Friday, December 14, 2012

3 Priceless Christmas Gifts That Cost Less Than $ 10

Before you spend a fortune on Christmas gifts this year, have you thought of DIY alternatives? You see, though the holiday season is a time for giving and receiving material gifts, there are far more important things than designer clothes, expensive bags and sky-high wedge boots. And many of us tend to forget about this fact when the Christmas season rolls around.

Here are 3 of the sweetest personalized Christmas gift ideas that you should try this year. Get your special gift to stand out in the piles of gifts under the holiday tree by being different, original and free. Let me know what you think of these ideas by leaving me a comment below.

Sweet Christmas Gift Alternative # 1 Letters, Post-it notes and greeting cards. When was the last time you wrote your family and friends a personal note? I bet it’s been a while but it’s not too late to get back at it again. Handwritten letters may seem pretty old school but I love receiving them. It makes me feel that the person who gave it to me really went out of his or her way just to write me a message despite the convenience of just sending me an SMS or a message on Facebook.

Remember that Christmas is not about the material gifts that we can give or receive. We should be more concerned about spreading love, goodness and tons of holiday cheers. Letters that express well wishes are worth more than expensive handbags and designer boots. These seemingly simple letters are gems that can be kept and treasured for a lifetime. Always remember that your kind words can do wonders in uplifting a sad and broken soul.

Sweet Christmas Gift Alternative # 2 Scrapbook of special memories. Photographs are simple mementos that are surely worth keeping. As the popular saying goes, pictures can paint a thousand words. And it always does. Whether you are a professional photographer or not, make it a habit to take snapshots of the moments that you share with your family, friends, partner or anyone who means anything to you.

Keep in mind that life is short and every moment is fleeting. Nothing may ever happen again so capture each moment through a photograph. Gone are the days when we have to lug around huge cameras just to take pictures. Today, every Smartphone and even mobile phones have a decent camera that allows us to relieve the moments.

If you’re not the artsy type of individual, you don’t have to worry about decorating your scrapbook. The simplest way to showcase photographs in a book form is to place them in and add little captions and speech bubbles that could bring the moment to life. You can also add ready-made stickers and decorations to make your book of memories fun.

Sweet Christmas Gift Alternative # 3 Coupons of things that you’d like to do for them. This is a cool DIY gift idea that I read from a magazine a couple of years back. The idea of this present is to give that very important person a set of coupons that contain simple or elaborate acts of love that you are willing to do for them. Your coupons may include free hugs, washing the dishes and taking the pup out for a walk.

The trick here is to include activities that the recipient would enjoy. This is cost-efficient Christmas gift alternative is very easy to make. Not to mention the tons of thoughtfulness that it brings with it.

oh! since it is a gift why not check out HOW TO WRAP JEWELRY IN THE LAST MINUTE instead of waiting in line on th egift wrapping section.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 3 Reasons Why Buy Make-Up Before Christmas Day

When do you buy cosmetic products? f you answer “any time” then you’re doing it all wrong. Though beauty products are available all through the year like a studded pair of wedge boots, there is still a good time to shop for beauty products – and it’s that time of the year.
Why Buy Make-Up Set Before Christmas Day

Today, I’ll give 3 reasons why buying makeup during the holidays is the best decision you’ll ever make this year. Convinced? Let me know how these tips got you to shop for beauty products this Christmas time by leaving me a comment.

Snag great deals

The holiday season has always been a great time to shop. After the Thanksgiving holiday, tons of sale events that offer huge price reductions would start to sprout up like mushrooms on every corner.

If you didn't get to go on a shopping spree during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year, you have nothing to worry about. I’m absolutely sure that you can still grab a great deal or two before Christmas day. And you get lucky; you might even get a trendy wedge boots for half the price after the big day.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy the items that you need and want at a more affordable price. With tons of people shopping at the same time, holiday shopping can be really tiring at times. But thinking of the huge discounts and freebies can really get me in the mood to shop.

Keep your eyes wide open for brands that give special offers. The most common ones are offering two items for the price of one and percent price reductions. When you spot a deal that can help you replenish the items in your makeup kit, drop your second thoughts and hold on to the deal. BUT – never settle for items that have been opened or tested by others. As a consumer, it is your right to get items in good condition even if they’re put up for sale.

Test your new pieces on extreme weather

Finding moisturizers, concealers and lip balms that work perfectly for you during the cold holiday season is like finding a diamond out in the dessert. Extremely warm or cold weathers can make our skin react differently. This is why extra care is needed during these times. And when you find cosmetics or skin care products that suit your skin well in adverse conditions, you’ll surely be covered during the normal months of the year.

Make it a point to constantly adjust your skin care and makeup routine with the season. This would surely help maintain your skin well throughout the year. And shopping for makeup during the Christmas season has an added bonus. If you can’t quite figure it out, feel free to reread the first tip.

You need it

We all need it. The stress of this busy season can surely take a toll on our skin. All the late night partying and awesome conversations over a bottle (or two) of wine will definitely catch up with us.

As much as we ladies want to keep our natural beauty, we all need help from that trusty concealer one time or another.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2 Shopping Secrets That Can Save Tons of Dollars on Christmas Shopping

I always look forward to shopping and buying gifts during the holiday season. There’s just one thing that I don’t like about it. And I’m sure that many of you don’t like it as well – you can say that again! Yes, I love shopping but I don’t like the cost that’s associated with it.

In my quest for finding comfy pair of Bamboo Shoes sandals, I discovered 2 holiday shopping secrets that have saved me a huge amount of money for a couple of years now. I’ll share them with you in a bit.

But before we get down to business, feel free to let me know what you think of these tips in the comments below.

Smart Holiday Shopping Tip # 1 Go for last minute shopping. This might not be your cup of tea but hear me out. Doing last-minute shopping in groceries and malls can be very stressful because of the volume of people that are doing the same thing. But one thing that you should keep in mind that closer Christmas day gets, the chances of reducing product price increases. This is one thing that I’ve noticed over the years.

For a safe and hassle-free last minute shopping, here are 3 things that you should remember:

1. Dress comfortably. I’m absolutely sure that an aching feet from your ill-fitting shoes is the last thing that you’d like to get when racing against time and other shoppers. Put on a pair of well fit jeans and a shirt for that casual and ready look. Wear ballet flats or sneakers to help you get ready for running about the store.

2. Leave your little ones at home. The grocery store instantly turns into a battleground when the big day comes closer. If your kids have no special participation in your shopping trip, it would be better to let them stay at home to avoid injuries and other untoward incidents.

3. Plan ahead. Never ever go into the holiday shopping battle without being prepared. Make sure to have your shopping list on hand so that you won’t miss a anything and have to go for a second round of last minute shopping

Doing last minute shopping is a fun way to save money during the Christmas season. But keep in mind that you have to prepare well and be ready for the ultimate shopping battle of the year.

Smart Holiday Shopping Tip # 2 Buy off season fashion items. Are you dying to buy that exquisite leather trench coat? Then you can have it. But you’ll have to wait until the season is about to end to snag huge discounts and get the coat of your dreams at unbelievably low deals. Allow me to let you in on a big dark fashion secret.

Well, it’s not all that serious. I’d just like you to know that fashion retailers of clothes, shoes and accessories often follow the four seasons. This means that when the spring/summer time is about to end, they items left in the inventory up for sale so that they can clear their stocks and make way for the fall/winter collection.

