Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Save in Creating a Booth for an Expo

Trade shows and expos are great ways to sell your jewelry. Lots of people will be there and it’ll be a good way to showcase your jewelry to a new crowd. However, creating a jewelry display for your booth in a bazaar can be quite expensive. Since you have to prepare for a bigger market, you need to come up with new ways to get your jewelry noticed. Unless you’re willing to blend with other jewelry sellers, you have to come up with better ways to display your jewelry.

How to Save in Creating a Booth for an Expo

For many sellers, in order to create a good display, they have to spend a lot of money for equipment and brand new decoration. But don’t worry, you can still join trade shows and expos without enduring all the expenses.

Here are some useful ideas for displaying jewelry in the most affordable way possible.

1. Use old display equipment Who says you need to have new display just for a trade show? Your old supplies are fine. If you have bracelet bars, earring towers and ring risers, you can definitely use this during the trade show. They may not be sparkling new, but you can always get them to shine before the event. Instead of buying new jewelry display cases, all you need to do is get your old ones cleaned. You won’t even have to pay to clean your display cases. You can do it yourself. With a vacuum, some brushes and damp cloth, you can get your equipment to look like new on the day of the event.

2. Create home-made display equipment But if you want something new, you can always create your own display equipment. Never mind spending more money to buy something else, use leftover materials to create your own display cases. For example, designed hooks make a great hanger for necklaces over a backdrop. You can also use mugs, cups and books to help give your display a platform. By using a photo frame and some window mesh, you can also create your own showcase frame. If you have vases and bamboo sticks, you can use this to display bracelets and big rings.

3. Use equipment at home to display jewelry Not only can you use materials at home to create DIY displays, you can even use your own equipment at home for display as well. For example, an old, soft, colorful couch can be made into its own display. You can easily hang necklaces from it and pin badges for display. If you have an old dress form at home, you can use this to display pins, necklaces and elegant hair jewelry. You can either pin various bold jewelry onto the dress form, or turn it into its own mannequin, with matching outfits.

4. Be creative. Think outside the box Never let the price dictate your creativity. If you’re creative, you can use anything to make your display without having to spend. Otherwise, you can always buy bulk jewelry display stands ahead of time to save money.


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