Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do-It-Your Way: Get 16 Different Looks with One Sweater

I found an interesting YouTube video by Coolirpa. She showed how to wear a single sweater in 16 different ways. Here’s how you can make a plain piece of sweater interesting. I’m sure you can wear these styles for any of your bamboo shoes.
bamboo shoes
  1. Normal sweater 
  2. Tube top Wear the sweater over your head then make sure to let the neck line rest over your chest by bringing your arms out from the hole. Tie the sleeves together at the back for that added design.
  3. Halter top With the same process as the tube top, just tie the sleeves together behind your neck 
  4. Bondage dress Insert your legs through the neck hole to wear it with the hemline resting on your chest. Then create a cross with the sleeves over your stomach and tie the ends at the back for that fitting look. 
  5. Cropped halter top With the same process as the bondage dress, bring the neck hole up to your chest to get the sleeves up. Then tie sleeves behind your neck to create halter strap. 
  6. Skirt Wear the neck hole of your sweater down to your waist. Wrap the sleeves around your waist to accentuate your mid section 
  7. Crisscross halter top Wear the sweater as a tube top with the neck hole resting on your chest. Then, knot the sleeves together in front and twist it before bringing it up and creating the halter strap. Adjust the sleeves over the chest area to get the perfect look. 
  8. Loose jumper halter top Bring the sweaters neck line down to your waist and tie the sleeves up to your neck. Make sure to pull the body of your sweater downward to have the perfect loose fit. 
  9. Cross back jumper dress Wear the sweater as you would do for a tube top. Then, bring the sleeves to the back and make a little cross. Once this is secured, just bring the sleeves to the front. Connect this part to the neck line of your sweater with a safety pin. 
  10. Extended cross back halter dress Wear this look as you would its shorter version in number Make sure to pull the body down a little to complete the fully extended look. 
  11. Loose tube halter top Wear the sweater upside down again. Make sure that you’ve created a stable tube top with the half of your sweater that’s resting on your chest. 
  12. Mini sweater With the right side up, wear the sleeves first. Then wear the neck line up to the top of your rib. Let the excess body of your sweater plop around your neck to get a stylish look. 
  13. Scarf Wear the sweater on the right side but keep it up to your neck only. Leave the sleeves hanging around your neck or you can tie them behind to look like a real scarf. 
  14. Around your waist 
  15. Over the shoulders 
  16. Bonnet
Can’t get enough? Watch the video here.


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