Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Save Money When You Buy Shoes

Who says you need to rich to buy a lot of shoes? Well, technically, yes, but there are also several other ways to buy shoes without having to spend an arm and a leg for it! If you’re just addicted to shoes as Princess Mia, then you’ll definitely enjoy these tips to help you save money.

wholesale womens shoes

Get coupons and discounts

First of all, coupons and discounts are the best ways for you to buy shoes for a cheaper price. It’s easy to get coupons, nowadays. Even online stores offer coupons, especially for their prized loyal customers. Stay on alert for the latest discounts at your favorite store. If your favorite online store happens to have an email subscription, subscribe to it so that you can be updated whenever they have discounts on various pairs of shoes. Trust me, the more updated you are, the luckier you can be with getting the best shoes at a cheaper price.

bamboo shoes

Buy shoes on wholesale

Everything is cheaper when it’s bought in wholesale. If you’re willing to buy those affordable wholesale womans shoes because they are cheaper than retail, you can sell your extra pairs. Or if you have friends that are also shoe-addicts, team up to buy a 6 pair pack at your favorite wholesale shoe store. The more you have, the bigger the possibility of you getting a discount. And if you decide to sell the rest of the shoes, you can eventually earn more and buy more shoes with your profit. It’s a win-win situation!

Wait for the end of season

The end of a season is where most shoe stores end up having to sell the old stocks at a cheaper price. Although buying at the end of a season will cause you a little delay in the fashion industry, if you get those gorgeous ankle boots at half the price, you’ll still come up as a winner. Unfortunately, when it’s the end of a season, it’ll also mean that the best items will be out of stock. You might be lucky to still find some pretty pieces on sale by the end of the month. Still, common pumps and sandals will always be available by then and you know, these styles never run out of trend.

Buy secondhand shoes

If your most-desired pairs are out of stock or way too expensive, you might want to check out garage sales instead. Your neighbor might have some of their old shoes that they never get to use anymore. If your neighbor happens to be a friend and possibly stinking rich, you might even get some brand new-looking pairs of shoes at half its price at the store.

Sometimes, people also buy shoes that they never actually wear, maybe due to the wrong size or they just figured out that they don’t really like the style for them. You’ll be lucky to find these types of shoes, especially if you’ve been scurrying through various garage sales. Don’t worry; this is not the time to be shy. Hard times, smart measures, right? How about you? Where did you get your cheapest pair of shoes?


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