curtains and green fabrics from my house (luckily, I still had them). I also had to look for old plywood that I can turn into star risers and towers. I’m also pretty skilled in a little carpentry so I could easily make my own towers. However, while making my second star riser, I ended up running out of materials so I had to resort to using books instead. After painting my star risers, I was ready to set up my jewelry booth.

Using the fabrics, I spread them out over the table with the lace fabric decorated over the stretched out green cloth. I placed a few antique looking wood on the sides and used the books to create different heights. The star risers I placed in the middle. Since I also liked the common, but generally attractive acrylic hand and pendant boards, I spent some money on a piece each and surrounded the star riser with the ready-made jewelry display. Just to give the display a little more design, I took some pieces of branches from an old Christmas tree and added it to the design, near the wood, giving it a forestry look. To finish off my decorations, I also made sure to add some soft LED lights to emphasize the colors of all jewelry pieces on display. 

Through this DIY display, I didn’t have to spend much. How about you? Which type of display for your jewelry is your favorite? Did it take you as long as I did to create yours? 

From faking it to making it

wedge boots

Being a woman is never easy. PMSing here, too many fashion trends there, love drama here and a little bad hair day over there – it’s just how we ladies roll.  It’s just amazing how we can handle all the stress and still look great from sunrise till sunset. Certainly, it takes a goddess like you and me to be a million things all at the same time.

And for that, I would like to applaud all the ladies in the universe through this post. I know that there are always times when you don’t feel as beautiful as we really are for whatever reason. Life may have its way of putting us down but we should never let our confidence fall to ground.

When I am suddenly placed in a not so happy day, I take the time to breath and remind myself that nothing lasts forever – both good and bad times. Placing things in this perspective really helps me to see the silver lining in any unfortunate situation I maybe in. If I get lucky enough to have a lovely day – this outlook in life reminds me to keep my feet on the ground as I savor every joyful moment. It has been truly liberating to be able to see life in this light.

Here’s how to do it:

1.Dress to impress – yourself: Never make the mistake of dressing up just to look in one’s eyes. It may be thrilling to be complimented by others but are you comfortable in how you look? When I feel like running away from everything, I often just pair my jeans with any shirt and rubbershoes. I also wear a hoodie and plug-in my headphones to complete the incognito feel. Other times I wear floral dress with wedge boots then I’m good to go. It should always depend on you – Whatever floats your boat will instantly boost your confidence on those days.

2.Surround yourself with wonderful people: Being with someone that makes you smile or hanging out with a group of people who allows you to be yourself is very important when you come across not so happy days. Make sure that you are able to share and express your feelings to lighten up the load.

And of course,

3.Flash the prettiest fake smile you could ever make – just don’t make it look like it. Smile at your neighbor’s cat, the trees, the sun, to a stranger – anything and anyone. I’m absolutely sure towards the end of the day you would have to continue faking a thing.

I’ve never seen this trick as fooling myself. I think it’s more of putting confidence in you until you are able to bring it out yourself. I’m sure we all know how difficult it is to strut down the street feeling and looking like a supermodel when all we want to do is go incognito to mankind.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A To Die For Nicole Richie Stint

Nicole Richie

I’ve never been a fan of Nicole Richie. Well, my mom loves her dad! And I love her dad too. Lol. I’ve never really seen her as a fashion icon but I love what she’s doing right now. I’d die and go to fashion heaven if I can be Polyvore’s guest editor for a month like Nicole Richie! She will be the first celebrity guest editor for this site.

Do you know what Polyvore is? "Polyvore is the web's largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world. With over 15 million monthly unique visitors, Polyvore's global community has created over 44 million sets that are shared across the web. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Polyvore is funded by Benchmark Capital, Matrix Partners, DAG Ventures, Goldman Sachs, and Vivi Nevo (NV Investments).”

In simpler terms, Polyvore is an online community where you can post a collage of outfits complete with inspiration and other things. Now you don’t have to be in the photo just to flaunt your desired look.

I’m actually not into this site yet, but I’m loving it! I might start pretty soon so I can post and look for more photos of pretty wedge boots. Yes, I’m still not over them. Lol.

Going back to Nicole Richie for Polyvore, she’d be starting of with a “What’s In Her Bag?” set to reveal the contents of her Balenciaga tote. She has a good mix of beauty essentials and luxury labels inside her bag. Nicole has a lip balm, bobby pins and a couple of sunglasses which I think, should be staples in every lady’s bag.