Take advantage of this retailing arrangement by timing your purchases whether it’s the Christmas season or not. If you like a particular style of clothing that’s hot for that season, it would be smart to wait for price reductions before getting your hands on them. Aside from getting the chance to save up for your dream purchase, waiting it out can give you the best value for your hard-earned money.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 Common Holiday Fashion Mistakes You Can Never Get Away With

Do you have awesome outfit ideas for your holiday party this year? Wait until you read these holiday fashion mistakes that I’d be sharing, you see, dressing up for the endless parties we all have to attend during the Christmas season can get too stressful at times. This is why I’m not surprised when someone turns up at a holiday party wearing outer space boots when they could have simply worn a pair of sturdy Bamboo Shoes.

bamboo shoes sale limited stocks

To save you from all the stress (and possible shame), I’m sharing with you 2 of the most common holiday fashion mistakes that many of us commit. Are you guilty? Hit me up with your confession at the comments box below.

Holiday Fashion Mistake # 1 Wearing more accessory than the a Christmas Tree

I don’t know with you, but I think it’s not nice to take away the spotlight from the holiday tree. Kidding aside, piling on too much accessories from head to toe rarely looks good – especially when Christmas trees, homes, offices and even coffee shops are doing the same.

When dressing for a holiday party, make sure that you just hit it right. Keep in mind that going overboard and being flamboyant is not exactly the prettiest way to get noticed. As a general rule, I always remind myself that simple is stunning – and it never failed to get me noticed.

For a balanced holiday party outfit, only bring attention to one area of your outfit. Ask yourself, what do I them to remember about my look? Is it the makeup, the hair, the dress or the shoes? Once you answer this question – you’re all set in creating a simple yet stunning holiday look.

Not sure how if you’re already drawing attention to more than one area of your outfit or look? Here are 3 quick questions to know if one thing’s too much:
  • Do I have more than 5 accessories? (Pairs of earrings count as one).
  • Am I wearing dark eyes with bold colored lips? (If your answer is yes, it would be best to downplay one of them. You change your eye makeup or lipstick to a lighter shade).
  • How many parts of my outfit sparkle? (C’mon – don’t steal the Christmas lights from your holiday tree)
On a slightly more serious note, take a good look at your outfit before heading to a party. Better yet, have someone you trust give feedback just to make sure that you’re not wearing too much or too little accessories.

Holiday Fashion Mistake # 2 Dressing for another party

Showing too much skin? I thought you were attending a holiday party and not a beach barbecue.

Always remember to dress appropriately for the party that you’re attending. If it’s a black tie or a formal event, make sure that you arrive wearing a decent gown that will make you look every bit classy. Whether you believe it or not, your shoes can make or break your look so wear heels at a formal event.

This logic also holds true if the invitation says it’s a themed event. Make an effort to find a suitable costume to join in the fun. And of course – never ever appear at a party looking like you just came out of a comic book if it’s not necessary.

Are you putting on the same clothes you wore last year? I hope not because you can surely do better than that. Now that you know the common mistakes many of us commit when attending Holiday Christmas parties please avoid them at all cost. But don’t restrict yourself. Just have fun with your look and keep it just right.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jewelry Display Christmas Sale

November and December are both pretty significant months because you end up with a lot of sales. Jewelry is pretty popular as a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift. This is why as a jewelry seller, you have to be prepared for the best during this season. The holiday season is not a time to rest. In fact, it’s the perfect time to increase your sales, double your stocks and take advantage of sales from your favorite supplier. Not to be the last shop to offer discounts this holiday season, Nilecorp is pleased to inform everyone that a special sale is currently ongoing!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Nilecorp and check out their complete collection of jewelry displays and equipment. To help you make your choice, here are a few interesting displays that might catch your eyes.

1. Bracelet T Bar. Bracelets are easy to display because you can simply lay them out and customers will see them. However, if you can have them over a bar, it might be easier for customers to see its actual design. This is what T bars are for. Nilecorp offers you a special sale for their small bracelet T Bar. For only $3 each, you can get your own T bar. That’s a good $1.27 savings from the original price. And if you’re on the budget, that’s a really big deal. The bracelet T bar is available in white. If you’ll be using this T bar, make sure that the jewelry you display has bold or darker colors so the white contradicts them and helps the jewelry stand out.

2. Leather Box for rings. Christmas is also a great season for engagements. You have to be prepared for those who are finally ready to pop the question to their long time girlfriends. This ring box is made out of faux leather so it won’t be too heavy at all. Not only will the box protect the ring, ring boxes are also the perfect props to propose. This ring box is available in black and white colors. You can buy it at only $0.80 each box. Just for the holiday, you should get a good set of ring boxes, just in case a rush of men find Christmas the perfect time to propose.

3. Necklace Metal Boxes. On the other hand, not everything is about proposing on Christmas. Other times, it’s just about giving special people unique gifts. Besides engagement rings, necklaces are also pretty special for a gift. Imagine giving someone a necklace without a proper box. Awkward? Definitely. Make your customer’s recipient feel special by wrapping the necklace is a nice box. These faux leather metal boxes cost only $2.60.

Fashion Jewelry Holiday Collection Giveaway!

Oh, there’s just something about Christmas giveaways, isn't there? When it comes to your favorite fashion jewelry, you need to be alert whenever they have special sales. Just in time for Christmas, Eternalsparkles is giving you the chance to buy your favorite jewelry for a cheaper price! Yes, for a cheaper price!

This time, for their Holiday Collection Giveaway, buyers will enjoy a discount of 10% from their total purchases. It’s a great deal, especially if you’re buying a lot of jewelry for your friends and family. By putting “DECEMBER” as the coupon code, you can easily avail of this special offer from Eternalsparkles.

But that’s not all. Eternalsparkles is being very, very generous this season. From December 1 – 12, they will be giving out items from their special Holiday collection. When you order from December 1 – 12, you’ll automatically earn an entry to their raffle. Every day during this period, at noon PST, Eternalsparkles will post the lucky winner on their Facebook.

Still thinking twice? Take a look at some of our interesting pieces for sale.

Jingle Bells Pearl and Golden Ring

1. Jingle Bells Pearl and Golden Ring. Do you want to give a special someone a really nice ring? Well, this fashionable golden ring is just the thing for you. With a huge synthetic, white pearl set at the top of the golden band, there’s nothing that says sophistication even more. The pearl is also embraced by a cluster of clear stones set along the golden band. At $35.99, this eye-catching golden ring is definitely something. By the way, did you know this ring was inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s pearl ring? Yes, she wore this CZ ring during an InStyle party.

2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Ruby Ring. Eternalsparkles really loves Christmas, especially with all of their cute names for the rings. If you’re looking for something less sophisticated, but more fun and eye-catching, then this ruby ring is the perfect gift. Designed with an oval ruby gem set in the middle, the ring also has a collection of small and clear cubic zirconia stone embellishments that make the ring sparkle in any environment. This beautiful ring will make a great present for any girl.

3. Kissing by the Mistletoe Golden Ring. We already have a pearl and ruby ring. Who says we couldn't have a green ring, either? This golden ring shines with its clusters of emerald crystals that are set at the top of the gold band. This ring is definitely unique because from afar, it kind of looks similar to a headband with crystals. This time, you can wear it fashionably on your finger.

4. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Brooch. Enough about rings! No Christmas is complete without a reindeer. In fact, when we were all young, we all thought Christmas began the day we would see a reindeer on your front yard. While everyone has grown out of their Santa dreams, an accessory like this brooch will still be a good gift for any child. Clear stones make up the most part of this brooch, so any kid will definitely appreciate the sparkles.

Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Save in Creating a Booth for an Expo

Trade shows and expos are great ways to sell your jewelry. Lots of people will be there and it’ll be a good way to showcase your jewelry to a new crowd. However, creating a jewelry display for your booth in a bazaar can be quite expensive. Since you have to prepare for a bigger market, you need to come up with new ways to get your jewelry noticed. Unless you’re willing to blend with other jewelry sellers, you have to come up with better ways to display your jewelry.
How to Save in Creating a Booth for an Expo

For many sellers, in order to create a good display, they have to spend a lot of money for equipment and brand new decoration. But don’t worry, you can still join trade shows and expos without enduring all the expenses.

Here are some useful ideas for displaying jewelry in the most affordable way possible.

1. Use old display equipment Who says you need to have new display just for a trade show? Your old supplies are fine. If you have bracelet bars, earring towers and ring risers, you can definitely use this during the trade show. They may not be sparkling new, but you can always get them to shine before the event. Instead of buying new jewelry display cases, all you need to do is get your old ones cleaned. You won’t even have to pay to clean your display cases. You can do it yourself. With a vacuum, some brushes and damp cloth, you can get your equipment to look like new on the day of the event.

2. Create home-made display equipment But if you want something new, you can always create your own display equipment. Never mind spending more money to buy something else, use leftover materials to create your own display cases. For example, designed hooks make a great hanger for necklaces over a backdrop. You can also use mugs, cups and books to help give your display a platform. By using a photo frame and some window mesh, you can also create your own showcase frame. If you have vases and bamboo sticks, you can use this to display bracelets and big rings.

3. Use equipment at home to display jewelry Not only can you use materials at home to create DIY displays, you can even use your own equipment at home for display as well. For example, an old, soft, colorful couch can be made into its own display. You can easily hang necklaces from it and pin badges for display. If you have an old dress form at home, you can use this to display pins, necklaces and elegant hair jewelry. You can either pin various bold jewelry onto the dress form, or turn it into its own mannequin, with matching outfits.

4. Be creative. Think outside the box Never let the price dictate your creativity. If you’re creative, you can use anything to make your display without having to spend. Otherwise, you can always buy bulk jewelry display stands ahead of time to save money.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Wrap Jewelry in the Last Minute

Ran out of the jewelry store so fast that you forgot to have the jewelry seller wrap the jewelry? Unfortunately, you've really never wrapped a gift before and there’s just no time for you to get one of those portable jewelry display cases to help you keep your jewelry intact. In these cases of panic, you have to find a good way to wrap your jewelry and keep it safe before giving it to your intended recipient. Unless you’re willing to risk your jewelry, finding something to wrap your jewelry in the last minute is essential.
How to Wrap Jewelry in the Last Minute

1. Find a paper bag Paper bags can be pretty useful when you need them to be. If you have any old paper bags at home, you can easily use this to wrap your jewelry. The good news is – if you've bought jewelry from the same jewelry store before, you might still have the bags they give out. Use this, because they are manufactured especially to house jewelry. For those who cannot find a suitable paper bag, gift bags are okay. The more it fits your jewelry, the better to use it. Bigger paper bags end up only housing the jewelry but it doesn't really protect it from too much movement.

2. Box it Do you have a small box for your jewelry? If you do, then this is good news for you. You can easily put it in a box and decorate the box for aesthetic purposes. However, if your box is not entirely presentable, you can always quirk the plan up a bit by boxing your jewelry up. Put the jewelry in a small box. Close the box and put it in another box. Close the bigger box and put it in another box. This way, your wrapping becomes the fun way to unwrap, instead of the actual box. They won’t really notice the look of the boxes if they are too busy guessing what’s inside them.

3. Use old wrappers Who says old wrappers can’t be useful? In fact, any of those wrappers you used last year could be very beneficial for your case. If you really have no other choice, take the wrappers from old gifts. Jewelry is usually small, so you won’t need a lot. You can use the box method and wrap the jewelry in several different wrappers for “fun” unwrapping.

4. Use an envelope Too lazy to wrap? Use an envelope. Not every kind of jewelry will fit inside an envelope so you might have to change it up if the jewelry is too big. It’s an efficient way to wrap necklaces and bracelets, despite the lack of creativity. Don’t worry, you can always label the jewelry with something sweet or thoughtful.

5. Use an empty bottle Gone are the days when your old wine bottle would be used only for decorative and boasting purposes. You can use those old, but elegant wine bottles to store your jewelry. Just make sure they’re clean and don’t smell like alcohol anymore. Decorate the wine bottle with ribbons for finishing.

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Review of Jewelry Display: Why it Works and Why Not

Creating a display for your jewelry can be pretty exhausting – creatively and mentally. You need to find a way to keep your customers interested in the jewelry you sell or you end up losing clients. To keep it interesting for your customers, you need jewelry store displays to promote connections between the customer and the jewelry they’re interested in.
A Review of Jewelry Display: Why it Works and Why Not

There are many ways to do this. Creative sellers always end up having a new kind of display for their customers, especially when an upcoming event or occasion is approaching. But to help you consider what kind of display will be good for your jewelry store, here is a review of a display made by an unknown seller.

Why it Works. First of all, this display is pretty cut-throat. It’s interesting, it’s innovative and creative and it catches the eye of the customer.

Space – the display has ample space between the jewelry. Space can be a luxury for booths. But when you have your own jewelry store, space can be pretty helpful in making jewelry stand out. In this display above, the necklaces are arranged next to each other, but never really overlapping one another. They are spread wide to showcase its length and design. The price tag attached to the necklace also helps in making the display effective. Customers won’t have to keep asking for the price of the jewelry they’re looking at.

Funky colors – the seller was smart in using black and white. Black and white is safe, but for elegant jewelry such as these, they create sufficient interest in the jewelry being displayed. The zebra-printed boxes easily catch the attention of anyone looking at the display. This gives sellers a chance to display small, single jewelry effectively.

The mirror – remember what we said about space? Yes, space is important in making jewelry display look neat and clean. Because the seller put up a mirror for its background, it makes it look as if the display is set in a huge area. Besides, if people see themselves and the jewelry at one time, they can probably imagine themselves wearing the jewelry too.

Platforms – Notice that the zebra-printed boxes are placed on risers and platforms? This is to create levels in the display. And fortunately for the seller, it creates an even better effect for the jewelry.

Why it doesn't work:

Price tags – this is the problem with having price tags on display. Once people see the price, they might not consider it at all. But if they ask the jewelry seller about the price, the seller might have the chance to talk them into believing in the worth of the jewelry.

Dull display – the black necklace display stand serves to showcase chains and simple necklaces. But because it’s placed next to a highly attention-seeking display (the zebra-printed boxes), they can be easily passed off as dull. If only the necklace display stand had an outline of white, then it would even out the effect of the overall display.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to Make a Homemade Necklace Display in 7 Easy Steps

When it comes to jewelry, necklaces are pretty easy to sell to young adults. Almost everyone loves to wear a necklace. Some may wear it for sentimental purposes, others would gladly wear it to match their outfit. As a jewelry seller, you can use jewelry display stands to showcase different types of necklaces. However, if you want to save some money or change your display, you might want to go beyond the common practices of other jewelry sellers around town. Instead of buying the usual necklace displays, create your own homemade display for occasional use in special events.
How to Make a Homemade Necklace Display in 7 Easy Steps

Before you start, prepare the things you need first – scissors, cord, hole punch, poster board, fabric, glue, printer and photocopier.

1. The first thing you need to do is get a template of a necklace display. These can usually be found online. The best thing about making your own necklace display is that you can control the colors of your display equipment. If you know how to use Photoshop, you can easily change its color. But if not, print out the template on a colored piece of paper.

2. If you’re not satisfied with the size of the template you've printed, get a re-size of it using a photocopier. Standard necklace displays have a size of about 10 inches. If you’re planning to display longer necklaces, you might want to consider the length of the display. Re-size your display until you've gotten the appropriate measurements.

