Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do-It-Your Way: How to Make Any Pair of Shoe Twinkle (with Glitters)

Tired of your plain wedge boots? You don’t have to look at that plain pair any longer because you can definitely shake things up with glitters. In this post, I’ll teach you how to bring any pair of shoes from drab to fab. This technique can be applied to any type of shoes in whatever shape or size they may be.
wedge boots

Just read on to know how you can make your shoes brighter than sunshine.
  • What you’ll need: Glitters (1 to 2 bottles) 
  • A pair of shoes 
  • A bottle of fabric glue (Mod Podge Gloss Luster is great for this project) 
  • Sponge brushes 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Ceramic bowl 
  • Acrylic coating 
  • Newspapers
What you’ll do:
  1. Line your work are with newspapers for protection 
  2. Cover the ceramic bowl with aluminum foil 
  3. Once the bowl is completely covered, pour in a good amount of glitter 
  4. Then, pour in the Mod Podge. 
  5. Mix the glitter and the glue together until you get the right consistency. 
  6. Add more glitter or glue as needed to blend the components well to become midway between being too fluid and too coarse. 
  7. You can now start painting your shoes Spray your glitter-coated shoes with acrylic to finish it up 
  8. Let your shoes dry before taking it for a walk around town.
Level Up!

Want more out of this DIY project? Here are other things that you can try to spruce up any pair of wedges, booties and other heels to get that stunning Hollywood look.
  • Though using one solid color of glitter may look more sophisticated, you may also try mixing in two or even up to three colors. These combinations can lend a splash of color to any pair of shoes. Get ready to flaunt different effects when your feet catch party lights on the dance floor.
  • Covering your entire shoes in glitters is not necessary. You can certainly have selected portions sparkle-free to create a unique design.
  • Channel the designer in you by penning down your makeover plan. It doesn’t have to be drawn really well and very accurate but it helps to be reminded of the path you wish to follow. This practice can also save you time and money by avoiding mistakes.
Are you ready to wear a sparkling pair of shoes?

Go ahead and have fun with this project. Don’t forget to leave a note below with your comments, suggestions, violent reactions or just your plain thoughts. I’d love to hear all about them.


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