Nicole Richie is definitely as busy bee. With this guess editor stint, she also has two fashion brands under her belt – Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960. She’s also set to launch her fragrance line on September. Her clothing collection for Macy’s will be launched just about the same time.

I love Nicole Richie’s life! Can we trade?

I've got a question. If you could trade lives with a celebrity for a day, who would that be?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Jewelry Should You Wear to a Beach Party?

Now that summer’s here and all the hottest beach parties are on the rage, you’re probably gearing up on what to wear for one of the biggest events in your school. As much as you think those hippie tie-up jewelry make an awesome beach accessory, you can’t help think of those new fashion jewelry sets that your father just bought you. What jewelry can you wear to a beach party?

summer fashion jewelry
Silver jewelry
I know. Just thinking of bringing your silver into the water is already devastating. Thinking of how fast the color will tarnish can make me cry, especially when I think about how much I spent for my silver. While it is recommended that you NEVER wear silver to the saltwater ocean, you can still wear one while partying. Just make sure that throughout the whole day or night, if you end up drunk, you don’t end up in the water. Because that would be fatal for the jewelry and possibly you, too.

fashion jewelry necklace

Long chains, bling-blings and pendants
During proms and formal birthday parties, everyone likes to wear their best. But during summer parties, everyone is entitled to dress down. And I mean dress down. Since you will be going to a beach, gowns will probably get you more laughs than adoring looks. Anyway, just because bling-bling and long chains look good against anyone’s body, emphasizing their chest and torso, it is one of the most commonly worn types of accessory for a beach party and just about any other high school or college party.
studded fashion jewelry

Studs and buttons
The problem with wearing long, dangling earrings and hoops to a beach party is that you’ll never really know what can happen by the end of the night. What if one of your expensive dangling earrings accidentally fell off? I doubt you’ll be able to find it in the sand. This is why, when it comes to earrings and beach parties, studs and buttons will always be your wiser choice. At least no one can knock your studs off, unless they truly mean to remove your earrings.

Beach parties can be a lot of fun – until the time you lose your jewelry in the midst of it. So, in order to avoid this from happening, don’t wear too expensive jewelry and double check the clasps in all of your pieces just to ensure its security. Oh, and don’t get too drunk.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ways to Clean Your Jewelry Display

What? You thought all you had to clean was your jewelry? Did you really think your jewelry display cases, trays and more would last years without cleaning? Of course not. So, once in awhile, you’d have to close up shop early, take all your display out and start cleaning. Well, you can always have someone else clean it, but where’s the fun in that?

Don’t worry, I promise, it’s not rocket science. Here are a few ways you can clean your display pieces.
By using a vacuum cleaner for visible dust and dirt

One of the easiest ways to get the dust and dirt out is by using a vacuum cleaner. If you happen to have one of those vacuums with hoses that can get into the corners of trays, then you’d have better luck in actually cleaning your jewelry display. Don’t use those big vacuums of course, otherwise, it’d probably suck the whole display. Complete failure!
new items for jewelry display
By using a scotch tape

Okay, so this is a little harder and it’ll take much longer than a vacuum cleaner. However, if you really want to remove the lint and fingerprints on the display, you can use the sticky side of a scotch tape to dab and remove any lint on the surface. Yes, I imagine this is a really hard task, especially if the display keeps sticking to the scotch tape and it will. You can also try rolling a masking tape with its sticky side out and then roll it around the surface. This may be less effective, but easier to handle.

on sale jewelry display
Pet rollers for removing dirt on pendant boards and flat trays

These pet rollers work almost exactly like a vacuum cleaner, but they are usually smaller and meant for actual pet hair on clothes. Although these won’t work on trays with compartments, they’ll work well on pendant boards and flat trays because they don’t have to creep into corners and crevices.

Damp cloth for wiping and finish off cleaning

Once the dust has been removed, it is now time to finish off cleaning by wiping your jewelry display with a damp cloth. And no, do not use this damp cloth cleaning method on carpeted displays like some pendant boards and jewelry trays because you’ll only get the opposite effect of cleaning.