3. Next, use paste or glue to stick the template onto the poster board. Since poster boards are hard enough to stand alone, you can use this for lighter necklaces. However, if you have plans of displaying heavy jewelry like beaded and pearl necklaces, you can use cardboard instead. Gemstones are too heavy for cardboard, so you might want to look for a sturdier base material.

4. If you don’t like the color of your template, use fabric to cover the template. If you have a specific color in mind, this is your chance to change the color of your display. If you’re a little pickier with the look of your display, use velvet or leather for your display. Avoid using wet glue when you stick this onto the template. Wet glue causes the fabric to wrinkle. Instead, use stick glue to keep the fabric tight, but never wrinkle.

5. Wait for a few hours for the glue to dry.

6. Use a puncher to create two holes at the bottom corners. The template itself will guide you on where to punch the hole. Use any sharp object to fold the lines on the template. For ease, you can also use a knitting needle. If your template is glued to cardboard, flip the template over and draw the lines with paper knife for easy folding. Once you've gone through the lines in the template, fold it until it remains in its place.

7. Once the template has been folded, pierce a thread of cord into the holes to tie it up.

This should allow your necklace display to stand. Congratulations! You've made your own jewelry display!

Thrive This Thanksgiving: How to Grow Your Business with a Simple “Thank You”

Do you remember when your scrolling LED sign was first hanged? I’m pretty sure that moment felt extremely amazing for you. As Thanksgiving approaches, what are you thankful for when it comes to your business?

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting but a very challenging role to play. And before closing the scrolling LED sign for your business today, take some time to quiet down and think about your business venture’s journey. Remember all the people you've met along the way and every circumstance that led you to that exact moment.
christmas house

Thanksgiving is a time for looking back to draw strength for the future. Know that you never accomplish anything on your own so learn to acknowledge all the help you've received. Here are 2 realistic ways on how you can thank your customers this Thanksgiving:

1. Hold a special sale

Show your customers love and appreciation by providing discounts and starting special promos. Just like in growing your business, there are no rules when it comes to holding sales events. However, you should always check your inventory and financial status to find a win-win sale for you and your beloved customers. Below are some of the most common types of sales held by small businesses:
  • Offer discounts on items for a certain period of time say two hours. The key to making this event successful is to publicize it well way before the event. A week or two would enough for your customers to mark their calendars for the special day.
  • Giveaway coupons to get price-cuts on best sellers and other merchandise. Budget-savvy shoppers love this type of promo. Just make sure that the coupons redeemed in your store are authentic by putting in place a verification method.
  • Bundle up two to three items on your product list and offer them at a discounted price when bought as a pack. This method is best used when you have products that can be used or consumed altogether. An example of this is offering a cup of coffee with a sandwich for a lower price when purchased as a meal instead of buying them Ala Carte.
Giving discounts on your products is a simple way to thank your customers for patronizing you throughout the year. On top of that, you can also use this means to strengthen the ties between you and your customers.

2. FREEbies!

It always feel good to get more value than what I paid for. And getting a freebie or two from a product I bought brings me this feeling. Small tokens like pens, notepads or canvas bags are enough to bring a smile on my face. But as a business owner, you have all the right to be as creative as you want to be with your giveaways. You may also want to raffle off best sellers or other products so that you wouldn't have to worry about buying anything else.

Giving out freebies can help advertise your brand. When giving away free items that are not part of your product line, adding your company logo turns it into an instant advertising material. This is great for items that can be used on a daily basis like a USB drive, bags or umbrellas to name a few.

If you’re in the business of melting the hearts of your patrons, you should try handing over personal thank you notes to them. Writing down your heartfelt appreciation on a stationary is certainly a classic that will truly leave an impression that shines brighter than LED.

Thanksgiving is a time of saying grace for achievements gained and surpassed trials. Take this time to show your gratitude to your customers who continue to avail of your products and services. And of course, don’t forget about your employees who have grown to become your partners in serving your clients.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Choose the Perfect Accessories for Your Wedding

Preparing for your wedding can be pretty stressful if you don’t know where to start. As a bride, it’s important that you become the apple of everyone’s eye on the day of your wedding. And this all begins with the dress you wear and the jewelry you use to accessorize your outfit. Now that may be a stressful way to begin preparing for your wedding. To help you pick out the perfect bridal jewelry sets for your wedding, here are a few tips to get you started.
wedding trends

1. Consider the details of your wedding – time, location and venue and even the theme If you need help getting an organized thought on what would look good, create a list of factors to consider. Among this list, you have to consider your wedding. Do you have a theme for your wedding? If you have a theme, you can start picking out your fashion jewelry using that. However, you might also want to consider the time of your wedding and the location or venue. For one, if you have a beach wedding at night, pearl earrings may not be a good idea. However, if you’re getting married in a church, pearls are very elegant.

bridal collection

2. Match the accessories to your dress

Most importantly, you have to choose accessories that will look good with your dress. Choose stores that can offer you many different types of jewelry. If you’re not satisfied with the choices in your area, you can also choose to look at fashion jewelry online. The best thing about looking through an online catalogue is that it will give you an opportunity to choose from different brands, designs and concepts. While you won’t be able to test them, it’ll give you an idea of what you want.

3. Prioritize your wedding band

In choosing your dress and accessories, always make it a point to prioritize your wedding band. Everyone has to see your wedding band. You and your fiance should always take some time to pick the wedding band at the same time. This way, you can see the wedding band and you can prepare the perfect dress and accessories to accompany the most important jewelry for your wedding day.

4. Rent jewelry

Wedding jewelry can be pretty expensive. But this doesn't mean that you have to walk down the aisle without anything sparkling on your neck or wrist. If you don’t have the budget to buy beautiful jewelry, you can always rent a few pieces from costume or jewelry shops. Many jewelry stores are happy to loan their best jewelry for weddings.

5. Get something borrowed and blue

No wedding is complete with a little tradition. Some wedding movies have parents or sisters giving something borrowed and blue just before the wedding. But if you really want to prepare your look for your wedding day, you can always ask to get the tradition a few days early. At least, you know what accessories will be borrowed and what will be blue and you won’t have to buy anything else for your wedding dress.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Display Jewelry at a Small Booth

Just because you have a small booth for the trade show doesn't mean that you need to bring less jewelry. Despite the fact that you have a limited space for showcasing jewelry, you can still sell many pieces as long as you can create an effective jewelry display for a smaller booth. This doesn't mean that you need to crowd your booth with all of your jewelry. Customers don’t like jewelry booths with too many details.
jewelry dispaly ideas for small booths

To display jewelry in a small booth, here are some jewelry display ideas to help you attract customers effectively.

1. Use multiple display stands

There are several types of display stands that you can use to showcase several jewelry at one time. For example, the earring towers are great to hang more than 50 pairs of earrings at one time. If you get a small earring tower, you only need a small space for the tower to roll in and some extra space to create background aesthetics for the tower. Other useful multiple display stands include earring trays, bracelet bars and display trees for rings or necklaces.

2. Use mirrors

In interior designing, one of their tips to creating an illusion of space is to use a mirror. Because a mirror displays the reflection of everything in front of it, it makes it seem as if you have more space to move. This is the same for small booths. Not only will your customers appreciate the abundance of mirrors, but it’ll also make your booth look bigger than it really is.

