Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Foot Care Tips to Keep your Style when wearing Wedge Boots

What happens when you combine the active style of sneakers with the smooth looks of booties? Well, you get an edgy and refreshing style. These past few months, I've seen dozens of sneaker wedge boots in eye-catching designs. Each pair just creates a fearless and exciting vibe. I can’t wait to get a pair so I can start painting the town.

wedge boots

But like every other high-heeled shoes, sneaker booties could also cause strain at one point. To get you through this, my dear ladies, I have 10 effective tips that could give instant soothing to your soles.

1. Clean them well. Always remember to wash your feet with soap and water when you shower to get rid of any bacteria that might have developed from wearing closed shoes.

2. Dry your feet. This is very important when you are wearing closed shoes more so with socks. After taking a bath, make sure that your feet is properly dried before wearing any pair of shoes. Doing so avoids athlete’s foot and other fungal development. Drying your feet can also be beneficial when you remove your shoes after long hours of wearing them.

3. Exfoliate your feet from time to time using a pumice stone to get rid of skin that may harden over time. When not removed, dead skin turn into calluses and corns.

4. Foot creams with lactic acid as an active ingredient can help hydrate your feet.

5. Let your feet rest. Trade your stilettos for ballet flats or booties to get some break from the strains of wearing high heels.

6. Make it a habit to massage your feet when you get home and relax. Aside from soothing the pressure points you got from wearing shoes, this can also improve blood flow.

7. Simple foot exercises can make a big difference. It’s not only your arms and legs that need a little flexing every now and then. Your ankles could benefit from it too. Rotating your ankles is the simplest form of exercise that could help you avoid sprains.

8. You gotta love pedis (and manis). Having your nails cut and groomed reduces your chances of getting foot sores from ill fitting shoes. Shorter nails also mean better fitting footwear.

9. Be Cinderella. Finding the right pair of booties is like a fairy tale. You are not only looking for your handsome prince charming (in this case, a pretty pair of shoes) but you also need to find the perfect match. Make sure that you get the right size and you allow some space for your feet to feel comfortable.

10. Nothing is too small to deserve your attention. At the first sign of excessive dryness or sweating, itching as well as inflammation, visit your doctor to get proper advice on treatment and medication. This is especially important if you've been diagnosed with diabetes.


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