Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Steps in Choosing the Perfect Gift for a Daughter

One of the best gifts I know I can give my daughter is a piece of jewelry. She just loves jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, even anklets. Unfortunately for me, every teenager changes their likes every now and then, sometimes depending on the current trend and sometimes, it just depends on their own style. So while I’d love to give my daughter a piece of fashion jewelry as a gift, I don’t know whether she’ll like the piece.

fashion jewelry

However, after a few years of watching her fashion style change, I realized a way to get her the perfect gift without having to ask her.

First, well, since she’s a teenager, she always ends up subtlety hinting what she wants even if she doesn’t know it, which is a good thing for me. I don’t always have to guess whether or not she likes something. Whenever we go shopping, I watch her closely, because every time we pass through the jewelry items at the store, there’s always that one piece that will get her attention, although she doesn’t exactly stop to take a look at it. Here’s the hard part – sometimes, she doesn’t really like the piece and she’s just looking at it. So, how was I supposed to know that right?

Second, I check out the style magazines she reads. Teenagers love to look at stuff on magazines because it contains everything currently in trend. I know I’m technically not allowed inside her room, but when she’s in the family room looking through magazines, I always make it a point to check it out as well.

Third, I watch her current style. Since I let her wear almost anything she likes, I take note of the kind of clothes she wears, what jewelry she asked to buy before and what kind of jewelry she likes to wear now. I also make it a point to watch the latest trends in fashion jewelry, just in case there’s something new there that would fit her tastes.

The thing is, daughters may be hard to impress, but they’re not impossible at all, especially if you watch them closely. No matter what I give my daughter, she may not wear it all the time, but I know she’ll appreciate it.


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