Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Ways to Sell Your Jewelry

Is jewelry making just your hobby or a passion you go through every once in awhile? Do you simply go into a trance and then come out with an amazing looking piece of jewelry? Have your friends been so envious about your jewelry that they’re starting to wonder where you bought them?
fashion jewelry

Creativity is something that needs to be honed and molded in every person. But for someone who’s been working to create beautiful pieces, it might be time that you share this passion with everyone else – and make money out of it at the same time! Even though you’re too young, or you only make pieces once in awhile, you just might have a future in creating amazing pieces.

And although you hate math, can’t stand socializing or simply do not want to get in the complex industry of business, you might still be able to get a few bucks out of your hard work. Here’s how:

Sell to another seller

Many jewelry makers do this, especially during the first months or years of creating jewelry. They don’t like to mingle in the hard work of business so they end up letting other sellers take the credit for their pieces. Sometimes, they’ll even let the sellers take the credit for making the pieces! This way, jewelry makers won’t have to be involved with business, nor do they have to socialize as much. Sellers could easily be their friends, other family members or even just their neighbor. At least, you get money out of your talent.

Learn to sell online

Now, if you’re the shy type and you don’t like mingling or dealing with other people, you might want to sell your jewelry online. Many people sell online nowadays and to create a site is easy as 1-2-3. Although you may have to involve yourself in internet marketing and social media networking, selling online can open up so many doors that you might end up branching out to other countries as well. Internet selling can pull in an international market, especially if your items are really good.

Through bazaars

On the other hand, if you don’t have all the time to create jewelry all the time, you don’t have to sell your whole life. Instead, join occasional bazaars. These expos usually only come out 5-6 times a year so you may have a lot of time on your hands to stock up on your pieces. And when the bazaar starts, you’ll enjoy reaping the fruits of your hard work.

Build your own jewelry store

But really, when you’re so talented, why let anyone else take all the credit? Build your own jewelry store, even if it’s just a small one. Yes, you’ll have to worry about creating an attractive and affordable jewelry display and even worry about budget and marketing. However, once you’re all set up, having a number of loyal customers can be really heartwarming. And to see those people wearing your jewelry, you’ll find yourself even more inspired.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Traditional, Creative or Home-Made Jewelry Display: What Works and What Doesn’t?

Selling isn’t just about offering the most unique and creative pieces of jewelry. In fact, sometimes, the most attractive jewelry display can get more customers than those with good pieces. But, if there are so many creative ways to display your jewelry, how do you know which ones work best for your store?
jewelry display

Now that you can create home-made equipment to display your jewelry, will it beat the effects of actually using ready-made displays?

When you’re selling, you have to think of more than just the profit you’re going to earn. You need to know what the market wants. While home-made jewelry display will certainly give you some benefits, traditional displays are also pretty useful.

Here are some pros to using either type of jewelry displays:

Traditional display trays, towers and boxes
  • Easier to pack.Since traditional displays are made especially to display jewelry, they are also catered to folding easily and being lightweight, allowing the seller to pack them easily at the end of every day. Even the earring towers itself can be folded with the clip of a switch.
  • Ready-made, won’t take time to create. Being already made to display jewelry, the seller won’t have to think of ways to actually display the jewelry. Each traditional display comes with hooks, pins and wires to help the seller hang the pieces of jewelry. You won’t even have to worry about making a displaying the jewelry correctly because the traditional equipment will do that for you.
Home-made equipment to display jewelry
  • No limit to creativity. If you’re creating a display for your jewelry using various other equipment and tools, you won’t have any limitations to the type of display. You can use almost anything just to display your jewelry. The more creative you are the better! You can use old tools, antique couches, your Mom’s China, your old sewing tools. You can even fish bowls and vases.
  • Less expenses to display jewelry. The thing about making your own display is that you might not even need to spend just to get your jewelry out there. If you’re creative enough, you can simply make use of the things at home to get people to notice your pieces. If you’re opening up a store, this will help you in terms of cutting back costs before opening up shop. No more having to allot part of your budget to the display items you’re supposed to get.
While both types of displays definitely have their pros, having a good number of both can help you in producing the most creative display. Remember, not all home-made items will make a piece of jewelry look as good as it does on a traditional type of display. Not even a mannequin will look better than an acrylic hand display. However, if you use your creativity to match traditional towers and trays with some home-made jewelry display, you might just end up with a winning design, at least one that won’t take you hours just to set up.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Superstitious Jewelry – Believe it? Or Not?

fashion jewelry

Some pieces of jewelry are worn because they are given to them by a special someone. Some wear fashion jewelry because it’s currently in trend. And others are worn because the bearer believes that it will benefit them to wear it.

