Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Wrap Jewelry in the Last Minute

Ran out of the jewelry store so fast that you forgot to have the jewelry seller wrap the jewelry? Unfortunately, you've really never wrapped a gift before and there’s just no time for you to get one of those portable jewelry display cases to help you keep your jewelry intact. In these cases of panic, you have to find a good way to wrap your jewelry and keep it safe before giving it to your intended recipient. Unless you’re willing to risk your jewelry, finding something to wrap your jewelry in the last minute is essential.

How to Wrap Jewelry in the Last Minute

1. Find a paper bag Paper bags can be pretty useful when you need them to be. If you have any old paper bags at home, you can easily use this to wrap your jewelry. The good news is – if you've bought jewelry from the same jewelry store before, you might still have the bags they give out. Use this, because they are manufactured especially to house jewelry. For those who cannot find a suitable paper bag, gift bags are okay. The more it fits your jewelry, the better to use it. Bigger paper bags end up only housing the jewelry but it doesn't really protect it from too much movement.

2. Box it Do you have a small box for your jewelry? If you do, then this is good news for you. You can easily put it in a box and decorate the box for aesthetic purposes. However, if your box is not entirely presentable, you can always quirk the plan up a bit by boxing your jewelry up. Put the jewelry in a small box. Close the box and put it in another box. Close the bigger box and put it in another box. This way, your wrapping becomes the fun way to unwrap, instead of the actual box. They won’t really notice the look of the boxes if they are too busy guessing what’s inside them.

3. Use old wrappers Who says old wrappers can’t be useful? In fact, any of those wrappers you used last year could be very beneficial for your case. If you really have no other choice, take the wrappers from old gifts. Jewelry is usually small, so you won’t need a lot. You can use the box method and wrap the jewelry in several different wrappers for “fun” unwrapping.

4. Use an envelope Too lazy to wrap? Use an envelope. Not every kind of jewelry will fit inside an envelope so you might have to change it up if the jewelry is too big. It’s an efficient way to wrap necklaces and bracelets, despite the lack of creativity. Don’t worry, you can always label the jewelry with something sweet or thoughtful.

5. Use an empty bottle Gone are the days when your old wine bottle would be used only for decorative and boasting purposes. You can use those old, but elegant wine bottles to store your jewelry. Just make sure they’re clean and don’t smell like alcohol anymore. Decorate the wine bottle with ribbons for finishing.


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