Saturday, September 8, 2012

7 Deadly Sins to Displaying Your Jewelry

When you’re displaying jewelry in a booth or in your shop, it is important to make an impression on your customers. The better the impression you leave your customers, the more they will feel the connection to your jewelry. Once you’ve caught their attention, there’s nothing like a little sales talk to seal the deal.

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But when it comes to displaying your jewelry, there are definite no-no’s for customers. Here are some things customers will never want to see in your jewelry display.


Who likes clutter? No one. When you have a cluttered display for your jewelry, people will end up thinking that your jewelry is dirty. If you have a messy display, you can end up ruining the designs of your other jewelry. Good luck trying to establish a connection between a customer and your pieces. They might not even want to look at your booth with all the mess in it!

2.Lack of jewelry displays

If your jewelry lacks the aesthetics that display stands can give it, people won’t find themselves attracted to your jewelry at all. There’s nothing duller than seeing your jewelry displayed next to each other without any means of difference. Customers won’t be able to see your jewelry from afar. And sometimes, that’s how you catch their attention.

3.Too much jewelry display

Not having enough display stands and variety can result in the lack of flavor for your booth. However, if you use too many stands, trays and display towers for your jewelry, you might end up overwhelming the customer. Besides, it is not the jewelry display that you want to sell, it is the jewelry. The display is meant to help emphasize the jewelry’s beauty. It is not meant to overshadow it.

4.Dead colors

Colors can be quite useful in attracting customers. As long as you don’t use mismatched colors or those that clash, you’ll be able to help your display sell well. Avoid using dull colors because it ends up bringing your whole shop down. Be creative when picking out colors for your display. Use fabrics and cloths as background and give your display some life.

5.Lack of light

Light can be pretty helpful when it comes to emphasizing pieces of jewelry. Just be careful in choosing the colors of your light so you can give your jewelry a positive push in a buyer’s direction. If your display is too dark, customers won’t be able to see the designs, so make sure to illuminate your display well.

6.No arrangement and organization

Customers are very particular when it comes to choosing their jewelry. The best way to help them find what they want is to arrange your display to showcase jewelry in an organized manner. This way, they know where to find their earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Be creative in arranging your jewelry because this adds to the aesthetics of your display.

7.Hassle in setting up and taking down

This is more of a sin for sellers than for customers. If your jewelry takes too long to set up, you’ll end up rushing your display just before the opening. It’s a hassle to take down after everyday too. Before choosing which stands, towers and other display trays to buy, make sure you consider yourself and your booth. The easier to set up, the better.


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