Monday, August 20, 2012

Vintage Fashion Jewelry? Hot or Not?

From simply being the celebrity stylist to the reality TV show that made her a hit, Rachel Zoe is definitely more than just the fashion icon she was known for. And now, even with a baby, she’s still expanding her empire by adding a new line to her long list of accomplishments: luxury fashion jewelry.
Image Credits @ Neiman Marcus
This time, her line of costume jewelry is vintage-inspired. Consisting of cuffs, statement rings, earrings and necklaces, she’s divided each into different collections. The collection is inspired out of different decades. The first is from the Old Hollywood glamour in 1920’s, while another inspires the 1970’s fashion. The third collection, on the other hand, consists of fashion from the 60’s with its shapes and colors, while the fourth collection, otherwise called the Knot, features intertwined, artistic pieces.

These luxurious jewelry can be bought at around $140 for a chain bracelet, up to $650 for a tassel-end necklace at 54 inches.

One of these pieces, a gold and black collar necklace is similar to those worn during the time of Cleopatra. At $595, the piece is outlined with gold bars, black quartz at the sides that connects to the glittering Pave Swarovski crystals. This necklace is definitely fashion-forward, despite the fact that it was inspired from fashion from the past.

Another piece at $325, also included in her jewelry line is a wide statement bracelet, also in elegant gold. Accentuated by a somewhat tribal figure (or what is called a Love Me Knot), shining with white Pave Swarovski crystals at the hinges, the cuff bracelet sure looks like a piece worn by an ancient goddess.

Her line also includes earrings, one of which hangs by black quartz rings, which holds onto a gold plated, glittering handle with Pave Swarovski crystals and connects to a red quartz (from afar looks like ruby diamonds!) square piece ($250). Absolutely gorgeous!

The collection will be sold at Neiman Marcus, one of the shops that Rachel Zoe had gone to, even as a child. Now that the luxury jewelry company will be supporting the stylist’s fashion line, the celebrity stylist is even more excited. In support, Neiman Marcus will also be hosting a video and a tab on Facebook, just to help people shop for Zoe’s new line. This video was also posted in Zoe’s Facebook page.

The final verdict?

Rachel Zoe is definitely one of the best designers and stylist in the world. With her long list of accomplishments, this line will surely do well.

Filled with style, personality and elegant colors that complement each other like green, red, gold, ivory and black, decorated with diamonds and crystals, the line is promising for those who enjoy fashion.

Unfortunately, while the pieces are definitely interesting and stylish, the price tag will be a bummer for many. Fans of Rachel Zoe will save up just to get one of these beautiful pieces.

So yes, vintage jewelry – definitely HOT!


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

thank you guys, for loving my post, specially to you @anita shah for pinning it on Pinterest :)

Unknown said...

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GaretT_T said...

These surely are lovely! i have met a lot of antique jewelry buyer from all across the globe and i would say this would really cost a lot.

Unknown said...

antics are specially expensive, it really depends on the value, the time it existed and the present quality. maybe emotional value also plays a factor.

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