Do you believe that a piece of jewelry can give you luck? Do you believe that your ring will help you and your fiancé last forever? Do you believe that this pendant given to you can help you win the competition? If you do, then you’re definitely one of the superstitious who wear jewelry because it will benefit you.

Here are some jewelries and their superstitions:

Cross necklaces and pendants

People wear crosses because they believe it will bring them closer to God. They believe that it will protect them. Commonly, when they’re worried about something, you’ll see them kissing the cross or holding it out of fear. A cross gives them the calming they need, every time they feel afraid, worried or stressed about something.


For those who aspire to be better, a star is their symbol. A star, to them, gives them the luck they need for a go-see, maybe an audition. As long as they see that star, they feel less nervous and more confident about themselves, because they believe that this will help them to achieve their dreams.


As a symbol of eternity, circles are commonly used by couples to cement their love for each other through jewelry. Rings, as their symbol of love during marriage, is also in the shape of a circle. According to old beliefs, if a couple wears a circle on their finger, it will bind them forever. Unfortunately, this superstition must’ve been used all out, because even with the rings, too many people have ended up divorced. But then again, doesn’t superstition only apply to those who believe?


Unlike the earlier 3 mentioned in this article, pearls have a more negative effect. According to superstitious beliefs, if you present pearls to a friend, you’ll end up attracting bad things to them. Pearls, which are in the shape of a tear, bring tears. This is why brides have to be careful not to wear pearls during their wedding. Otherwise, they’ll end up sad for the rest of their lives.

The evil eye

In the Mediterranean countries, the evil eye jewelry (any type of jewelry with an eye as the design) is worn on a baby’s wrist or ankle to protect them from the eye of the devil. According to folklore, the eye of the devil mainly affects babies because they have nothing on their minds just yet. If the baby is affected, this condition will result in emotional upheaval, diarrhea, crying and even the death of the baby.

There are many more pieces of jewelry that have long lost myths, folklore, traditions and legends. Some may believe it and some don’t. While others dwell in scientific beliefs, there’s no harm in knowing about these superstitions. After all, you might be able to use them one day for your protection.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Design and Type of Wedding Ring Should You Get?

marry me

Are you about to tie the knot? After getting your beautiful fiancée the engagement ring that almost cost you a leg, are you ready to give it one more shot? Now that your day is finally coming up, you need to get her the wedding ring that she deserves. But with all the different choices out there, how do you know what design and type of wedding ring to get for her?

Here are some factors to help you choose the perfect wedding ring for your fiancée.
cubic zirconia rings

The Metal

Everyone knows how important this is to a wedding ring. Yes, your fiancé may not be materialistic, but you know that she’ll appreciate something with an impressive metal – just like her engagement ring. While gold symbolizes value, diamond, on the other hand, simply states forever. If you’ve given her a diamond ring, you can get her gold this time. Or the other way around. But if you have enough money, settle on a little of both. Tell her what it’ll mean to you and I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.


Sometimes, this is the decisive factor, even when it comes to wedding rings. However, you have to remember that weddings usually only happen once in a lifetime – or at least, once every 50 years, supposing you and your wife are together for life. For a commitment this long, it deserves a pretty big budget. So before you make any steps into family life, make sure you are ready – both emotionally and financially. Although you don’t have to spend millions on a ring, it does pay to have some money for the wedding itself.

Something sentimental

Besides shining, shimmering wedding fashion jewelry, another thing that will definitely be appreciated by your fiancée is a sentimental wedding ring. This could be something you both were looking at, maybe a ring similar to her mother’s. It could also be a ring with a symbol of your love for her. Unlike engagement rings that will be publicly shown to many people, wedding rings could be private and sentimental, something only the two of you know the meaning of. This way, every time she looks at her ring, she remembers you.