I prefer to clean my own jewelry display. Sometimes, it’s like me and my shop time. Not only did I NOT want to spend a few hundred bucks on getting someone else to clean my jewelry display, but I also didn’t want to risk any of my unique jewelry displays. At least, if something happens, I can only blame myself for not cleaning well.

What about you? What do you do to clean your jewelry display?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recommended Footwear for summer

What do you wear on hot summer days? Surely, not those thick, faux boots in your closet. I make sure to stay away from my boots for as long as the sun still sets too high and I stop feeling like my skin is melting as if I’m one of those aliens from the TV series Roswell. Screw the fashion police, I wasn’t about to sweat my ligaments off, especially in an expensive pair of boots – not a chance!
wedge boots

So, if you ask me what would be my most recommended footwear for summer? Definitely these three types of shoes. Before you start buying womens shoes on wholesale for the summer, you might like to see what’s in and out on this hot, hot season.

Slippers are definitely IN during summer
< imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">wholesale womens shoes

While slippers are usually a no-no during other days, this isn’t the same case for summer. What better footwear to don on the beach than slippers? After all, I’m sure you don’t want to get your platforms covered in sand. Yes, the sand will probably seep in through those little, bejeweled crevices in your high heels and you’ll definitely regret taking them to the beach. At least, slippers are comfortable, flat and easy to wear. Unfortunate for those who have ugly feet though, they’d have to suffer through negative nods from the fashion police. Well, unless you’re at the beach, who cares if you have ugly feet? As long as you have THE desired HOT body and the latest bikini, I’m sure nobody would notice those ugly, spiderlike veins on your feet.

Sandals or open flats for comfort and air
imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">wholesale womens sheoes

The sad thing about summer is that if you let your feet snug in a shoe for too long, you might just end up getting smelly feet. BIG NO-NO. This is why sandals and open flats are highly recommended. Of course, not those trekking sandals, unless you’re going off on some adventure. Nowadays, sandals have varied into new, more cooler variations from gladiator sandals, to those bejeweled, right to your toes. At least, your feet are in open shoes and you get to be part of the latest trend. Just make sure not to run in them, I’m sure those soles weren’t meant for track and field.

Peep Toes High Heels/Wedge Shoes

wholesale womens shoes

I guess there are just some women who cannot NOT wear high heels, even on a hot day of summer. As long as you’re not off to the beach, peep toes are alright to wear on summer, as they give the toes a little breathing room. Do make sure you’ve just had a nice pedicure though; nobody likes to see greenish, toe nails. Yuck. Also remember – definitely not for the beach. If you get peep toes wet, you’ll never be able to get those muddy sands out of your toes without water. Good luck on that.

How to Clean Your Ivory Jewelry

ivory fashion jewelry

Ivory is one of the popular, but controversial materials used for various kinds of traditional and elegant fashion jewelry. While it is illegal to sell ivory in some states, there are others where acquiring ivory the legal way is possible. And when you have an ivory necklace, it’s only right that you take proper care of it.

My husband knows I like the authenticity of ivory necklaces so when he’s able to buy some, he gives it to me as a present on special occasions. Unfortunately, he’s not always around to have them cleaned every now and then. But, instead of letting my ivory pieces dry out and darken, ruining its genuine texture and overall look, I decided to find out for myself how to clean my own ivory necklace.

Here’s two ways to get dust and dirt off one of my favorite accessories:

First, I can try dusting off the necklace first, using a paintbrush with fine tips. This way, I can remove any dust between the chains or small crevices in the pendant. Before I dust though, I make sure to wear cotton gloves so I don’t extend any dirt onto my necklace. A friend once suggested I use white, vinyl eraser to remove any dirt. I guess it depends on whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Second, I can also try removing the dirt off my ivory necklace by wiping it with lint-free cloth. Luckily, I have plenty of these since I own glasses. I always keep an extra pair or two just for use on any of my high fashion jewelry that may need cleaning. In order to wipe the dirt off, I make sure to use warm water and avoid soap or any other household products.

Small tip though: whenever I clean my ivory necklaces, I always make sure to dust it first, using the paintbrush before wiping it with water and cloth. The cloth can’t get into small spaces like paintbrushes can, but if I only use a paintbrush, I won’t be able to wipe the dirt off. I also make sure not to scrub, so I don’t ruin the pendant in any way. However, if you own an antique ivory necklace, maybe it’s best to leave the cleaning to professionals.

