Thursday, August 23, 2012

Superstitious Jewelry – Believe it? Or Not?

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Some pieces of jewelry are worn because they are given to them by a special someone. Some wear fashion jewelry because it’s currently in trend. And others are worn because the bearer believes that it will benefit them to wear it.

Do you believe that a piece of jewelry can give you luck? Do you believe that your ring will help you and your fiancé last forever? Do you believe that this pendant given to you can help you win the competition? If you do, then you’re definitely one of the superstitious who wear jewelry because it will benefit you.

Here are some jewelries and their superstitions:

Cross necklaces and pendants

People wear crosses because they believe it will bring them closer to God. They believe that it will protect them. Commonly, when they’re worried about something, you’ll see them kissing the cross or holding it out of fear. A cross gives them the calming they need, every time they feel afraid, worried or stressed about something.


For those who aspire to be better, a star is their symbol. A star, to them, gives them the luck they need for a go-see, maybe an audition. As long as they see that star, they feel less nervous and more confident about themselves, because they believe that this will help them to achieve their dreams.


As a symbol of eternity, circles are commonly used by couples to cement their love for each other through jewelry. Rings, as their symbol of love during marriage, is also in the shape of a circle. According to old beliefs, if a couple wears a circle on their finger, it will bind them forever. Unfortunately, this superstition must’ve been used all out, because even with the rings, too many people have ended up divorced. But then again, doesn’t superstition only apply to those who believe?


Unlike the earlier 3 mentioned in this article, pearls have a more negative effect. According to superstitious beliefs, if you present pearls to a friend, you’ll end up attracting bad things to them. Pearls, which are in the shape of a tear, bring tears. This is why brides have to be careful not to wear pearls during their wedding. Otherwise, they’ll end up sad for the rest of their lives.

The evil eye

In the Mediterranean countries, the evil eye jewelry (any type of jewelry with an eye as the design) is worn on a baby’s wrist or ankle to protect them from the eye of the devil. According to folklore, the eye of the devil mainly affects babies because they have nothing on their minds just yet. If the baby is affected, this condition will result in emotional upheaval, diarrhea, crying and even the death of the baby.

There are many more pieces of jewelry that have long lost myths, folklore, traditions and legends. Some may believe it and some don’t. While others dwell in scientific beliefs, there’s no harm in knowing about these superstitions. After all, you might be able to use them one day for your protection.


Unknown said...

No I don't believe that a piece of jewelry can give me luck? Well I just want to say that your blog is very interesting and informative and i really enjoyed it. Additionally, I want to say that Amber fashion jewelry is also best for chose because I always use and wear it.

Unknown said...

hmm you don't believe in superstitions about jewelry and yet you are telling me about the amber fashion jewelry, hmm, contradicting eh! hahaha

anyway, there's no harm in trying, Chinese people believe that a certain jewelry or stone can give something, for health, luck and all that's why charms are so popular :)

thank you for finding my blog interesting :)

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