Your Fiancé’s Lifestyle

Not only should you consider your fiancée’s likes and dislikes, but you should also take into consideration her lifestyle. Would she be able to wear her ring every day? Does it fit her lifestyle to wear the ring? Surely, you’d want her to wear her ring all the time, right? But if you get her a really expensive ring and she has to constantly remove it just to keep it safe, then your ring might even be the cause of several problems in the future. And that’s not the ring’s purpose.

Despite the fact that the appearance of a wedding ring will definitely be appreciated, you shouldn’t base your decisions on that alone. Wedding rings have to be valuable to both you and your fiancée to establish a bond. No matter how much it costs, or what metal’s inside, as long as this ring will symbolize your love for her, she’ll appreciate it.

Check out The Types of Rings Women would Gladly Accept.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Vintage Fashion Jewelry? Hot or Not?

From simply being the celebrity stylist to the reality TV show that made her a hit, Rachel Zoe is definitely more than just the fashion icon she was known for. And now, even with a baby, she’s still expanding her empire by adding a new line to her long list of accomplishments: luxury fashion jewelry.
Image Credits @ Neiman Marcus
This time, her line of costume jewelry is vintage-inspired. Consisting of cuffs, statement rings, earrings and necklaces, she’s divided each into different collections. The collection is inspired out of different decades. The first is from the Old Hollywood glamour in 1920’s, while another inspires the 1970’s fashion. The third collection, on the other hand, consists of fashion from the 60’s with its shapes and colors, while the fourth collection, otherwise called the Knot, features intertwined, artistic pieces.

These luxurious jewelry can be bought at around $140 for a chain bracelet, up to $650 for a tassel-end necklace at 54 inches.

One of these pieces, a gold and black collar necklace is similar to those worn during the time of Cleopatra. At $595, the piece is outlined with gold bars, black quartz at the sides that connects to the glittering Pave Swarovski crystals. This necklace is definitely fashion-forward, despite the fact that it was inspired from fashion from the past.

Another piece at $325, also included in her jewelry line is a wide statement bracelet, also in elegant gold. Accentuated by a somewhat tribal figure (or what is called a Love Me Knot), shining with white Pave Swarovski crystals at the hinges, the cuff bracelet sure looks like a piece worn by an ancient goddess.

Her line also includes earrings, one of which hangs by black quartz rings, which holds onto a gold plated, glittering handle with Pave Swarovski crystals and connects to a red quartz (from afar looks like ruby diamonds!) square piece ($250). Absolutely gorgeous!

The collection will be sold at Neiman Marcus, one of the shops that Rachel Zoe had gone to, even as a child. Now that the luxury jewelry company will be supporting the stylist’s fashion line, the celebrity stylist is even more excited. In support, Neiman Marcus will also be hosting a video and a tab on Facebook, just to help people shop for Zoe’s new line. This video was also posted in Zoe’s Facebook page.

The final verdict?

Rachel Zoe is definitely one of the best designers and stylist in the world. With her long list of accomplishments, this line will surely do well.

Filled with style, personality and elegant colors that complement each other like green, red, gold, ivory and black, decorated with diamonds and crystals, the line is promising for those who enjoy fashion.

Unfortunately, while the pieces are definitely interesting and stylish, the price tag will be a bummer for many. Fans of Rachel Zoe will save up just to get one of these beautiful pieces.

So yes, vintage jewelry – definitely HOT!

What Women Want: The 5 Rings They’ll Always Want

Women are a complicated set of human beings. If you’re a man in a relationship with a woman, you’ll find yourself constantly shaking your head as to why you’re even in that relationship. You’ll even reach points wherein you’re so lost that you don’t know anymore whether she wants something or she doesn’t. It’s a crazy world out there when you’re involved with one. But when you are, and she’s on her best, you know you love her. That’s the charm of women.

And then, there are also those days. Those birthdays, Christmases. Those events that you have to get her a gift. What should you get her? Would she even appreciate it?
fashion jewelry

If you’ve decided to get her a piece of fashion jewelry like a ring, there are 5 types she’ll definitely approve of.

Wedding rings

This, I’m pretty sure she’ll definitely understand. There’s nothing clearer than saying I want you than a wedding ring. If you present her with this, you can clarify everything she feels for you with just one word. Nothing will probably make her happier than getting a wedding ring from you. Now the only problem is – what design and type of wedding ring should you get her?

