Friday, December 14, 2012

3 Priceless Christmas Gifts That Cost Less Than $ 10

Before you spend a fortune on Christmas gifts this year, have you thought of DIY alternatives? You see, though the holiday season is a time for giving and receiving material gifts, there are far more important things than designer clothes, expensive bags and sky-high wedge boots. And many of us tend to forget about this fact when the Christmas season rolls around.

Here are 3 of the sweetest personalized Christmas gift ideas that you should try this year. Get your special gift to stand out in the piles of gifts under the holiday tree by being different, original and free. Let me know what you think of these ideas by leaving me a comment below.

Sweet Christmas Gift Alternative # 1 Letters, Post-it notes and greeting cards. When was the last time you wrote your family and friends a personal note? I bet it’s been a while but it’s not too late to get back at it again. Handwritten letters may seem pretty old school but I love receiving them. It makes me feel that the person who gave it to me really went out of his or her way just to write me a message despite the convenience of just sending me an SMS or a message on Facebook.

Remember that Christmas is not about the material gifts that we can give or receive. We should be more concerned about spreading love, goodness and tons of holiday cheers. Letters that express well wishes are worth more than expensive handbags and designer boots. These seemingly simple letters are gems that can be kept and treasured for a lifetime. Always remember that your kind words can do wonders in uplifting a sad and broken soul.

Sweet Christmas Gift Alternative # 2 Scrapbook of special memories. Photographs are simple mementos that are surely worth keeping. As the popular saying goes, pictures can paint a thousand words. And it always does. Whether you are a professional photographer or not, make it a habit to take snapshots of the moments that you share with your family, friends, partner or anyone who means anything to you.

Keep in mind that life is short and every moment is fleeting. Nothing may ever happen again so capture each moment through a photograph. Gone are the days when we have to lug around huge cameras just to take pictures. Today, every Smartphone and even mobile phones have a decent camera that allows us to relieve the moments.

If you’re not the artsy type of individual, you don’t have to worry about decorating your scrapbook. The simplest way to showcase photographs in a book form is to place them in and add little captions and speech bubbles that could bring the moment to life. You can also add ready-made stickers and decorations to make your book of memories fun.

Sweet Christmas Gift Alternative # 3 Coupons of things that you’d like to do for them. This is a cool DIY gift idea that I read from a magazine a couple of years back. The idea of this present is to give that very important person a set of coupons that contain simple or elaborate acts of love that you are willing to do for them. Your coupons may include free hugs, washing the dishes and taking the pup out for a walk.

The trick here is to include activities that the recipient would enjoy. This is cost-efficient Christmas gift alternative is very easy to make. Not to mention the tons of thoughtfulness that it brings with it.

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