3. Create platforms or levels

One of the best ways to display more jewelry in a limited space is to divide the booth into several platforms. With more platforms or levels, it won’t look crowded when you display more groups of jewelry in one place. If you have several platforms, you can group your display by the type of jewelry. In one platform, you can have rings and earrings. In another platform, you can showcase bracelets using several bracelet bars for easier setting and to help save space. Your necklaces and pendants should also be in another platform altogether.

4. Hang jewelry

If you still need to display some jewelry, you can always use the overhead of your booth to display more. Set up a string or wire to hang from one end to another. Use this to hang jewelry overhead. Be careful in hanging jewelry, however. Sometimes, if you hang too much, your booth will end up looking like it has a curtain. While that may not be a bad thing, it can create a crowded look for your display. Don’t hang big jewelry too. They can easily take up as much space in your display.

5. Create overhead layers

Once you've filled up the space in your booth, you can also have a carpenter set up some overhead layers. Don’t put up too many though. Get a shelf on each side and choose which jewelry will fit well. Slant the shelves a little so customers can easily see the jewelry.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Shoes and Lace

Are you thinking of fun and easy ways to spruce up your Bamboo shoes? Then this do-it-your-way project is perfect for you!

The other day, I almost threw out a pair of ballet flats. It was already well worn and I don’t know what else to do with it so I thought of finding the perfect do-it-your-way project to reinvent my shoes. I came across this do-it-your-way project from Nik of – and it’s just so pretty! What I love about putting lace on my shoes is that it’s very easy. Now, my ballet flats are still usable and in fashion.
ballet flats
Here’s what you’ll need for the project:
  • A pair of plain shoes.
  • You can use ballet flats, wedge boots or Oxfords depending on your preference
  • Fabric glue
  • Flat paint brush
  • Lace fabric in any color
  • Newspapers or mat
What to Do:
  1. Line your work area with newspaper or mat to serve as protection while doing the project.
  2. Put a small amount of glue on the surface of the shoe.
  3. Use the flat paint brush to spread fabric glue all over the shoe.
  4. Once you've spread the glue all over the shoes, cover it with lace cloth. Remember to allow about half an inch of excess cloth at the bottom of your shoe. This excess cloth will be used to make sure that the shoe is fully covered in lace.
  5. Press the lace on the shoe to make sure that it’s glued well. 
  6. From the middle of the shoe hole, cut the lace so that you’ll be able to insert your foot again. Make sure to allow at least half an inch of lace to help you even out the top design. 
  7. Then, brush a light coat of fabric glue on the inside of your shoes. 
  8. Fold the excess lace inside your shoes and press it against the glue. 
  9. Set it aside and repeat steps 1 to 8 for the other foot of your shoes.
  10.  Let the pair dry before using it.
Learn how to add lace on your shoes through the instructional video HERE.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Foot Care Tips to Keep your Style when wearing Wedge Boots

What happens when you combine the active style of sneakers with the smooth looks of booties? Well, you get an edgy and refreshing style. These past few months, I've seen dozens of sneaker wedge boots in eye-catching designs. Each pair just creates a fearless and exciting vibe. I can’t wait to get a pair so I can start painting the town.
wedge boots

But like every other high-heeled shoes, sneaker booties could also cause strain at one point. To get you through this, my dear ladies, I have 10 effective tips that could give instant soothing to your soles.

1. Clean them well. Always remember to wash your feet with soap and water when you shower to get rid of any bacteria that might have developed from wearing closed shoes.

2. Dry your feet. This is very important when you are wearing closed shoes more so with socks. After taking a bath, make sure that your feet is properly dried before wearing any pair of shoes. Doing so avoids athlete’s foot and other fungal development. Drying your feet can also be beneficial when you remove your shoes after long hours of wearing them.

3. Exfoliate your feet from time to time using a pumice stone to get rid of skin that may harden over time. When not removed, dead skin turn into calluses and corns.

4. Foot creams with lactic acid as an active ingredient can help hydrate your feet.

5. Let your feet rest. Trade your stilettos for ballet flats or booties to get some break from the strains of wearing high heels.

6. Make it a habit to massage your feet when you get home and relax. Aside from soothing the pressure points you got from wearing shoes, this can also improve blood flow.

7. Simple foot exercises can make a big difference. It’s not only your arms and legs that need a little flexing every now and then. Your ankles could benefit from it too. Rotating your ankles is the simplest form of exercise that could help you avoid sprains.

8. You gotta love pedis (and manis). Having your nails cut and groomed reduces your chances of getting foot sores from ill fitting shoes. Shorter nails also mean better fitting footwear.

9. Be Cinderella. Finding the right pair of booties is like a fairy tale. You are not only looking for your handsome prince charming (in this case, a pretty pair of shoes) but you also need to find the perfect match. Make sure that you get the right size and you allow some space for your feet to feel comfortable.

10. Nothing is too small to deserve your attention. At the first sign of excessive dryness or sweating, itching as well as inflammation, visit your doctor to get proper advice on treatment and medication. This is especially important if you've been diagnosed with diabetes.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Snatching Reese Witherspoon’s Ankle Boots Style

Reese Witherspoon is one stylish Hollywood celebrity. All of us have surely seen her grow in front of the movie and TV screens. Of late, according to EOnline, the This Means Wars actress has been strutting down the streets wearing a Rag & Bone’s Harrow booties. Reese Witherspoon looked cool in ankle boots despite giving birth awhile back.
celebrity style Reese Witherspoon

Reese was recently spotted at the opening of the Rag & Bone flagship store in Los Angeles late October. Snatch Reese’s comfy, effortless and polished look with these 5 foolproof style tips to get her look:

Reese Style Rule # 1 Embrace your feminine side with skirts and dresses

She may not be the ultimate girly-girl but Reese certainly knows how to play her female charm. Usually photographed in laid-back skirts and dresses, she never fails to mix style and comfort by pairing these bottoms with classic flats and sandals.

Skirts can easily take on a flirty vibe nowadays. To solve this possible image issue, just make sure that you get the right length. Reese is always seen wearing skirts that fall mid-length of the upper thigh. This length will work well for every lady especially the petite ones since they can use a little few inches to the height.

Reese Style Rule # 2 Put on a pair of sunnies

It’s very rare to see Reese out and about without a pair of sunglasses. This could be a Hollywood thing that celebrities enjoy doing when the paparazzi are lurking around but she has managed to stamp this style as her own. Reese often wears dark oversized sunnies in different shapes.

Sunglasses never go out of style. This means that you can wear a pair in any season as long as the sun is shining. In choosing a pair, make sure that it flatters your face shape and highlights your best facial features. Keep in mind that sunglasses are not just accessories but they can also protect your eyesight. Make an effort to find a pair that suits your features and provides protection.

Reese Style Rule # 3 Oversized cover-ups are sexy and comfy

With clothing pieces getting more complicated and skimpier day by day, Reese stands out from the crowd with her effortless look. She has given the slouchy sweater a new image – baggy clothes are not tasteless after all.

In wearing the oversized style, make sure that the other pieces in your look fit well. This style works well when you wear tight jeans or body hugging dresses. Big sweaters and cardigans keep your look modest and effortless. Adding on statement accessories like necklaces and cocktail ring can add fun to your look.

Reese Style Rule # 4 Spruce up your outfit with a scarf

Livening up your outfit is not only about adding a couple of bling over here and there. Other clothing pieces like cardigans, vests, jackets and scarves can kick your look up a notch. As for Reese, she’s great at spinning her plain looking attire by putting on scarves with interesting patters, colors and designs.

When shopping for a scarf, make sure to take a look at the material as well. Keep in mind that there are ones made from light materials while the others are made from thicker ones. Light scarves like sarongs are great for summer and spring while scarves made from heavy materials like wool are best used when the weather is extremely cold.

