Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Top Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Don’t know what to do with your money? Do you have so much cash that you’ve been dreaming of spending it recklessly on the first thing you see at the mall? Well, if you’re truly looking for a way to spend your money, you might want to take a look at these. After all, even if you buy a set of wholesale woman’s shoes, or even one of your favorite shoe brands like bamboo shoes, you’ll still never make it to the cost of these gorgeous pairs of high heels.

Stuart Weitzman Ruby Shoes
At No. 5:

Valued at a very affordable price of only $1.6 million, these ruby-red high heels from Stuart Weitzman were taken out of the famous movie “Wizard of Oz.” Sophisticated, elegant and designed especially for those with a love for diamonds, these brilliantly sparkling stilettos have a red insole, complete with red satin for the upper soles and invested with oh, just about 642 Burma rubies. Not impressed yet? Apparently, these shoes also contain a half pound of platinum with a total carat of 123.33. Definitely a pair to include in your collection, right? Although these babies were scheduled for a release in 2003, things got pushed back due to the war in Iraq. Instead, they were put to display in London and Tokyo for the eyes of Wizard of Oz lovers and those who dare drool at the windows.
Stuart Weitzman and Eddie Le Vian
At No. 4:

Made from a collaboration between Stuart Weitzman and Eddie Le Vian, who is a high-end designer for jewelry, expectations for this pair of shoes was pretty high. Designed with silver leather with an ankle strap similar to a royal necklace, this pair of evening sandals is definitely made to meet its price. Not only is the ankle strap encrusted with 16 carats of tanzanite drop, it also comes along with 28 carats of diamonds over 185 carats of blue tanzanite gemstones. Even the toe strap is bordered by tiny diamonds to complete the design. Sounds fabulous? It is and for only about $2 million.

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Shoes
At No. 3:

Of course one of these shoes had to be Cinderella’s. After all, she started the trend of sparkling shoes – even before everyone heard of sparkling vampires! Made out of Italian leather, the ankle and toe straps are made into lacelike designs from 565 Kwiat diamonds over a platinum setting. The right shoe contains a silver, 5 carat amaretto diamond, pretty rare, because the diamond alone costs over a million dollars. Since the 4 inch heels are also made to be clear, they disappear on the red carpet, leaving the diamonds to shine over everything else – possibly even the wearer herself.

Stuart Weitzman
At No. 2:

Inspired from the earrings worn by the late Rita Hayworth, this pair of shoes is made out of satin, with an interesting maroon (rust) color, embedded with a selection of gorgeous rubies, sapphires and diamonds inside the ruffle design over the toe. This pair of shoes costs $3 million, but unfortunately for those who can’t find other ways to spend their money, these babies are not for sale. They were made especially for Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth herself.
Dorothy's Shoes

At No. 1:

Seriously! What is it with Dorothy that everyone wants her shoes? In 1989, the son of jewelry designer Harry Winston, Ronald Winston opted to celebrate the anniversary of Wizard of Oz in a very expensive way. In 2 months, he designed a pair of slippers that houses 4600 rubies, closely resembling the shoes from one of the most famous classic films. As if 1350 carats of rubies wasn’t enough, he also put 50 carats of diamonds to put this pair of shoes in its own category. And at a price of $3 million, surely Dorothy’s laughing somewhere over the rainbows.


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