Monday, August 20, 2012

What Women Want: The 5 Rings They’ll Always Want

Women are a complicated set of human beings. If you’re a man in a relationship with a woman, you’ll find yourself constantly shaking your head as to why you’re even in that relationship. You’ll even reach points wherein you’re so lost that you don’t know anymore whether she wants something or she doesn’t. It’s a crazy world out there when you’re involved with one. But when you are, and she’s on her best, you know you love her. That’s the charm of women.

And then, there are also those days. Those birthdays, Christmases. Those events that you have to get her a gift. What should you get her? Would she even appreciate it?

fashion jewelry

If you’ve decided to get her a piece of fashion jewelry like a ring, there are 5 types she’ll definitely approve of.

Wedding rings

This, I’m pretty sure she’ll definitely understand. There’s nothing clearer than saying I want you than a wedding ring. If you present her with this, you can clarify everything she feels for you with just one word. Nothing will probably make her happier than getting a wedding ring from you. Now the only problem is – what design and type of wedding ring should you get her?

Engagement rings

Also highly appreciated by women, engagement rings are definitely welcomed, especially if you two have been dating for some time now. The difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring, however, is that women tend to like grander engagement rings. These are the rings they’ll show everyone just to prove to them that they’ll be getting married. These are the rings that they’ll boast about, when they show them to their parents, their friends. If you plan to get her an engagement ring, make sure it’s the most beautiful one you’ve ever seen. Getting a sparkly one will also be appreciated too.

Promise rings

Ah, for the young in love. Nothing like a promise ring of forever for young adults or teenagers. Promise rings are NOT called engagement rings, but they might as well be. They might not be as expensive or as gorgeous as an engagement ring should be, but really, these are just women’s excuse to trap you into getting engaged. Anyway, still, women will love to receive a ring full of promises. Just make sure not to break your promises within a month or something.

Statement rings

It’s good you take note of your girlfriend’s fashion. If they have a liking for statement rings, you can give them one just for the kicks of being fashionable. Unfortunately, if you want to get a good statement ring for your girlfriend or wife, you may need their best friend’s opinion. After all, a woman’s eye in fashion is definitely different than a man’s.

Diamond rings

And the ultimate gift. Women cannot NOT love diamonds. It’s just the way it is. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend because they are forever. If you and your girlfriend have been fighting, present her with one and I’m pretty sure she won’t be mad anymore. However, if you’re giving this gift as just a plain gift, make sure that she knows it or else, she’ll mistake this ring as an engagement ring. Unless that’s your actual intention, it’s not wise to lead on a woman with a diamond ring. So, have you decided what to get her?


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