Reese Style Rule # 5 Denims never go out of style

Reese proves that she’s surely a southern babe with her collection of denims which is not only limited to pairs of jeans. She has been seen around in chic denim dress and comfy button down tops among other styles.

Soften denim pieces by pairing them with feminine footwear styles like wedges, sandals and ballet flats. Skip the boots if don’t want a cowboy look.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chriselle Lim on Finding the Booties For Your Body Shape

Styling your boots with your body type never seem to get the right wedge boots for you? You’ve probably been disregarding the shape of your body when looking for trendy pairs booties. Contrary to what many of us believe, mastering your body is not only necessary when picking dresses, tops and jeans. Knowing your shape also makes your the lovely Cinderella in a perfect pair of booties.
wedge boots

Chriselle Lim of TheChriselleFacor has 15 tips on how to wear booties in physique-flaunting says:

1. Picking a pair boots with a pop of color instantly makes any pair of classic boots look modern. Get this through a patterned design or elastic sides
2. A little bit of heels gives your calves a slimmer look. Not to mention they make you a few inches taller b
3. A tapered shaft elongates your legs in a wonderful manner
4. Pointy or narrow-edged shoes create a streamlined look
5.When wearing minis with ankle boots, make sure to get the right skirt length. It’s all about proportions. Keep your skirt above the knee to continue the length of your legs
6. Wearing fitted bottoms with ankle boots are great for curvaceous babes. Skinny jeans and fitted pants create a streamlined look. They work wonders in blending your look into one
7. Boots with thick and sturdy heels are a must for ladies with an hourglass body type. This footwear balances your feminine curves with a tougher feel
8. Putting on a pair of statement boots is the easiest way to spruce up an outfit whether it's in a basic color or a plain ensemble
9. Vertical zippers make your legs appear longer
10. A two-tone pair will give your shoe an ample amount of dimension
11. Get a pair of boots with an arch at the ankle. This seemingly unnoticeable feature actually allows your legs to create a continuous line
12. A cone-shaped heel is feminine. Look for this in masculine-styled boots to soften it up
13. Getting the right height of a knee-high boot is the ultimate key to pulling off the look
14. Look for booties that are tighter around the ankle to bring out your shape
15. When tucking in pants into your boots, it is best to wear skinny jeans to highlight the shape of your lower body and do away with a sloppy look

BONUS TIP: Like a little black dress, a black pair of booties is essential for every chic lady

Dressing well and looking good is not as hard as you think. Gaining a personal consciousness of your body is the key to being comfortable in any outfit. Love your body by wearing pieces that salutes your style and individuality.

Check out Chriselle Lim on Finding the Booties For Your Body Shape video HERE:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Types of Wrapping Your Necklaces

Giving a gift to a special someone is always a challenge because you want to surprise them or make them feel as if you’ve made an effort to give them something. If you hand them a pretty necklace wrapped in the usual type of gift box, they’ll always appreciate it. There’s no doubt about that. But if you want to impress your customers and give each recipient an even bigger surprise, you’re going to have to work harder than simply wrapping the gift and placing it in a gift bag. That’s too common.
jewelry display
Photo Credits: GlimpseOfGlamour
Instead, you might want to use any of these unique ideas for wrapping your necklaces.

1. Use a ribbon – the best thing about a ribbon? You probably already have a roll of it, straight from your own jewelry display! You won’t even have to buy an extra roll until your set runs out. Ribbons are a great embellishment for nearly everything. They can make any simple thing look elegant and special. If you want to give your customer something different, you can wrap the necklace with a ribbon. Instead of tying the ribbon on a box, tie the ribbon to the necklace. Slide it in and out around the necklace until it forms a snakelike design around the necklace. Tie a small ribbon near the pendant. Now place the duo necklace in a big box with a soft cushion inside. Make sure the necklace doesn’t move while in transport so the ribbon stays in place. Nothing big, but something a little more special to complete the package.

jewelry display bottle

2. Hang from a bottle – place a ribbon or string around the cork area. Pin the necklace over the string and slide the pendant and the rest of the chain into the bottle. Make sure that the finding is closed tightly over the string and that both don’t fall into the bottle. Do make sure that the bottle is presentable. Then tie a ribbon over the corkscrew of the bottle.

Photo Credits: RowHouseNest
3. Inside a cup – be a little more creative when it comes to your boxes. Prepare a special cup and make sure that it comes with its own cover. Place soft round cushions inside to protect the necklace. Lay the necklace around and around over the cushion and set the pendant in the middle of the chains. Cover the cup. Make sure the necklace doesn’t move while in transport, otherwise, your design will go to waste. If your cup is specifically designed, that’s a little extra effort that the recipient will definitely appreciate.

jewelry display

4. Picture frame – remove the back of a picture frame. Stick a soft, but thin cushion over the back of the frame. Set the necklace over the cushion. Set the back of the frame into the picture frame again so that the necklace serves as the photo. It might be best not to use 3D pendants for this type of wrapping. Unless you’re willing to thicken the frames of the picture frame, use flat pendants to display inside your picture frame. Now that’s a creative form of wrapping.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

5 Simple yet Stunning Makeovers

I know that many of you miss the Gossip Girl series and all of the twists and turns, well, I do too. I remember how Leighton Meester take a different attack on her sassy wedge boots wearing character Blair Waldorf. In interviews, the 26-year-old star is very grateful of the series that brought her up the Hollywood ranks. But she also knows that endings make way for beautiful beginnings.

To embrace a new chapter in her career, Leighton traded her long luxurious locks for a different look. You can also set off a new start anytime you want to.

Here are 5 simple ways on how you look and feel recharged in an instant:

Tip # 1 Get A New Lip Color
emma stone for revlon

Have you been wearing the same shade of lipstick for over a year? If you do, then it’s time to shop for a new color. Going bold is the way to go especially if you’ve been with the nudes and pinks for some time. Reds and orange can instantly turn you into an edgy belle. But if you’ve been on team daring for some time, trying on a softer and sweeter feminine look with nudes, pinks and browns can give you a toned down look for a natural feel.

Tip # 2 Chop Chop: Have a Hair Cut

Take it from the Gossip Girl star, changing your hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to effectively flip your look. In an interview, Leighton mentioned about getting enough mileage for her long curly locks through the show which aired for a pretty long time. And now that it’s over, I agree that it’s high time to move away from the Blair Waldorf image because she’s definitely more than that. But you don’t need to snag a lead role in a TV series to change your look ever so often. There are other milestones in your life which you can celebrate by getting a shorter hair or a different cut like graduating from school, getting over an ex and clinching a promotion at work. You never need a gigantic reason to make small but worthy changes.

hair trends

Tip # 3 Blond, Brown, Black or Brunette?

Hollywood celebrities love this tip. One moment they’re blond and the next they’re donning darker locks and I probably know why they can’t get enough of changing hair color. Aside from getting a truly noticeable difference in their look, having a new hair color is exciting! Katy Perry and other stars even went as far as putting on out-of-the-ordinary colors like blue, purple and fiery red. Let your inner celebrity shine through by daring for a different color. Maybe then you’ll find out if blondes really do have more fun.

Tip # 4 Let Your Nails Go Bold

Getting your nails done can quickly bring you from common to extraordinary. Modified French Tips and single-toned bold colors are your safest and fastest bets to bringing your nails to life in an instant. If you have more time to spend for this project, there are tons of DIY nail art tutorials online that are easy to follow.

