Monday, October 8, 2012

Breaking News: New Jersey Teen Still Missing After Tweeting For Help

holloween costumes

Could this be one of them?Is She Out Looking For A Halloween Costume? Perhaps this is one of the Trick or Treat type of game since disappearing acts are oh so common during the Halloween season.

Kara Alogi’s “panic tweet” before she went missing has gone viral on Sunday. The 16 year old tweeted: “There is someone in my house call 911”. Many have responded by "retweeting" the post and calling the local police. When her family came home, Kara was nowhere to be found and her phone was left at home. A kidnapping angle is being investigated by the police. According to an NBCNews article online, authorities have reported the Twitter post to be a hoax.

I do hope she’s just getting ready for a huge Halloween party in advance. Throwing in some real life drama is certainly an original, if that’s the case. There’s nothing much to worry about footwear. You can always dress up your favorite pair of Bamboo Shoes to get them into character.

I am sincerely praying for her safety. But for the meantime, here are some tips for finding that perfect Halloween costume for this year:

1. Pick a character
Knowing who you want to be for Halloween can cut your worries down to half. Once you’ve figured out the ideal character for you, all other decisions that follow will come easy. Also, brainstorming can stir up your creative juice really so you’ll definitely be able to create something unique for this season.

halloween costumes

2. Buy, rent or DIY
Budget is another important consideration for Halloween. Since this season only comes around once a year, you may decide to splurge and go all out with your costume and props. You can even go as far as renting a decorated ride or turning your truck into a pumpkin for your family and friends to use. Deciding whether to break the piggy bank will always be up to you. Just make sure that you’ll be able to support your decision whether you decide to splurge or save for costumes this year.

3. Get the right fit
Having to look ugly or scary is not enough reason for you to wear ill fitting clothes. Whether you have to wear oversized or shrunk clothes, just make sure that they’re comfortable. Wear decent undergarments as well just in case you unexpectedly suffer from a wardrobe malfunction. Carrying extra clothes won’t harm you as well.

4. Let your imagination run wild
The sky will always be the limit when you go about choosing your character. But in finding the right one, always consider the theme (if there’s any) and your personal preferences to avoid regretting anything in the end. If you end up having a bad Halloween party this year – don’t beat yourself up. You can always make things better the next time around

5. Be an early bird
This is very important especially when you are going to buy. Since everyone is so hyped with this once-a-year event, chances are every good piece will be out on the shelves by mid-October. Renting and doing costumes yourself can save you a great deal of money. You may want to refashion Halloween costumes from last year or get vintage clothing pieces from a thrift shop to avoid long lines in department stores or costume shops. Planning ahead will always work to your advantage.

May Kara be brought home safely in time to join her family for some trick or treat.


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