Friday, November 23, 2012

A Review of Jewelry Display: Why it Works and Why Not

Creating a display for your jewelry can be pretty exhausting – creatively and mentally. You need to find a way to keep your customers interested in the jewelry you sell or you end up losing clients. To keep it interesting for your customers, you need jewelry store displays to promote connections between the customer and the jewelry they’re interested in.

A Review of Jewelry Display: Why it Works and Why Not

There are many ways to do this. Creative sellers always end up having a new kind of display for their customers, especially when an upcoming event or occasion is approaching. But to help you consider what kind of display will be good for your jewelry store, here is a review of a display made by an unknown seller.

Why it Works. First of all, this display is pretty cut-throat. It’s interesting, it’s innovative and creative and it catches the eye of the customer.

Space – the display has ample space between the jewelry. Space can be a luxury for booths. But when you have your own jewelry store, space can be pretty helpful in making jewelry stand out. In this display above, the necklaces are arranged next to each other, but never really overlapping one another. They are spread wide to showcase its length and design. The price tag attached to the necklace also helps in making the display effective. Customers won’t have to keep asking for the price of the jewelry they’re looking at.

Funky colors – the seller was smart in using black and white. Black and white is safe, but for elegant jewelry such as these, they create sufficient interest in the jewelry being displayed. The zebra-printed boxes easily catch the attention of anyone looking at the display. This gives sellers a chance to display small, single jewelry effectively.

The mirror – remember what we said about space? Yes, space is important in making jewelry display look neat and clean. Because the seller put up a mirror for its background, it makes it look as if the display is set in a huge area. Besides, if people see themselves and the jewelry at one time, they can probably imagine themselves wearing the jewelry too.

Platforms – Notice that the zebra-printed boxes are placed on risers and platforms? This is to create levels in the display. And fortunately for the seller, it creates an even better effect for the jewelry.

Why it doesn't work:

Price tags – this is the problem with having price tags on display. Once people see the price, they might not consider it at all. But if they ask the jewelry seller about the price, the seller might have the chance to talk them into believing in the worth of the jewelry.

Dull display – the black necklace display stand serves to showcase chains and simple necklaces. But because it’s placed next to a highly attention-seeking display (the zebra-printed boxes), they can be easily passed off as dull. If only the necklace display stand had an outline of white, then it would even out the effect of the overall display.


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