Friday, November 9, 2012

Snatching Reese Witherspoon’s Ankle Boots Style

Reese Witherspoon is one stylish Hollywood celebrity. All of us have surely seen her grow in front of the movie and TV screens. Of late, according to EOnline, the This Means Wars actress has been strutting down the streets wearing a Rag & Bone’s Harrow booties. Reese Witherspoon looked cool in ankle boots despite giving birth awhile back.

celebrity style Reese Witherspoon

Reese was recently spotted at the opening of the Rag & Bone flagship store in Los Angeles late October. Snatch Reese’s comfy, effortless and polished look with these 5 foolproof style tips to get her look:

Reese Style Rule # 1 Embrace your feminine side with skirts and dresses

She may not be the ultimate girly-girl but Reese certainly knows how to play her female charm. Usually photographed in laid-back skirts and dresses, she never fails to mix style and comfort by pairing these bottoms with classic flats and sandals.

Skirts can easily take on a flirty vibe nowadays. To solve this possible image issue, just make sure that you get the right length. Reese is always seen wearing skirts that fall mid-length of the upper thigh. This length will work well for every lady especially the petite ones since they can use a little few inches to the height.

Reese Style Rule # 2 Put on a pair of sunnies

It’s very rare to see Reese out and about without a pair of sunglasses. This could be a Hollywood thing that celebrities enjoy doing when the paparazzi are lurking around but she has managed to stamp this style as her own. Reese often wears dark oversized sunnies in different shapes.

Sunglasses never go out of style. This means that you can wear a pair in any season as long as the sun is shining. In choosing a pair, make sure that it flatters your face shape and highlights your best facial features. Keep in mind that sunglasses are not just accessories but they can also protect your eyesight. Make an effort to find a pair that suits your features and provides protection.

Reese Style Rule # 3 Oversized cover-ups are sexy and comfy

With clothing pieces getting more complicated and skimpier day by day, Reese stands out from the crowd with her effortless look. She has given the slouchy sweater a new image – baggy clothes are not tasteless after all.

In wearing the oversized style, make sure that the other pieces in your look fit well. This style works well when you wear tight jeans or body hugging dresses. Big sweaters and cardigans keep your look modest and effortless. Adding on statement accessories like necklaces and cocktail ring can add fun to your look.

Reese Style Rule # 4 Spruce up your outfit with a scarf

Livening up your outfit is not only about adding a couple of bling over here and there. Other clothing pieces like cardigans, vests, jackets and scarves can kick your look up a notch. As for Reese, she’s great at spinning her plain looking attire by putting on scarves with interesting patters, colors and designs.

When shopping for a scarf, make sure to take a look at the material as well. Keep in mind that there are ones made from light materials while the others are made from thicker ones. Light scarves like sarongs are great for summer and spring while scarves made from heavy materials like wool are best used when the weather is extremely cold.

Reese Style Rule # 5 Denims never go out of style

Reese proves that she’s surely a southern babe with her collection of denims which is not only limited to pairs of jeans. She has been seen around in chic denim dress and comfy button down tops among other styles.

Soften denim pieces by pairing them with feminine footwear styles like wedges, sandals and ballet flats. Skip the boots if don’t want a cowboy look.


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