Tip # 5 Go With the Trend: Revamp Your Wardrobe

corporate fashion

I know for a fact that many budget-conscious ladies are scared of the doing a closet overhaul mainly because it will cost a lot of money. News Flash! Getting the latest trends and looks need not be expensive. There are tons of blogs and instructional videos online that offer step-by-step makeover ideas for every piece of clothing you have. Repurpose your tops, pants, scarves and shoes to make them fully functional and attractive.

In getting a new look, the bottom line is you just have to be ready to try new and better ways to do things differently.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Royal Jewelry Worn by Kate Middleton

After some time, the royal couple makes headlines again. But this time, it’s not really due to any big, noble stuff. This time, they’re in hot water with some bad press. It’s not every day that people get to snap pictures of naked royalty at a private property. Despite the fact that paparazzi was definitely making all the steps to shatter the dignity of the royal couple, it may be time to sack the security for leaving the couple in the hands of preying eyes everywhere.

But let’s not talk about the unclothed Kate Middleton, shall we? After all, our favorite royalty princess does have some good shots of her fully clothed as well. As a royal celebrity, Kate Middleton harbors some of the best fashion styles ever. And on her highly celebrated wedding to Prince William, she donned three pieces of jewelry that will forever be known as her royal accessories. Now, if you have a jewelry store and you want to attract fans of the royal couple, you may want to get similar pieces and be ready with a good jewelry display.
dutchess of cambridge

As the envy of every woman on the day of her wedding, Kate Middleton had to look flawless. Donning a beautiful lace gown that would only look fitting for a princess, the former-model also wore gorgeous earrings that became a fashion statement for her fans. This pair of dangling earrings was made by the Robinson Pelham Jewellers, given to her by her parents. The earrings are made into the shape of an oak leaf. It has a pear-shape diamond drop with an acorn set in the center of the leaf. The design of these earrings was inspired by the family’s coat of arms that included both acorn and oak leaves.

kate middleton engagement ring

But before the wedding, people celebrated the day the couple announced their engagement. Maybe it was because it was about time that the two got engaged. Or maybe it was because they made the announcement with a big bang. And that bang included the gorgeous sapphire engagement ring that Princess Diana used to own. The oval Ceylon sapphire stone sits in the middle of a cluster of 14 diamonds, all set in 18 carat white gold. Sapphires were the late Princess Diana’s favorite stones and she had personally chosen the ring to be hers for her engagement to Prince Charles. When Prince William proposed, he made sure his lovely fiancĂ© inherited the highly coveted ring. This ring has been re-modeled into more affordable celebrity inspired fashion jewelry for the fans of the Duchess.

kate middleton

A person can never be royalty without her own crown. But a wedding cannot be a wedding without something borrowed. And that’s just what Kate Middleton did during her wedding. She had something borrowed and apparently, something really, really old. Since the Queen granted her permission to choose from any of her tiaras, the lovely Duchess donned the 1936 Halo, which was a gift to the Queen Mother from King George VI. The tiara was then given to Queen Elizabeth for her 18th birthday. Now this, would be a perfect gift for a 5 year old, don’t you think?

The real question though – do you have the right display stands to showcase such royalty accessories?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Breaking News: New Jersey Teen Still Missing After Tweeting For Help

holloween costumes

Could this be one of them?Is She Out Looking For A Halloween Costume? Perhaps this is one of the Trick or Treat type of game since disappearing acts are oh so common during the Halloween season.

Kara Alogi’s “panic tweet” before she went missing has gone viral on Sunday. The 16 year old tweeted: “There is someone in my house call 911”. Many have responded by "retweeting" the post and calling the local police. When her family came home, Kara was nowhere to be found and her phone was left at home. A kidnapping angle is being investigated by the police. According to an NBCNews article online, authorities have reported the Twitter post to be a hoax.

I do hope she’s just getting ready for a huge Halloween party in advance. Throwing in some real life drama is certainly an original, if that’s the case. There’s nothing much to worry about footwear. You can always dress up your favorite pair of Bamboo Shoes to get them into character.

I am sincerely praying for her safety. But for the meantime, here are some tips for finding that perfect Halloween costume for this year:

1. Pick a character
Knowing who you want to be for Halloween can cut your worries down to half. Once you’ve figured out the ideal character for you, all other decisions that follow will come easy. Also, brainstorming can stir up your creative juice really so you’ll definitely be able to create something unique for this season.

halloween costumes

2. Buy, rent or DIY
Budget is another important consideration for Halloween. Since this season only comes around once a year, you may decide to splurge and go all out with your costume and props. You can even go as far as renting a decorated ride or turning your truck into a pumpkin for your family and friends to use. Deciding whether to break the piggy bank will always be up to you. Just make sure that you’ll be able to support your decision whether you decide to splurge or save for costumes this year.

3. Get the right fit
Having to look ugly or scary is not enough reason for you to wear ill fitting clothes. Whether you have to wear oversized or shrunk clothes, just make sure that they’re comfortable. Wear decent undergarments as well just in case you unexpectedly suffer from a wardrobe malfunction. Carrying extra clothes won’t harm you as well.

4. Let your imagination run wild
The sky will always be the limit when you go about choosing your character. But in finding the right one, always consider the theme (if there’s any) and your personal preferences to avoid regretting anything in the end. If you end up having a bad Halloween party this year – don’t beat yourself up. You can always make things better the next time around

5. Be an early bird
This is very important especially when you are going to buy. Since everyone is so hyped with this once-a-year event, chances are every good piece will be out on the shelves by mid-October. Renting and doing costumes yourself can save you a great deal of money. You may want to refashion Halloween costumes from last year or get vintage clothing pieces from a thrift shop to avoid long lines in department stores or costume shops. Planning ahead will always work to your advantage.

May Kara be brought home safely in time to join her family for some trick or treat.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

5 Best Looks of Emma Watson

Gone are the days when the little girl who played Hermoine Granger was just adorable, but awkward. Today, she’s the lovely and smart woman who also played Sam in the Fall movie of Stephen Chbowsky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. As a true icon for struggling actresses everywhere, Emma Watson is one of the most inspiring people. She’s like Natalie Portman all over again! But besides that, she’s also a fashion icon.

Check out some of the 22 year old actress’ best looks.
emma watson

In this outfit that she wore during the promotion of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Watson shines in an Erdem blue and white dress with eccentric neck details on sheer fabric. Appropriate for her age, Emma Watson is definitely as sophisticated as she is fashion forward. Because she already had neck details, she opted not to wear a necklace, but instead pulled her hair back and accentuated with enamel-looking fashion jewelry on her ears. Her arm bangles were also pretty good accessories for sophisticated outfit. Hot or Not? Definitely hot.

Emma Watson London

In this outfit that Watson wore at the premiere of Perks of Being a Wallflower in London, she struts her stuff in all Dior – both shoes and outfit. Although Emma is a little too short to pull off the model look as opposed to how the model handled this look on the runway, she was still able to bring elegancy and sophistication in this outfit alone. She toned down her accessories in this outfit too, wearing only a silver barely-noticeable necklace and round earrings. Very elegant, Ms. Watson, very elegant.

emma watson armani

Elegant as always, Emma Watson ups her look in another Perks of Being a Wallflower premiere event. This time, donning an Armani dress that famously became the object of wardrobe malfunctions, Watson appears to be unfazed. Her simple, romantic dress perfectly highlights her fair and porcelain skin. Her red lips were her only accessories that day and it worked perfectly in her case.

