Monday, August 20, 2012

Would You Eat Chocolate Shoes? Yes, Please!

Chocolate is just one of everyone’s biggest addictions. Heck, there’s even different types of chocolate nowadays – almond chocolate, dark, white, even those with jelly and some type of hazelnut inside. Delicious? Definitely.

Chocolate is also available in different types now. From chocolate frogs, to M&Ms, gold bars and even coins, it’s almost possible to create chocolate in different designs!

However, shoes? It will definitely cause you to stop, right? Chocolate shoes? Almost impossible. At least, we thought so.

But not today.

chocolate shoes

Zapato now proudly presents their deliciously pretty chocolate shoe collection.

Yes, there is in fact, a shoe collection made out of chocolate.

Targeting women especially with shoes and chocolate, just two of their biggest addictions, I bet this collection will even intrigue everyone more than how Kristen Stewart is doing at the moment.

With this pretty collection, I wonder if this will cause people to buy wholesale womans shoes! Pun intended, of course.

Featuring 20-centimeter shoes made out of mouth-watering white chocolate, this collection is hand painted, with 11 designs for everyone to appreciate. Each design is apparently named after a woman. This collection aims to point out a woman’s shoe shopping process where most of the time, choosing the style of your shoes would highly depend on your personality.

Chloe, the chocolate shoe colored black and grey represents sophistication and elegancy. Claudia, on the other hand, is similar to the elaborate pieces of costume designer Cecil Beaton, as seen in “My Fair Lady”, a classic musical.

For the rather girly-girl types, Keiko, among the 11 designs, is pretty in pink, decorated with dotted blooms. Sophia, is also pink, simple, but looks as if it has higher heels. Anya and Isabel are colored red, striking and representing those who are bold and confident. Angelique is bright yellow with a few flowers near the tips, perfect for use on a summer day. Katrice and Daphne are also both yellow, but simpler, better for use at an office or maybe to an interview.

Tara is in bright green colors, deliciously interesting because it even has those tiny fringes that makes it all the more too pretty to eat. Bianca, in peach colors, has folds that look elegant and ready for a party.

Yes, each style definitely represents the personality of a woman. And since women can never have enough shoes, who’s to stop them from owning all?

These delicious shoes can be found at Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La, at 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati, Philippines.


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