Monday, July 30, 2012

4 Most Important Displays for Your Jewelry

jewelry display

As a jewelry seller, I keep having to wonder which types of jewelry display is the most important when it comes to sales booths and physical stores. Sometimes, I end up having to scour competition just to see what they’ve got.

After years passed, I’ve finally made up my mind on which jewelry trays and cases are the most important for my precious jewelry collection.

First, I definitely think that acrylic hands and necks are very important to a display. Even those these kinds of displays are kind of expensive, especially those made with good materials, they are essential to a display because they provide the customer with a background look at what the jewelry looks like when worn. After some time, I realized this was important because everything I display on these make-believe hands and necks, they sell out pretty quickly.

Second, I also think ring and earring trays and towers are very efficient when it comes to storing the jewelry. Since I sell quite a lot of earrings and rings, I make sure to have at least a tray set and a tower to help me display the jewelry. If I had to settle for single exposure, I’d never be able to get out all of my jewelry at once. At least, these trays and towers can hold a lot of earrings and rings at the same time.

Third, jewelry cases are very important when it comes to selling sets. People like to see sets of jewelry together so I needed a way to display them in one place. Now, jewelry cases are easy to find. The PROBLEM is – finding one that will suit the jewelry set. Each case cannot be just any case. They have to compliment the jewelry set, in order for it to stand out. Otherwise, if the case looks boring and ordinary, no one would notice the set at all.

Fourth and definitely one of the most important types of jewelry display – it should be anything that would be comfortable and safe for the jewelry. Selling various types of jewelry has made me realize that they can easily be ruined by anything. Small scratches and broken pieces end up not being sold at all. So instead, I make sure to buy only comfortable jewelry cases and trays to ensure that my pieces don’t get scratched out of the blue.

What about you? Have you figured out the most important types of display for you?


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