Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Jewelry Should You Wear to a Beach Party?

Now that summer’s here and all the hottest beach parties are on the rage, you’re probably gearing up on what to wear for one of the biggest events in your school. As much as you think those hippie tie-up jewelry make an awesome beach accessory, you can’t help think of those new fashion jewelry sets that your father just bought you. What jewelry can you wear to a beach party?

summer fashion jewelry
Silver jewelry
I know. Just thinking of bringing your silver into the water is already devastating. Thinking of how fast the color will tarnish can make me cry, especially when I think about how much I spent for my silver. While it is recommended that you NEVER wear silver to the saltwater ocean, you can still wear one while partying. Just make sure that throughout the whole day or night, if you end up drunk, you don’t end up in the water. Because that would be fatal for the jewelry and possibly you, too.

fashion jewelry necklace

Long chains, bling-blings and pendants
During proms and formal birthday parties, everyone likes to wear their best. But during summer parties, everyone is entitled to dress down. And I mean dress down. Since you will be going to a beach, gowns will probably get you more laughs than adoring looks. Anyway, just because bling-bling and long chains look good against anyone’s body, emphasizing their chest and torso, it is one of the most commonly worn types of accessory for a beach party and just about any other high school or college party.
studded fashion jewelry

Studs and buttons
The problem with wearing long, dangling earrings and hoops to a beach party is that you’ll never really know what can happen by the end of the night. What if one of your expensive dangling earrings accidentally fell off? I doubt you’ll be able to find it in the sand. This is why, when it comes to earrings and beach parties, studs and buttons will always be your wiser choice. At least no one can knock your studs off, unless they truly mean to remove your earrings.

Beach parties can be a lot of fun – until the time you lose your jewelry in the midst of it. So, in order to avoid this from happening, don’t wear too expensive jewelry and double check the clasps in all of your pieces just to ensure its security. Oh, and don’t get too drunk.


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