Do you own one of these lovely ivory pieces? How do clean it?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rihanna Surprise: Catch It Soon!


I’m sure you all know Rihanna. Wait, who doesn’t? This sensational pop star is known around the globe for her talent and unique fashion sense. From setting a trend to changing her hair color for bold looks, Rihanna has done it all. Despite making a few eyebrow twitching and hair raising choices, she has established her placed as one of the fashion icons of our time. We have known her to wear many hats over the years, and now she’s wearing a different one so I have very exciting news for all you fashion and Rihanna out there! This got me jumping up and down in my color block ankle boots – I’m just as excited as you are! I won’t keep you waiting so here goes the big news…

THE first promo teaser of Rihanna’s new show Styled To Rock can already be previewed over at YouTube. Ri-Ri is the executive producer of this UK-based reality TV show. The 10-week program will follow the journey of 12 contenders as they battle it out to get the most coveted price. With Nicola Roberts, Lysa Cooper and Henry Holland onboard as judges, I’m sure each contestant had to on top of their game every single moment.

Color Block Ankle Boots

Styled to Rock is out to seek an up-and-coming fashion designer who will get the chance of a life time to dress Rihanna for London’s Wireless music festival – her biggest English music gig for this year.

According to some news articles, the festival took place a couple of days ago. Rihanna really rocked her outfit but I’m not sure if that’s the output of the show. I’d just stay tuned to Styled To Rock which will air starting August.

US airing date and time? Not yet sure! I’ll keep you posted so we could all get to watch the 12 contenders as they dress one music icon after another each week. I’m so excited to know who will dress Rihanna for this year’s London Wireless music festival!

I’m just overly excited for this show! I have high hopes for it as it is a different reality TV. I think it’s like the Project Runway for music icons. Did I already mention that the contestants will get to dress a music artist after another for their weekly challenges?

Do-It-Your Style: Turn Your Fashion Pieces Vintage – Fast!

Hi ladies!

Today, I’m going to share with you a couple of tips I learned from a wonderful DIY video from fashion goddesses Michelle Phan and Chriselle Lim. In less than 3 minutes, I learned how to turn any accessory vintage and add much personality to it. This technique works wonders for wholesale fashion jewelry pieces that are bought in bulk. Let’s face it, these pieces can almost always use some boast in the eye catching department in order to really standout and look like a thousand bucks. Turning fashion jewelry pieces vintage never failed to add that much needed pizzazz to a piece that will intern turn the glam factor of any outfit up a notch. This is a great way to personalize and give jewelry pieces a taste of your personal style.

What you’ll need:

  • Find a jewelry piece that you want to turn vintage (In the video, Michelle and Chriselle used a long chained necklace with a huge pendant that has clear white gems)
  • Black marker
  • Brown or gray marker
  • Cotton swab
  • Nail polish remover

What to do:

  • Place the pendant or jewelry piece on a stable surface
  • Start coloring the gems using your black marker – try not to fill them completely because this will give a more natural look
  • Add shades of brown or gray marker on top of the black coloring
  • Once you are doing this for all of the gems, take a cotton swab and dip it in nail polish remover
  • Glide the cotton swab lightly above the coloring to give it a lightly washed look. The goal is to thin out some areas for a more natural look.
  • Let the piece air dry for a couple of hours. Wearing it right after the procedure in not really the best idea – it will still definitely smell like markers.

Now, looking glamorous anytime should never be hard on the budget with techniques like this.

Free Your Style: Tips in Finding the Perfect Summer Dress

cute flat ankle boots

Hi there! I’m really excited to write this post because what happened is still very fresh in my head. Well, what happened was not much of a biggie but I got really inspired with it so here goes.

I was very excited to hit the mall this morning because I just got this really cute flat ankle boots which are perfect for the summer. Since I was feeling a laid-back vide for today, I just tossed in a loose crop top and some colored skinnies then I’m good to go.

After a short drive, I arrived at the mall and I’m just so ready to go shopping for summer dresses. You see, I’ve just been so obsessed with dresses lately. I don’t know why but I’m starting to love feminine looks. I’m digging skirts as well but I guess dresses are just the perfect go to outfit during summer.

So anyway, I did a lot of research on how to find the perfect dress. I mean I went through one fashion blog to another and flipped dozens of magazine just to get myself ready for the shopping trip. Don’t get me wrong, I really got good tips and advices but somehow – somewhere along the way these tips and tricks that gathered for about a week fell apart.

