Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 Common Holiday Fashion Mistakes You Can Never Get Away With

Do you have awesome outfit ideas for your holiday party this year? Wait until you read these holiday fashion mistakes that I’d be sharing, you see, dressing up for the endless parties we all have to attend during the Christmas season can get too stressful at times. This is why I’m not surprised when someone turns up at a holiday party wearing outer space boots when they could have simply worn a pair of sturdy Bamboo Shoes.

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To save you from all the stress (and possible shame), I’m sharing with you 2 of the most common holiday fashion mistakes that many of us commit. Are you guilty? Hit me up with your confession at the comments box below.

Holiday Fashion Mistake # 1 Wearing more accessory than the a Christmas Tree

I don’t know with you, but I think it’s not nice to take away the spotlight from the holiday tree. Kidding aside, piling on too much accessories from head to toe rarely looks good – especially when Christmas trees, homes, offices and even coffee shops are doing the same.

When dressing for a holiday party, make sure that you just hit it right. Keep in mind that going overboard and being flamboyant is not exactly the prettiest way to get noticed. As a general rule, I always remind myself that simple is stunning – and it never failed to get me noticed.

For a balanced holiday party outfit, only bring attention to one area of your outfit. Ask yourself, what do I them to remember about my look? Is it the makeup, the hair, the dress or the shoes? Once you answer this question – you’re all set in creating a simple yet stunning holiday look.

Not sure how if you’re already drawing attention to more than one area of your outfit or look? Here are 3 quick questions to know if one thing’s too much:
  • Do I have more than 5 accessories? (Pairs of earrings count as one).
  • Am I wearing dark eyes with bold colored lips? (If your answer is yes, it would be best to downplay one of them. You change your eye makeup or lipstick to a lighter shade).
  • How many parts of my outfit sparkle? (C’mon – don’t steal the Christmas lights from your holiday tree)
On a slightly more serious note, take a good look at your outfit before heading to a party. Better yet, have someone you trust give feedback just to make sure that you’re not wearing too much or too little accessories.

Holiday Fashion Mistake # 2 Dressing for another party

Showing too much skin? I thought you were attending a holiday party and not a beach barbecue.

Always remember to dress appropriately for the party that you’re attending. If it’s a black tie or a formal event, make sure that you arrive wearing a decent gown that will make you look every bit classy. Whether you believe it or not, your shoes can make or break your look so wear heels at a formal event.

This logic also holds true if the invitation says it’s a themed event. Make an effort to find a suitable costume to join in the fun. And of course – never ever appear at a party looking like you just came out of a comic book if it’s not necessary.

Are you putting on the same clothes you wore last year? I hope not because you can surely do better than that. Now that you know the common mistakes many of us commit when attending Holiday Christmas parties please avoid them at all cost. But don’t restrict yourself. Just have fun with your look and keep it just right.


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