Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chriselle Lim on Finding the Booties For Your Body Shape

Styling your boots with your body type never seem to get the right wedge boots for you? You’ve probably been disregarding the shape of your body when looking for trendy pairs booties. Contrary to what many of us believe, mastering your body is not only necessary when picking dresses, tops and jeans. Knowing your shape also makes your the lovely Cinderella in a perfect pair of booties.

wedge boots

Chriselle Lim of TheChriselleFacor has 15 tips on how to wear booties in physique-flaunting says:

1. Picking a pair boots with a pop of color instantly makes any pair of classic boots look modern. Get this through a patterned design or elastic sides
2. A little bit of heels gives your calves a slimmer look. Not to mention they make you a few inches taller b
3. A tapered shaft elongates your legs in a wonderful manner
4. Pointy or narrow-edged shoes create a streamlined look
5.When wearing minis with ankle boots, make sure to get the right skirt length. It’s all about proportions. Keep your skirt above the knee to continue the length of your legs
6. Wearing fitted bottoms with ankle boots are great for curvaceous babes. Skinny jeans and fitted pants create a streamlined look. They work wonders in blending your look into one
7. Boots with thick and sturdy heels are a must for ladies with an hourglass body type. This footwear balances your feminine curves with a tougher feel
8. Putting on a pair of statement boots is the easiest way to spruce up an outfit whether it's in a basic color or a plain ensemble
9. Vertical zippers make your legs appear longer
10. A two-tone pair will give your shoe an ample amount of dimension
11. Get a pair of boots with an arch at the ankle. This seemingly unnoticeable feature actually allows your legs to create a continuous line
12. A cone-shaped heel is feminine. Look for this in masculine-styled boots to soften it up
13. Getting the right height of a knee-high boot is the ultimate key to pulling off the look
14. Look for booties that are tighter around the ankle to bring out your shape
15. When tucking in pants into your boots, it is best to wear skinny jeans to highlight the shape of your lower body and do away with a sloppy look

BONUS TIP: Like a little black dress, a black pair of booties is essential for every chic lady

Dressing well and looking good is not as hard as you think. Gaining a personal consciousness of your body is the key to being comfortable in any outfit. Love your body by wearing pieces that salutes your style and individuality.

Check out Chriselle Lim on Finding the Booties For Your Body Shape video HERE:


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