You see, my heart was snatched by a floral tube peplum dress. My stomach flipped as soon as my eyes set on that wonderful piece of clothing. Believe me – If I knew how, I could have done eight summersaults right then and there. I just had to try it on.

You know that sick feeling when you see clothes and they just hung there looking all good and pretty by themselves then when you try them on, you just look like hobo in a trash bag – yeah that feeling? I felt it with that amazing dress. It’s so unfair.

Well I surely got a taste of my own medicine. Some fashion forward gals would just rave about the latest trends and stack up on those styles. But at the end of the day, I say it should still be about the way the outfit makes you feel. No one should ever hide behind their skimpy or oversized clothes – it just should make them standout with oozing confidence.

I’m still puzzled at how that dress betrayed me. Is it really the dress? Or it’s just me? Oh well, I’ll look for an alternative. I am pretty sure there are tons out there, and I am certain that I will get one that perfectly fits me.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Can You Save My Day?

I have a gigantic problem.

No, it’s not the heat wave – and it’s definitely not my Nana’s cat.

Would you know if there is any store in the world that’s selling Cyclops’ sunglasses in wholesale or something?

Yup, Cyclops from the X-Men series.

I know what you’re thinking – I’m not in anyway a sci-fi geek. It’s just that I’m attending an awesome party about a week from now and I want one of those really cool sunglasses. Wait, let me take that back – I want a dozen of those.

I’m just so hyped up with the party that my friend is throwing because of the outrageous theme and of course, the people that I’m expecting to see on that shindig. Tasha and I go way way back and I must say, she’s really a dear friend. She used to date a boy friend of mine more or less about 5 years. I’m not really sure of the time frame but all I remember is that I liked them for each other. I’m not trying to play the match maker but I really thought they had chemistry. And god! They were so happy and in love. It’s sad that they didn’t last or they didn’t even get to that very solid state. Oh well, life at its finest.

It was so weird that Gucci and I kind of remembered Tasha in my barbecue the other week. Oh Gucci is the boy friend that I’ve been talking about. We just asked if either of us knew how she was doing or was at least in touch with him. But we weren’t so we just left it at that.

I was surprised to get a call from her the other day. More so to be invited to the party that she’s throwing on the 23rd. She has a lot of reasons to celebrate, according to her. I wonder what those might be.

Okay, back to the theme! Its sci-fi heroes of summer! Cool, huh? It’s my first time to attend a sci-fi party for summer. I’m assuming there would be a lot of skin, capes and trunks. Goodness gracious! Just thinking about it makes me want to roll on the ground. I decided to go as the female Cyclops hence I need the sunglasses – and I want a dozen! I want to see which one fits me very well.

If you know where else I could get wholesale sunglasses just like that of Cyclops; please, please point me to the right direction. I’d also love to get my hands on sunglasses with unique and interesting designs.

Got to run and find my costume!

Thinking of Miley, Liam and THE Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus engagement ring

After getting engaged only a month ago, Miley has been rocking the headlines for a many of reasons. Aside from being engaged at a very young age of 19, Miley is back in the headlines with here newly blond tresses. She and her fiancĂ©, Liam Hemsworth, were also reportedly planning to have their first baby as soon as possible. A couple of news sources say that this decision of the couple was influenced by Liam’s brother. Chris Hemsworth had baby in India not long ago and it impressed the celebrity couple making them more excited on planning a family instead of the actual ceremony.

If I had kids who would get married at 19 and have babies in their 20s, I would definitely freak out! I guess that’s just too early. I mean time is of the essence – you can never turn back the hands of time. Once you’re past your 20s, you can never go back. No reset or pause button that could help you get a breather anytime. Life just goes on.

But I’m happy for the both of them – for finding love at a very young age. I just hope they stay together as long as they live. Seeing celebrity couples head to splitsville every other day is heart breaking especially if they’ve been together for a long time and they seemed happy with their relationship. I never thought Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would divorce – I love them! I watched the Oprah episode where Tom jumped up and down of the couch just to let the world know how thrilled he is with this new found love.

Oh well, let’s just hope it works for the best.

Why am I getting too emotional with these stars? Lol.

I just actually want to tell you guys that I saw a picture of Miley’s engagement ring – it’s gorgeous!