Emma Watson Brood Dress

Despite her recent wardrobe malfunction in the Armani dress, Watson looked ready to show a bit of skin in this Brood dress. Despite the dress’ slightly toilet-papery look, Watson still managed to look just as beautiful as in her other outfits. Styled to hang right up to her neck, Watson chose to keep her hair down and her chestnut hair blended well with the white color of her dress. The upside about her outfit? That really cool ring she dons on her finger!

fashion trends

Color-block is in! At least, if you look like Emma Watson. When it comes to wearing color block dresses, it is important to check first if the dress you’re wearing is actually fitting for your skin tone and your overall outfit. Sometimes color-block dresses are fun to look at, but when you wear them, they can be a disaster. In this Peter Pilotto dress, Emma Watson looks young and hip. Red and yellow accentuate her fair skin and she adds a little funk to her outfit by styling her hair up and wearing Tom Ford glittery shoes. Very appropriate for her age?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Look Like Alison Di Laurentis in Pretty Little Liars

Gone are the days when everyone’s favorite bad girl used to be Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Today, several bad girls make up the list – Katherine Pierce of the Vampire Diaries, Blair Waldorf and Georgina Sparks of Gossip Girl and many more. While Blair and Georgina have both shared the spotlight enough for being people’s favorite fashionable bad girl, it’s time to take a look at the new rising star bad girl of today – Alison Di Laurentis.

Alison Di Laurentis

Who doesn’t want to look like her? So, for those who want to attain the look of our pretty bad girl, here’s a few tips on how to get it.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Choose elegant, but noticeable fashion jewelry to accompany your outfit. Everyone knows that the pretty, but technically dead bad girl chooses her jewelry carefully. She’s never gone out without a good set of jewelry. A little tip though – before you choose your jewelry, make sure to choose your outfit first and not the other way around. If you do, you might end up choosing the wrong set of jewelry for your outfit. And according to Alison Di Laurentis, “that’s not gonna happen.”

Katherine Pierce Vampire Diaries

Get those big, bouncy curls. If there’s a type of hair style that Alison can definitely carry, it’s those pretty neat curls that she’s always seen wearing. Nothing looks hotter on our favorite dead bad girl. For those of you who won’t be able to handle blonde curls, I’m sure Alison would be proud to see you in brown or even black curls. And if your hair doesn’t exactly go back to straight easily, you can always wear a wig. After all, Alison has a thing for variety and wigs.

Use false Lashes and girly makeup. There’s just nothing that makes Alison a better bad girl. Although she doesn’t really look anywhere innocent, her huge, dark, fake lashes and girly makeup always make her seem like any normal kid. Even Aria has better eye makeup than she does. But if you really want to achieve Alison’s look, use false lashes only for the upper lids and play it up even more by drawing a thick liner over the lashes. The lower lashes, on the other hand, have more subtle liners.

For your makeup, use feminine colors like pink, brown and yellow to bring out the innocent look.

Now you can look just every bit as innocent, sophisticated, interesting as Alison does. Did you know that the actress who plays her is only 16 years old? Yeah, well, that’s a shocker.

So, have you found your “Alison” in you?

Monday, September 10, 2012

5 Best Gifts for Men

When a woman celebrates her birthday or any other occasion that warrants gifts, you can get them just about anything. From flowers, chocolates, expensive fashion jewelry, clothes to personally-made cards, date nights and even slideshows – they’d love it. However, when it comes to buying gifts for men, things are a little more complicated.

You see, you cannot give men flowers. They don’t have the same effect on men as they do on women. Chocolates, well, you can give them, but I doubt they’d be considered as much of a gift as they do to a woman.

If there are gifts for women, there are also gifts that men would love to receive.
latest gadgets

What man doesn’t love gadgets? From Plasma televisions, to Apple Mac Book to Apple IPhones, a man will truly love it once he opens up his gift. You can even watch him as he opens his present and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the look on his face once he sees what’s inside. Expensive? Probably? But when you see that bright smile he has after he receives his dream gadget? Priceless.
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2.Specialty rings and pendants

There’s just something about specialty rings and pendants that make a man so manly. For some fashionable men, wearing rings that state who they are or who they come from give them a really good sense of pride. And we all know how important pride can be sometimes. Special rings from the Navy or Marines can make a man beam with pride. There’s nothing like a piece of jewelry to show off what they’ve done for their country. It will help them know how proud you are too.

3.Outdoor Equipment

If you happen to have a boyfriend, husband or brother who loves the outdoors, then anything that they can use outside will definitely be appreciated. Bicycles are usually very expensive and some of the best can be hard to find. Good tents are also appreciated because the best are rare. Backpacks, GPS, passport holders, cooking sets are all things that they can use while out traveling. Since many of these outdoor equipment can be quite expensive, if you give it to them as a gift, they’ll definitely thank you.


This is the simplest out of this list. Wallets are common as a gift for man. But did you know that most men are really specific about the type of wallet they want? They’ll never admit it, but really, they want a very good wallet. It’s probably a boy’s thing, but the better the wallet you have, the bigger your earnings. If you do get them a wallet, make sure you get the one that they can’t stop looking at in the mall. It might be their current dream wallet.

ferrari 2012
5.A Car

Ah. Boys will be boys. Nothing makes a man happier than brand new, spanking clean wheels for them to take to work. And if those wheels just happen to belong to a fiery Ferrari or a Bentley, you’ll enjoy looking at their Cheshire Cat grin for the rest of the year.

So, have you given any of these to a man yet? How did they react?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

7 Deadly Sins to Displaying Your Jewelry

When you’re displaying jewelry in a booth or in your shop, it is important to make an impression on your customers. The better the impression you leave your customers, the more they will feel the connection to your jewelry. Once you’ve caught their attention, there’s nothing like a little sales talk to seal the deal.

jewelry models

But when it comes to displaying your jewelry, there are definite no-no’s for customers. Here are some things customers will never want to see in your jewelry display.


Who likes clutter? No one. When you have a cluttered display for your jewelry, people will end up thinking that your jewelry is dirty. If you have a messy display, you can end up ruining the designs of your other jewelry. Good luck trying to establish a connection between a customer and your pieces. They might not even want to look at your booth with all the mess in it!

2.Lack of jewelry displays

If your jewelry lacks the aesthetics that display stands can give it, people won’t find themselves attracted to your jewelry at all. There’s nothing duller than seeing your jewelry displayed next to each other without any means of difference. Customers won’t be able to see your jewelry from afar. And sometimes, that’s how you catch their attention.

3.Too much jewelry display

Not having enough display stands and variety can result in the lack of flavor for your booth. However, if you use too many stands, trays and display towers for your jewelry, you might end up overwhelming the customer. Besides, it is not the jewelry display that you want to sell, it is the jewelry. The display is meant to help emphasize the jewelry’s beauty. It is not meant to overshadow it.

4.Dead colors

Colors can be quite useful in attracting customers. As long as you don’t use mismatched colors or those that clash, you’ll be able to help your display sell well. Avoid using dull colors because it ends up bringing your whole shop down. Be creative when picking out colors for your display. Use fabrics and cloths as background and give your display some life.

5.Lack of light

Light can be pretty helpful when it comes to emphasizing pieces of jewelry. Just be careful in choosing the colors of your light so you can give your jewelry a positive push in a buyer’s direction. If your display is too dark, customers won’t be able to see the designs, so make sure to illuminate your display well.

6.No arrangement and organization

Customers are very particular when it comes to choosing their jewelry. The best way to help them find what they want is to arrange your display to showcase jewelry in an organized manner. This way, they know where to find their earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Be creative in arranging your jewelry because this adds to the aesthetics of your display.

7.Hassle in setting up and taking down

This is more of a sin for sellers than for customers. If your jewelry takes too long to set up, you’ll end up rushing your display just before the opening. It’s a hassle to take down after everyday too. Before choosing which stands, towers and other display trays to buy, make sure you consider yourself and your booth. The easier to set up, the better.

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