Engagement rings

Also highly appreciated by women, engagement rings are definitely welcomed, especially if you two have been dating for some time now. The difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring, however, is that women tend to like grander engagement rings. These are the rings they’ll show everyone just to prove to them that they’ll be getting married. These are the rings that they’ll boast about, when they show them to their parents, their friends. If you plan to get her an engagement ring, make sure it’s the most beautiful one you’ve ever seen. Getting a sparkly one will also be appreciated too.

Promise rings

Ah, for the young in love. Nothing like a promise ring of forever for young adults or teenagers. Promise rings are NOT called engagement rings, but they might as well be. They might not be as expensive or as gorgeous as an engagement ring should be, but really, these are just women’s excuse to trap you into getting engaged. Anyway, still, women will love to receive a ring full of promises. Just make sure not to break your promises within a month or something.

Statement rings

It’s good you take note of your girlfriend’s fashion. If they have a liking for statement rings, you can give them one just for the kicks of being fashionable. Unfortunately, if you want to get a good statement ring for your girlfriend or wife, you may need their best friend’s opinion. After all, a woman’s eye in fashion is definitely different than a man’s.

Diamond rings

And the ultimate gift. Women cannot NOT love diamonds. It’s just the way it is. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend because they are forever. If you and your girlfriend have been fighting, present her with one and I’m pretty sure she won’t be mad anymore. However, if you’re giving this gift as just a plain gift, make sure that she knows it or else, she’ll mistake this ring as an engagement ring. Unless that’s your actual intention, it’s not wise to lead on a woman with a diamond ring. So, have you decided what to get her?

How to Save Money When You Buy Shoes

Who says you need to rich to buy a lot of shoes? Well, technically, yes, but there are also several other ways to buy shoes without having to spend an arm and a leg for it! If you’re just addicted to shoes as Princess Mia, then you’ll definitely enjoy these tips to help you save money.
wholesale womens shoes

Get coupons and discounts

First of all, coupons and discounts are the best ways for you to buy shoes for a cheaper price. It’s easy to get coupons, nowadays. Even online stores offer coupons, especially for their prized loyal customers. Stay on alert for the latest discounts at your favorite store. If your favorite online store happens to have an email subscription, subscribe to it so that you can be updated whenever they have discounts on various pairs of shoes. Trust me, the more updated you are, the luckier you can be with getting the best shoes at a cheaper price.

bamboo shoes

Buy shoes on wholesale

Everything is cheaper when it’s bought in wholesale. If you’re willing to buy those affordable wholesale womans shoes because they are cheaper than retail, you can sell your extra pairs. Or if you have friends that are also shoe-addicts, team up to buy a 6 pair pack at your favorite wholesale shoe store. The more you have, the bigger the possibility of you getting a discount. And if you decide to sell the rest of the shoes, you can eventually earn more and buy more shoes with your profit. It’s a win-win situation!

Wait for the end of season

The end of a season is where most shoe stores end up having to sell the old stocks at a cheaper price. Although buying at the end of a season will cause you a little delay in the fashion industry, if you get those gorgeous ankle boots at half the price, you’ll still come up as a winner. Unfortunately, when it’s the end of a season, it’ll also mean that the best items will be out of stock. You might be lucky to still find some pretty pieces on sale by the end of the month. Still, common pumps and sandals will always be available by then and you know, these styles never run out of trend.

Buy secondhand shoes

If your most-desired pairs are out of stock or way too expensive, you might want to check out garage sales instead. Your neighbor might have some of their old shoes that they never get to use anymore. If your neighbor happens to be a friend and possibly stinking rich, you might even get some brand new-looking pairs of shoes at half its price at the store.

Sometimes, people also buy shoes that they never actually wear, maybe due to the wrong size or they just figured out that they don’t really like the style for them. You’ll be lucky to find these types of shoes, especially if you’ve been scurrying through various garage sales. Don’t worry; this is not the time to be shy. Hard times, smart measures, right? How about you? Where did you get your cheapest pair of shoes?

Would You Eat Chocolate Shoes? Yes, Please!

Chocolate is just one of everyone’s biggest addictions. Heck, there’s even different types of chocolate nowadays – almond chocolate, dark, white, even those with jelly and some type of hazelnut inside. Delicious? Definitely.

Chocolate is also available in different types now. From chocolate frogs, to M&Ms, gold bars and even coins, it’s almost possible to create chocolate in different designs!