Do you think I can find replicas of that in wholesale fashion jewelry stores?

I don’t want the real thing. Lol. I’m sure it took Liam a fortune to have that made. But I really like the design – its basic shape and classic look will be perfect for DIY projects. Like now, I have tons of ideas for those rings. I can turn them into vintage or distressed cocktail rings. With a few tweaks here and there, I could surely turn them into a brooch or a pretty hair clip. I’m just so excited!

Oh! I just had an awesome idea – would you guys want DIY tips and tutorials for your accessories?

Just let me know.

Tips to Choosing Shoes for a Formal Event

wholesale womens shoes

Hey fashionista, how’s your outfit today? Going to a formal event tonight? Well, then you’ll definitely enjoy these tips I have for you today.

You see, choosing shoes for a formal event is like choosing to eat fries with fried chicken. You know you’re having fried chicken, so you can order fries as well, because both complement each other. But if you happen to order Hainanese chicken with fries, that’s a different story.

A little confused? Let me enumerate it for you.

wholesale womens shoes for jeans

One, in order to choose the pair of women’s shoes for your event, you need to know what you’re wearing to the event. Are you wearing dress pants? Maybe jeans with a nice, formal top? Are you wearing a gown? Or a cocktail dress? You cannot choose a pair of shoes first before your dress or you might end up mismatching your outfit to your shoes.

wholesale womens shoes for formal wear

Two, you need to know what colors you’ll be wearing to the event. This is a formal event, so a clash of colors is not going to get you any extra points. In fact, you’ll only end up being listed as one of the worst-dressed people of the night. I’m sure this isn’t something you want to happen.

heel less wedges

Three, avoid wearing shoes that will make you cry by the end of the night. It is a long night after all and if you cannot spend 4-6 hours on a pair of 5 inch high heels, then it’s best if you don’t risk it. No one likes bleeding feet in a formal event. And even worse? No one likes to see band aids on your feet in a formal event. Remember, band aids and blood are not accessories – unless, it’s Halloween, of course.

Fourth, if you’re hoping to get discounts in your favorite store by buying wholesale womens shoes, this doesn’t mean you need to buy all of the shoes for yourself. Unless you’re planning to build a shoe store, you can ask your friends and family if they want or need a pair of new shoes.

Formal events usually have a strict dress code. Celebrities may sometimes get free passes with their outfits. They may end up on the fashion police’s bad side, but they’ll always get away with it. I’m not a celebrity, so I make sure to match my outfits well with my shoes.

So, fashionista, were you able to make up your mind on which pair of shoes to wear to the event?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Your Jewelry

I’m sure having a lot of jewelry can be fun. But it can also be confusing, especially when it’s time to pick out your outfits for the day. Although I enjoy having a big closet, it’s not fun when the fashion police next door mocks me just because I look like a huge potato. This is why I had to learn control when it comes to wearing my jewelry. Do you also need help when it comes to picking out your jewelry? Here are a few tips to avoid over-doing your outfit:
fashion jewelry

One, never wear too much accessories with one outfit. It’s like wearing jewelry on all your clothes on a stormy, winter day. It exaggerates your outfit and it makes your outfit look cheap. Not only that, if you wear too much accessories, people will think that you look like a bad costume. Unfortunately, yes, that can happen. This is a practice only acceptable on Halloween, by the way.

wrist watch

Two, only choose the right accessories for your outfit. Don’t just wear any designer fashion jewelry because it looks good. Instead, you need to base your accessories on what you’re wearing. For example, there was a time when I wore a nice dress with a pretty neckline, one that had knitted details along my lower neck. When it came to accessorizing, I chose not to wear a necklace anymore, because the knitted details were enough to emphasize my neck. I did wear a nice bracelet, though.
Jewelry Trends

Three, avoid wearing big, bold colors of jewelry on any formal wear. For some reason, if you choose to do this, your outfit will either turn out to look casual, or you start looking cheap, especially to other people in the same event.
fashion 2012

Four, never dress in the dark. Even if you’re in a rush, don’t just pull out jewelry sets from your collection and run out the door. Take it from me, when this happens, your jewelry almost always tends to turn out to clash your current outfit. Always make it a point to check the mirror before heading out the door and choose your colors carefully, in order to match your current outfit.

