Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Your Style: Tips in Finding the Perfect Summer Dress

cute flat ankle boots

Hi there! I’m really excited to write this post because what happened is still very fresh in my head. Well, what happened was not much of a biggie but I got really inspired with it so here goes.

I was very excited to hit the mall this morning because I just got this really cute flat ankle boots which are perfect for the summer. Since I was feeling a laid-back vide for today, I just tossed in a loose crop top and some colored skinnies then I’m good to go.

After a short drive, I arrived at the mall and I’m just so ready to go shopping for summer dresses. You see, I’ve just been so obsessed with dresses lately. I don’t know why but I’m starting to love feminine looks. I’m digging skirts as well but I guess dresses are just the perfect go to outfit during summer.

So anyway, I did a lot of research on how to find the perfect dress. I mean I went through one fashion blog to another and flipped dozens of magazine just to get myself ready for the shopping trip. Don’t get me wrong, I really got good tips and advices but somehow – somewhere along the way these tips and tricks that gathered for about a week fell apart.

You see, my heart was snatched by a floral tube peplum dress. My stomach flipped as soon as my eyes set on that wonderful piece of clothing. Believe me – If I knew how, I could have done eight summersaults right then and there. I just had to try it on.

You know that sick feeling when you see clothes and they just hung there looking all good and pretty by themselves then when you try them on, you just look like hobo in a trash bag – yeah that feeling? I felt it with that amazing dress. It’s so unfair.

Well I surely got a taste of my own medicine. Some fashion forward gals would just rave about the latest trends and stack up on those styles. But at the end of the day, I say it should still be about the way the outfit makes you feel. No one should ever hide behind their skimpy or oversized clothes – it just should make them standout with oozing confidence.

I’m still puzzled at how that dress betrayed me. Is it really the dress? Or it’s just me? Oh well, I’ll look for an alternative. I am pretty sure there are tons out there, and I am certain that I will get one that perfectly fits me.


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