However, shoes? It will definitely cause you to stop, right? Chocolate shoes? Almost impossible. At least, we thought so.

But not today.
chocolate shoes

Zapato now proudly presents their deliciously pretty chocolate shoe collection.

Yes, there is in fact, a shoe collection made out of chocolate.

Targeting women especially with shoes and chocolate, just two of their biggest addictions, I bet this collection will even intrigue everyone more than how Kristen Stewart is doing at the moment.

With this pretty collection, I wonder if this will cause people to buy wholesale womans shoes! Pun intended, of course.

Featuring 20-centimeter shoes made out of mouth-watering white chocolate, this collection is hand painted, with 11 designs for everyone to appreciate. Each design is apparently named after a woman. This collection aims to point out a woman’s shoe shopping process where most of the time, choosing the style of your shoes would highly depend on your personality.

Chloe, the chocolate shoe colored black and grey represents sophistication and elegancy. Claudia, on the other hand, is similar to the elaborate pieces of costume designer Cecil Beaton, as seen in “My Fair Lady”, a classic musical.

For the rather girly-girl types, Keiko, among the 11 designs, is pretty in pink, decorated with dotted blooms. Sophia, is also pink, simple, but looks as if it has higher heels. Anya and Isabel are colored red, striking and representing those who are bold and confident. Angelique is bright yellow with a few flowers near the tips, perfect for use on a summer day. Katrice and Daphne are also both yellow, but simpler, better for use at an office or maybe to an interview.

Tara is in bright green colors, deliciously interesting because it even has those tiny fringes that makes it all the more too pretty to eat. Bianca, in peach colors, has folds that look elegant and ready for a party.

Yes, each style definitely represents the personality of a woman. And since women can never have enough shoes, who’s to stop them from owning all?

These delicious shoes can be found at Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La, at 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati, Philippines.

How to Display Your Jewelry the Extraordinary Way

Are you a little tired of using the common types of jewelry display? Or do you just not have enough budget to buy those effective acrylic body forms? Well, even if you don’t have enough money to complete your display, it doesn’t mean that you have to delay the opening of your jewelry store or booth. In fact, this opens up a lot of windows for your creativity.

You see, in order to attract more people to your store or booth, especially during an Expo, you have to come up with an engaging display that will allow people to see your jewelry in a different light. Now, normally, people would use a wide range of display trays, towers and boxes. They’d even stock up on body forms just to accentuate their pieces. But if you cannot have these, you will have to resort to a different method of displaying your jewelry.

How? With a little creativity, these accessories may be able to give you an advantage over the usual trays and towers.

Make use of a sala chair
jewelry displays on sale
Image Credits to Snapretail.com
Weird? Maybe. But in fact, these soft, comfortable sala chairs can easily garner a lot of attention, especially because it’s not common to have it display pieces of jewelry. If you have special brooches or pendants for display, you can easily hang them on the chair or use a push pin to stick bracelets and earrings onto the chair. Catching the attention of customers? Check. Beautiful pieces of jewelry? Check.

Use a mannequin or a sewing body form

If you don’t have a body form especially for displaying jewelry, use your mother’s old mannequin or that sewing body form that you thought you’d never use. Make sure you clean it up first or at least wrap it with some clothes so it doesn’t look too awkward. Besides being able to hang some pieces of jewelry on a sewing body form, you can also stick pins easily onto it, thus, you’d be able to hang earrings, brooches and even bracelets on it.

Clear glass items

The good thing about glass is that it allows you to see through it. There’s an elegancy about it that will make you curious, and it won’t cost you more than your Mom’s special china or cocktail glasses to display it. Best used for huge, statement rings and even engagement rings (because glasses have been known to be used to present rings), prepare a simple, but elegant display using the cocktail glass. Put your best ring inside and prop it over a Styrofoam or small mattress so it doesn’t sink to the bottom. Decorate the surroundings with similar rings and top it over an aesthetic cloth for an elegant, finished look.

jewelry display ideas
Image Credits: Snapretail.com
Stuffed toys

Toys are also good displays for jewelry. However, be careful not to stick anything into a stuffed bear, otherwise, you might get into trouble with a few parents. Instead, if you’ll be using a teddy bear, prettify the teddy bear by using a few pieces of jewelry. Not only will you garner a lot of appreciation from kids, you’ll also get a lot of oohs and ahhs from the crowd. You can also use a similar display like this stuffed octopus here. Since it has 8 arms, you can easily display bracelets. What a cutie!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 Jewelry Display Ideas to Attract Attention

When you put up a jewelry store, it is important that you give it everything you have – your capital, hard work and time and even your creativity. Having creativity and being business-minded in the jewelry business is essential so you can easily attract customers to your jewelry store.