Since I have a lot of fashion events to go to, I make it a point to double check my outfit and jewelry before leaving the house. As you all know, making a negative mark on the fashion police is a no-no for me, so I’m always out to impress. If you have the same goals that I do, which I’m sure you do, then these tips can help you become a staple in the best-dressed department.

How about you, fashionista? Are there any other tips you have for wearing jewelry?

Tips to Picking Your Jewelry Display

Tips to Picking Your Jewelry Display

Hey, jewelry sellers, I have a question for you. Did you know that your jewelry display is an important factor to selling your jewelry?

The answer to this question is yes, it is definitely an important factor. I, myself, thought that I should just buy wholesale jewelry displays and focus instead on making and preparing the jewelry to sell. However, I realized that the display was important because in order to attract customers, I needed to make them see the jewelry in a different light. I needed to display the jewelry in a way that will attract them and get them to buy. If I wanted this to happen, I needed to be more careful in picking out the display for my jewelry.

From jewelry seller to jewelry seller, here are some tips I took that helped me pick out the right type of display for my jewelry shop:

First, I needed to know and understand what kind of jewelry shop I had. Since I own an all-around type of jewelry shop, I could easily skip this tip and go onto the second tip. However, for those of you who only own formal, elegant jewelry shops, you’ll need to focus on displaying beautiful and genuine pieces. Traditional jewelry shop owners may want to think of a theme for their display too, as they can decorate their display, depending on their theme. Unlike shops that sell genuine pieces and prefer to keep their display mostly simple and white to help define the clarity of their pieces, traditional shops can play more with their creativity in display.

Second, I needed to consider the amount and type of jewelry I had to display. Since I had some genuine pieces to display, I made sure to find acrylic hands and mannequins so I can actively display the jewelry, as if it was worn on a real hand. I also had to find attaché cases, especially for the really expensive pieces. For my traditional pieces, which were a lot, I made sure to at least get some pendant boards, utility trays and rotating towers.

Third, I also had to consider my budget after all, I’m not building this jewelry shop out of thin air. Since I was bent on saving money, I considered buying these display pieces online or on wholesale so at least, I could get some discount.

So, jewelry sellers, did you have the same things in mind when you picked out your jewelry display? Or do you have other tips for us, sellers?

Fashion Spotlight: Getting All the Summer Trends Right

trend setter
In my recent posts, I’ve been raving about summer looks that are just awesome. They not only look good on the style stars that wear them but they also demonstrate the right way of wearing this season’s trends. Bamboo shoes are a different story – they’re here to stay. Lol.

I’m just excited with the look that I’m reviewing for this post! I just love its soft feminine look that I’m sure is timeless. In a bit, you’ll see what I’m just so crazy about.

As we all know, trends come and go at a flick of a finger only to come back after a couple of years later. I believe that chasing trends is never practical. Completely revamping your wardrobe every season is not just a waste of time but of money as well. Think of all the other things you can do with the time you spend shopping or wading through one fashion blog after another.

I believe that clothes are meant to flatter you. Wearing an outfit should be about boosting your confidence because you like how you look. It should never be about the money, money, money as Jessie J likes to put it.

I just had to mention that for this day’s post because I really love the outfit. I just know that it is something that will make any girl look and feel better about her self on any day. But before that, let’s meet our Lookbok style start for this post.

Jessica is a 25 year old fashion blogger and artist from California. She is a fulltime graphic artist for two companies but stills finds time to squeeze in blogging. Hapatime is home to a lot of trendy looks and finds that Jessica wants to hare with her readers. This half Japanese, half Caucasian beauty finds fashion blogging a lot of work but loves it nonetheless since she gets to inspire people to dress well and thoughtfully. Goin’ shopping is another highlight of the job to according to her.

fashion trends

Looking at her dainty look at the right reminds me of why I love being a woman. It’s just so pretty!

In this look, Jessica managed to combine much of the hottest summer trends for 2012 – bold colors, pastels, floral prints, statement accessories and going transparent. Everything is there – and each one just blended well.

I love how she limited the color palette to turquoise and bright pink without making the look bland and monotonous. I believe the floral patterns helped a lot in keep the look interesting.

This look can be worn on a casual day out with friends or a romantic dinner date. It just hits dainty and flirty dressing right where any girl should place it.

