Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Display Jewelry at a Small Booth

Just because you have a small booth for the trade show doesn't mean that you need to bring less jewelry. Despite the fact that you have a limited space for showcasing jewelry, you can still sell many pieces as long as you can create an effective jewelry display for a smaller booth. This doesn't mean that you need to crowd your booth with all of your jewelry. Customers don’t like jewelry booths with too many details.

jewelry dispaly ideas for small booths

To display jewelry in a small booth, here are some jewelry display ideas to help you attract customers effectively.

1. Use multiple display stands

There are several types of display stands that you can use to showcase several jewelry at one time. For example, the earring towers are great to hang more than 50 pairs of earrings at one time. If you get a small earring tower, you only need a small space for the tower to roll in and some extra space to create background aesthetics for the tower. Other useful multiple display stands include earring trays, bracelet bars and display trees for rings or necklaces.

2. Use mirrors

In interior designing, one of their tips to creating an illusion of space is to use a mirror. Because a mirror displays the reflection of everything in front of it, it makes it seem as if you have more space to move. This is the same for small booths. Not only will your customers appreciate the abundance of mirrors, but it’ll also make your booth look bigger than it really is.

3. Create platforms or levels

One of the best ways to display more jewelry in a limited space is to divide the booth into several platforms. With more platforms or levels, it won’t look crowded when you display more groups of jewelry in one place. If you have several platforms, you can group your display by the type of jewelry. In one platform, you can have rings and earrings. In another platform, you can showcase bracelets using several bracelet bars for easier setting and to help save space. Your necklaces and pendants should also be in another platform altogether.

4. Hang jewelry

If you still need to display some jewelry, you can always use the overhead of your booth to display more. Set up a string or wire to hang from one end to another. Use this to hang jewelry overhead. Be careful in hanging jewelry, however. Sometimes, if you hang too much, your booth will end up looking like it has a curtain. While that may not be a bad thing, it can create a crowded look for your display. Don’t hang big jewelry too. They can easily take up as much space in your display.

5. Create overhead layers

Once you've filled up the space in your booth, you can also have a carpenter set up some overhead layers. Don’t put up too many though. Get a shelf on each side and choose which jewelry will fit well. Slant the shelves a little so customers can easily see the jewelry.


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