Monday, July 16, 2012

Tips to Choosing Shoes for a Formal Event

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Hey fashionista, how’s your outfit today? Going to a formal event tonight? Well, then you’ll definitely enjoy these tips I have for you today.

You see, choosing shoes for a formal event is like choosing to eat fries with fried chicken. You know you’re having fried chicken, so you can order fries as well, because both complement each other. But if you happen to order Hainanese chicken with fries, that’s a different story.

A little confused? Let me enumerate it for you.

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One, in order to choose the pair of women’s shoes for your event, you need to know what you’re wearing to the event. Are you wearing dress pants? Maybe jeans with a nice, formal top? Are you wearing a gown? Or a cocktail dress? You cannot choose a pair of shoes first before your dress or you might end up mismatching your outfit to your shoes.

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Two, you need to know what colors you’ll be wearing to the event. This is a formal event, so a clash of colors is not going to get you any extra points. In fact, you’ll only end up being listed as one of the worst-dressed people of the night. I’m sure this isn’t something you want to happen.

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Three, avoid wearing shoes that will make you cry by the end of the night. It is a long night after all and if you cannot spend 4-6 hours on a pair of 5 inch high heels, then it’s best if you don’t risk it. No one likes bleeding feet in a formal event. And even worse? No one likes to see band aids on your feet in a formal event. Remember, band aids and blood are not accessories – unless, it’s Halloween, of course.

Fourth, if you’re hoping to get discounts in your favorite store by buying wholesale womens shoes, this doesn’t mean you need to buy all of the shoes for yourself. Unless you’re planning to build a shoe store, you can ask your friends and family if they want or need a pair of new shoes.

Formal events usually have a strict dress code. Celebrities may sometimes get free passes with their outfits. They may end up on the fashion police’s bad side, but they’ll always get away with it. I’m not a celebrity, so I make sure to match my outfits well with my shoes.

So, fashionista, were you able to make up your mind on which pair of shoes to wear to the event?


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