While the pieces of jewelry are surely a major attraction to customers, you have to admit that it’s actually the jewelry display that will first and foremost catch the attention of your target customers. Without a good, attractive display, you won’t be able to make your first connection with your customers. In order to do this, making sure that your display is both attractive and functional is just as essential as the pieces you’re selling. Here are some ideas you may want to use for your jewelry store.
fashion jewelry

Keep your celebrity inspired jewelry in front

Everyone knows how celebrities affect fans and wanna-be-celebrities. If Selena Gomez comes out in this beautiful piece of jewelry, every die-hard fan would end up buying the same jewelry. And now that famous stars like Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and Kate Hudson have offered their own jewelry lines, there’s a possibility that you can use this angle to attract more customers to your shop. If you arrange your jewelry store to display all celebrity-inspired jewelry at the forefront, you may be able to target and attract the fans of these celebrities to your store. Of course, you’ll have to think of an effective display before making this happen. Have a good theme to your display too, so it won’t be too obvious that this is partly a marketing strategy.

jewelry display

Use big displays that will showcase the jewelry well

Do you have those big displays that look like actual wrists, necks and ankles? Well, if you don’t, then it’s time to get one. Apparently, these types of displays may be the most expensive, but they are also the most effective when it comes to connecting with customers. People like to see how a piece of jewelry will look on an actual hand. While you can’t force them to wear the jewelry at first look, you may be able to attract them if you can showcase the pieces of jewelry already on the specific body part. If you have enough capital, you can also invest on a gorgeous set of wooden jewelry display. The closer it looks to a human body part, the better the connection with your customers.

Blend display colors with the colors of your jewelry

Choosing the color and theme of your jewelry display is also critical to attracting customers. If there is a specific season coming up, you can use the colors to match the season and gain appreciation from customers. But if its regular season, you have to be careful in match your theme’s colors to your jewelry. For example, putting a red necklace over an orange background is not going to garner you any points from a customer. Not only does this two colors clash pretty bad, orange is too bold of a color to use as a background. Keep your display simple and elegant so it won’t outshine your actual jewelry.

Do-It-Your Way: Get 16 Different Looks with One Sweater

I found an interesting YouTube video by Coolirpa. She showed how to wear a single sweater in 16 different ways. Here’s how you can make a plain piece of sweater interesting. I’m sure you can wear these styles for any of your bamboo shoes.
bamboo shoes
  1. Normal sweater 
  2. Tube top Wear the sweater over your head then make sure to let the neck line rest over your chest by bringing your arms out from the hole. Tie the sleeves together at the back for that added design.
  3. Halter top With the same process as the tube top, just tie the sleeves together behind your neck 
  4. Bondage dress Insert your legs through the neck hole to wear it with the hemline resting on your chest. Then create a cross with the sleeves over your stomach and tie the ends at the back for that fitting look. 
  5. Cropped halter top With the same process as the bondage dress, bring the neck hole up to your chest to get the sleeves up. Then tie sleeves behind your neck to create halter strap. 
  6. Skirt Wear the neck hole of your sweater down to your waist. Wrap the sleeves around your waist to accentuate your mid section 
  7. Crisscross halter top Wear the sweater as a tube top with the neck hole resting on your chest. Then, knot the sleeves together in front and twist it before bringing it up and creating the halter strap. Adjust the sleeves over the chest area to get the perfect look. 
  8. Loose jumper halter top Bring the sweaters neck line down to your waist and tie the sleeves up to your neck. Make sure to pull the body of your sweater downward to have the perfect loose fit. 
  9. Cross back jumper dress Wear the sweater as you would do for a tube top. Then, bring the sleeves to the back and make a little cross. Once this is secured, just bring the sleeves to the front. Connect this part to the neck line of your sweater with a safety pin. 
  10. Extended cross back halter dress Wear this look as you would its shorter version in number Make sure to pull the body down a little to complete the fully extended look. 
  11. Loose tube halter top Wear the sweater upside down again. Make sure that you’ve created a stable tube top with the half of your sweater that’s resting on your chest. 
  12. Mini sweater With the right side up, wear the sleeves first. Then wear the neck line up to the top of your rib. Let the excess body of your sweater plop around your neck to get a stylish look. 
  13. Scarf Wear the sweater on the right side but keep it up to your neck only. Leave the sleeves hanging around your neck or you can tie them behind to look like a real scarf. 
  14. Around your waist 
  15. Over the shoulders 
  16. Bonnet
Can’t get enough? Watch the video here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do-It-Your Way: How to Make Any Pair of Shoe Twinkle (with Glitters)

