Monday, December 10, 2012

Jewelry Display Christmas Sale

November and December are both pretty significant months because you end up with a lot of sales. Jewelry is pretty popular as a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift. This is why as a jewelry seller, you have to be prepared for the best during this season. The holiday season is not a time to rest. In fact, it’s the perfect time to increase your sales, double your stocks and take advantage of sales from your favorite supplier. Not to be the last shop to offer discounts this holiday season, Nilecorp is pleased to inform everyone that a special sale is currently ongoing!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Nilecorp and check out their complete collection of jewelry displays and equipment. To help you make your choice, here are a few interesting displays that might catch your eyes.

1. Bracelet T Bar. Bracelets are easy to display because you can simply lay them out and customers will see them. However, if you can have them over a bar, it might be easier for customers to see its actual design. This is what T bars are for. Nilecorp offers you a special sale for their small bracelet T Bar. For only $3 each, you can get your own T bar. That’s a good $1.27 savings from the original price. And if you’re on the budget, that’s a really big deal. The bracelet T bar is available in white. If you’ll be using this T bar, make sure that the jewelry you display has bold or darker colors so the white contradicts them and helps the jewelry stand out.

2. Leather Box for rings. Christmas is also a great season for engagements. You have to be prepared for those who are finally ready to pop the question to their long time girlfriends. This ring box is made out of faux leather so it won’t be too heavy at all. Not only will the box protect the ring, ring boxes are also the perfect props to propose. This ring box is available in black and white colors. You can buy it at only $0.80 each box. Just for the holiday, you should get a good set of ring boxes, just in case a rush of men find Christmas the perfect time to propose.

3. Necklace Metal Boxes. On the other hand, not everything is about proposing on Christmas. Other times, it’s just about giving special people unique gifts. Besides engagement rings, necklaces are also pretty special for a gift. Imagine giving someone a necklace without a proper box. Awkward? Definitely. Make your customer’s recipient feel special by wrapping the necklace is a nice box. These faux leather metal boxes cost only $2.60.


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