Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Ways to Sell Your Jewelry

Is jewelry making just your hobby or a passion you go through every once in awhile? Do you simply go into a trance and then come out with an amazing looking piece of jewelry? Have your friends been so envious about your jewelry that they’re starting to wonder where you bought them?

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Creativity is something that needs to be honed and molded in every person. But for someone who’s been working to create beautiful pieces, it might be time that you share this passion with everyone else – and make money out of it at the same time! Even though you’re too young, or you only make pieces once in awhile, you just might have a future in creating amazing pieces.

And although you hate math, can’t stand socializing or simply do not want to get in the complex industry of business, you might still be able to get a few bucks out of your hard work. Here’s how:

Sell to another seller

Many jewelry makers do this, especially during the first months or years of creating jewelry. They don’t like to mingle in the hard work of business so they end up letting other sellers take the credit for their pieces. Sometimes, they’ll even let the sellers take the credit for making the pieces! This way, jewelry makers won’t have to be involved with business, nor do they have to socialize as much. Sellers could easily be their friends, other family members or even just their neighbor. At least, you get money out of your talent.

Learn to sell online

Now, if you’re the shy type and you don’t like mingling or dealing with other people, you might want to sell your jewelry online. Many people sell online nowadays and to create a site is easy as 1-2-3. Although you may have to involve yourself in internet marketing and social media networking, selling online can open up so many doors that you might end up branching out to other countries as well. Internet selling can pull in an international market, especially if your items are really good.

Through bazaars

On the other hand, if you don’t have all the time to create jewelry all the time, you don’t have to sell your whole life. Instead, join occasional bazaars. These expos usually only come out 5-6 times a year so you may have a lot of time on your hands to stock up on your pieces. And when the bazaar starts, you’ll enjoy reaping the fruits of your hard work.

Build your own jewelry store

But really, when you’re so talented, why let anyone else take all the credit? Build your own jewelry store, even if it’s just a small one. Yes, you’ll have to worry about creating an attractive and affordable jewelry display and even worry about budget and marketing. However, once you’re all set up, having a number of loyal customers can be really heartwarming. And to see those people wearing your jewelry, you’ll find yourself even more inspired.


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