Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Types of Wrapping Your Necklaces

Giving a gift to a special someone is always a challenge because you want to surprise them or make them feel as if you’ve made an effort to give them something. If you hand them a pretty necklace wrapped in the usual type of gift box, they’ll always appreciate it. There’s no doubt about that. But if you want to impress your customers and give each recipient an even bigger surprise, you’re going to have to work harder than simply wrapping the gift and placing it in a gift bag. That’s too common.

jewelry display
Photo Credits: GlimpseOfGlamour
Instead, you might want to use any of these unique ideas for wrapping your necklaces.

1. Use a ribbon – the best thing about a ribbon? You probably already have a roll of it, straight from your own jewelry display! You won’t even have to buy an extra roll until your set runs out. Ribbons are a great embellishment for nearly everything. They can make any simple thing look elegant and special. If you want to give your customer something different, you can wrap the necklace with a ribbon. Instead of tying the ribbon on a box, tie the ribbon to the necklace. Slide it in and out around the necklace until it forms a snakelike design around the necklace. Tie a small ribbon near the pendant. Now place the duo necklace in a big box with a soft cushion inside. Make sure the necklace doesn’t move while in transport so the ribbon stays in place. Nothing big, but something a little more special to complete the package.

jewelry display bottle

2. Hang from a bottle – place a ribbon or string around the cork area. Pin the necklace over the string and slide the pendant and the rest of the chain into the bottle. Make sure that the finding is closed tightly over the string and that both don’t fall into the bottle. Do make sure that the bottle is presentable. Then tie a ribbon over the corkscrew of the bottle.

Photo Credits: RowHouseNest
3. Inside a cup – be a little more creative when it comes to your boxes. Prepare a special cup and make sure that it comes with its own cover. Place soft round cushions inside to protect the necklace. Lay the necklace around and around over the cushion and set the pendant in the middle of the chains. Cover the cup. Make sure the necklace doesn’t move while in transport, otherwise, your design will go to waste. If your cup is specifically designed, that’s a little extra effort that the recipient will definitely appreciate.

jewelry display

4. Picture frame – remove the back of a picture frame. Stick a soft, but thin cushion over the back of the frame. Set the necklace over the cushion. Set the back of the frame into the picture frame again so that the necklace serves as the photo. It might be best not to use 3D pendants for this type of wrapping. Unless you’re willing to thicken the frames of the picture frame, use flat pendants to display inside your picture frame. Now that’s a creative form of wrapping.


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