Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Wear High Heels Minus the Pain

I know what you’re thinking. I’m kidding, right? Well, I can’t blame you for thinking that, after all, high heels is technically equivalent to pain – most of the time. Anyway, after much research and a lot of practical studies (check my currently blistered feet), I finally found a way to lessen the pain of high heels! No, I’m not joking nor drunk.

In fact, I’m 100% serious and I can tell you how to lessen the pain in wearing those absolutely painful, but definitely gorgeous pairs of high heels.


Tip #1. Wear some thin socks in your shoes. Yes, technically, you’re cheating the fun out of wearing high heels, but at least, you’ll get yourself an extra pair of comfort if you add thin socks to your soles. Bye bye blisters!

Tip #2. Before you buy your shoes, especially those discounted wholesale womens shoes, make sure to feel the inner soles of the shoes to see if it is soft. These soft soles help to lessen the pain of your feet, especially during your first days of wearing it.

how to walk on heels

Tip #3. When you’re walking, train yourself to step your heels first on the ground, before your toes. Naturally, people tend to walk the other way around, their toes first, before their heels and this causes your body to put more weight on your toes, when the weight should be balanced between the heels and your toes.

Tips #4. Choose the height of your heels carefully. Now, this is important. You see, if you cannot walk in 5 inch heels, you shouldn’t be walking 2 blocks in them, because of course, your feet will hurt. If you happen to need the heels for work, make sure to only pick a pair of shoes that you’ll feel comfortable walking in.

shoe heel sizes

Tip #5. If you have soft and sensitive heels and toes, before you wear your new shoes, put on some band aid on any commonly blistered areas. Since you’re breaking into new shoes, help yourself avoid the pain by placing secondhand protection on your skin – even before the blisters happen. While band aids aren’t exactly the current fashion trend, at least, you can avoid blisters during the first days of wearing your new shoes.

Okay, so basically, we’re practically cheating on avoiding the pain in wearing high heels. But at least, by taking note of these tips, you can wear your shoes without worrying, right? Right? Oh well. At least I don’t get to suffer through painful blisters. What about you, high heel lover? Do you know of any way we can avoid pain while wearing high heels?


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