Would you go on a first date in this outfit? Why or why not? Let me know what you think about featured today’s look.

Fashion Spotlight: Lookbook Style Star Doing Summer Trends Right

Summer Trends 2012

In my last post, we looked at Annabelle Fleur’s refreshing take on bold colors and statement accessories for summer. I really had so much fun in telling all of you what I loved about the outfit and how you can look stunning like Annabelle on any day.

For this post, it’s flower power and a rugged edge with Christina Caradona! This personal style blogger was recently featured in Teen Vogue together with her New York flat mate Bonnie Barton who is also a blogger. Check out the feature article on TeenVogue. Be sure to view the slide show to get more fashion inspirations.

Christina hails from Biarritz, France. But living in New York, New York brings joy to this young lady. Fashion and writing are two of the things that she also loves. Christina updates her blog regularly with looks that she ware on a normal day to stroll the streets of NYC. Trop Rouge is an interesting blog filled with pictures of outfits and personal moments with the people in her life. But I must warn you though; the song in her blog is addictive! I just let it play and now I’m attached to it.

Fashion Trends

Anyway, here’s the amazing outfit for this post.

Floral prints are very hot this summer. This feminine print can be used for anything – dresses, tops, bottoms and even bags. I’m just so smitten by Christina’s look in this photo and here’s why:
  • I really love how she made this look edgy by wearing a dainty floral print top with tattered shorts. This look just spelled fun and carefree which I think is the whole point of summer.
  • Brown belt, brown bag and brown shoes – basic but perfect for this easy-going outfit. I literally see myself spending a lazy afternoon at park in this outfit.
  • I want her huge cocktail ring I must say that her accessories are just right. A couple of rings, a simple loose necklace and a pair of sunnies are just right to complete this look.
Things to take note of for a perfect Take Off

Keep it simple. Looks, such as this, are meant to give off a chill vibe. Everything has to be just right to be able to project the over look that you are aiming for. Being adventurous and experimental is the way to go if you want to command attention in a laid-back outfit. I’m just dying to spin this style with wedge boots and a tailored neon blazer for a fun mixed look.

How do you wear your floral prints, Girly or edgy perhaps in some other way? I’d love to know so comment up.

Why Jewelry Makers Should Consider Selling Their Own Jewelry

jewelry display

As a jewelry maker, I know I am definitely (cue boasting smile here) talented and creative. However, when I first got the offer of selling my own jewelry, I was not at all ecstatic. Yes, I sell my pieces to some actual sellers, but to build my own business? It sounded like a bad joke, especially for me – who only relied on my talent and friendship with sellers to make money.

Despite my love for jewelry and talent to create beautiful pieces, I didn’t know anything about businesses. In fact, I was so scared to fund my own capital, most of all, because I had no idea how to start.

You see, in starting a business, it’s not just the capital that I had to consider. I also had to think of where to sell my jewelry, how to sell and which market to target. There are so many aspects of business that needed to be considered. I wasn’t even sure if my jewelry would sell!

Fortunately, as time passed, I realized a few things. Jewelry makers who can sell their own jewelry may benefit not only from their creative talents, but also for their business knowledge. Why?

jewelry makers
Jewelry makers can make more profit

Being able to open up my own store opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Not only did I start attracting my own customers, but I was also able to attract resellers of my own. No more having to co-sign my jewelry to interested sellers or rely on friends to sell. Instead, I could focus on making jewelry and earning profits. Having a physical store allowed me to build my own reputation and attract more customers.

They can be recognized for their efforts

When I used to sell my jewelry to friends who were sellers, I was never really recognized as the jewelry maker. I’d see some people from my neighbors wearing my jewelry, but they never really knew it was ME who made it. Instead, they think it was my co-signer, my friend who sold the jewelry for me. However, when I opened up shop, I was able to establish my reputation, not only as a businesswoman, but as a talented jewelry maker.

Audrey Hepburn
A physical store tests the creativity of the jewelry maker

Building a business is hard, all the more a jewelry business. Besides having to make sure that I continuously create beautiful jewelry, I also had to consider the attractiveness of my store. This meant checking out various jewelry display ideas, getting a good interior designer or simply decorating my shop, in order to easily market and attract my customers. There wasn’t any day when I wouldn’t have to stretch my creativity.

How about you, talented jewelry maker? Are you ready to take your business to the next step? Why or why not?

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