Tired of your plain wedge boots? You don’t have to look at that plain pair any longer because you can definitely shake things up with glitters. In this post, I’ll teach you how to bring any pair of shoes from drab to fab. This technique can be applied to any type of shoes in whatever shape or size they may be.
wedge boots

Just read on to know how you can make your shoes brighter than sunshine.
  • What you’ll need: Glitters (1 to 2 bottles) 
  • A pair of shoes 
  • A bottle of fabric glue (Mod Podge Gloss Luster is great for this project) 
  • Sponge brushes 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Ceramic bowl 
  • Acrylic coating 
  • Newspapers
What you’ll do:
  1. Line your work are with newspapers for protection 
  2. Cover the ceramic bowl with aluminum foil 
  3. Once the bowl is completely covered, pour in a good amount of glitter 
  4. Then, pour in the Mod Podge. 
  5. Mix the glitter and the glue together until you get the right consistency. 
  6. Add more glitter or glue as needed to blend the components well to become midway between being too fluid and too coarse. 
  7. You can now start painting your shoes Spray your glitter-coated shoes with acrylic to finish it up 
  8. Let your shoes dry before taking it for a walk around town.
Level Up!

Want more out of this DIY project? Here are other things that you can try to spruce up any pair of wedges, booties and other heels to get that stunning Hollywood look.
  • Though using one solid color of glitter may look more sophisticated, you may also try mixing in two or even up to three colors. These combinations can lend a splash of color to any pair of shoes. Get ready to flaunt different effects when your feet catch party lights on the dance floor.
  • Covering your entire shoes in glitters is not necessary. You can certainly have selected portions sparkle-free to create a unique design.
  • Channel the designer in you by penning down your makeover plan. It doesn’t have to be drawn really well and very accurate but it helps to be reminded of the path you wish to follow. This practice can also save you time and money by avoiding mistakes.
Are you ready to wear a sparkling pair of shoes?

Go ahead and have fun with this project. Don’t forget to leave a note below with your comments, suggestions, violent reactions or just your plain thoughts. I’d love to hear all about them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Steps in Choosing the Perfect Gift for a Daughter

One of the best gifts I know I can give my daughter is a piece of jewelry. She just loves jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, even anklets. Unfortunately for me, every teenager changes their likes every now and then, sometimes depending on the current trend and sometimes, it just depends on their own style. So while I’d love to give my daughter a piece of fashion jewelry as a gift, I don’t know whether she’ll like the piece.
fashion jewelry

However, after a few years of watching her fashion style change, I realized a way to get her the perfect gift without having to ask her.

First, well, since she’s a teenager, she always ends up subtlety hinting what she wants even if she doesn’t know it, which is a good thing for me. I don’t always have to guess whether or not she likes something. Whenever we go shopping, I watch her closely, because every time we pass through the jewelry items at the store, there’s always that one piece that will get her attention, although she doesn’t exactly stop to take a look at it. Here’s the hard part – sometimes, she doesn’t really like the piece and she’s just looking at it. So, how was I supposed to know that right?

Second, I check out the style magazines she reads. Teenagers love to look at stuff on magazines because it contains everything currently in trend. I know I’m technically not allowed inside her room, but when she’s in the family room looking through magazines, I always make it a point to check it out as well.

Third, I watch her current style. Since I let her wear almost anything she likes, I take note of the kind of clothes she wears, what jewelry she asked to buy before and what kind of jewelry she likes to wear now. I also make it a point to watch the latest trends in fashion jewelry, just in case there’s something new there that would fit her tastes.

The thing is, daughters may be hard to impress, but they’re not impossible at all, especially if you watch them closely. No matter what I give my daughter, she may not wear it all the time, but I know she’ll appreciate it.

How to Wear High Heels Minus the Pain

I know what you’re thinking. I’m kidding, right? Well, I can’t blame you for thinking that, after all, high heels is technically equivalent to pain – most of the time. Anyway, after much research and a lot of practical studies (check my currently blistered feet), I finally found a way to lessen the pain of high heels! No, I’m not joking nor drunk.

In fact, I’m 100% serious and I can tell you how to lessen the pain in wearing those absolutely painful, but definitely gorgeous pairs of high heels.

Tip #1. Wear some thin socks in your shoes. Yes, technically, you’re cheating the fun out of wearing high heels, but at least, you’ll get yourself an extra pair of comfort if you add thin socks to your soles. Bye bye blisters!

Tip #2. Before you buy your shoes, especially those discounted wholesale womens shoes, make sure to feel the inner soles of the shoes to see if it is soft. These soft soles help to lessen the pain of your feet, especially during your first days of wearing it.

how to walk on heels

Tip #3. When you’re walking, train yourself to step your heels first on the ground, before your toes. Naturally, people tend to walk the other way around, their toes first, before their heels and this causes your body to put more weight on your toes, when the weight should be balanced between the heels and your toes.

Tips #4. Choose the height of your heels carefully. Now, this is important. You see, if you cannot walk in 5 inch heels, you shouldn’t be walking 2 blocks in them, because of course, your feet will hurt. If you happen to need the heels for work, make sure to only pick a pair of shoes that you’ll feel comfortable walking in.

shoe heel sizes

Tip #5. If you have soft and sensitive heels and toes, before you wear your new shoes, put on some band aid on any commonly blistered areas. Since you’re breaking into new shoes, help yourself avoid the pain by placing secondhand protection on your skin – even before the blisters happen. While band aids aren’t exactly the current fashion trend, at least, you can avoid blisters during the first days of wearing your new shoes.

Okay, so basically, we’re practically cheating on avoiding the pain in wearing high heels. But at least, by taking note of these tips, you can wear your shoes without worrying, right? Right? Oh well. At least I don’t get to suffer through painful blisters. What about you, high heel lover? Do you know of any way we can avoid pain while wearing high heels?

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Vera Wang Wedding Gown Curse – Really Now?!

Since Vera Wang divorce with Arthur Becker went public, news articles on the supposed curse of her wedding dresses began to sprout left and right. A couple of days back, Mario Grauso, the president of Wang’s company said: Vera Wang and Arthur Becker have mutually and amicably agreed to separate. They remain devoted parents to their two daughters. The news is just plain sad – I mean I’m always saddened by any spilt up because I’m a hopeless romantic. You know that – I believe that love, fairytales and a happy ever after can come to life if you work hard to keep a relationship afloat. Love is truly a splendid thing.
Vera Wang

Anyway, this fanfare took the spotlight when some people took notice of the number of celebs who wore Vera’s gowns on their big day and ended up in Splitsville a couple of years after. Some of them are Jessica Simpson, Sophia Bush, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carey (with Tommy Mottola), Heidy Klum and most recently, Kim Kardashian.

It’s not fair! I love Vera’s gowns and I dream of actually walking down the aisle in one of her gorgeous wedding dress. Not everyone of her clients went down to Splitsville. Khloe Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton all wore her wedding gowns and are still happily married today.

vera wang gowns

I do believe that the success or failure of any relationship, or marriage for this matter, is solely dependent on the commitment and love the two people share. It should never be about the gown or the house or even the social status that they have. If they want to make things work – they would definitely fight to be together. I remember reading an online post about an old woman who was asked why she and her husband stayed together for a very long time – her answer was pretty short and simple. She said it was because they fell in love at time when broken things are fixed – not thrown out. Challenges will always be present in every corner of our lives – it’s a fact! We better accept it and work our way around it.

As for the Vera Wang wedding dress that I’m dreaming of, I’m thinking hard about it. Not that I’d be needing it soon but I’m not really bend on spending that much on the big day. Might as well save money for the family.

I might trade the glorious gown for a beautiful summer dress and a pair of bamboo shoes. I guess that would be a better match for the sunset beach wedding that I’m dreaming of.

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