Monday, August 27, 2012

Traditional, Creative or Home-Made Jewelry Display: What Works and What Doesn’t?

Selling isn’t just about offering the most unique and creative pieces of jewelry. In fact, sometimes, the most attractive jewelry display can get more customers than those with good pieces. But, if there are so many creative ways to display your jewelry, how do you know which ones work best for your store?

jewelry display

Now that you can create home-made equipment to display your jewelry, will it beat the effects of actually using ready-made displays?

When you’re selling, you have to think of more than just the profit you’re going to earn. You need to know what the market wants. While home-made jewelry display will certainly give you some benefits, traditional displays are also pretty useful.

Here are some pros to using either type of jewelry displays:

Traditional display trays, towers and boxes
  • Easier to pack.Since traditional displays are made especially to display jewelry, they are also catered to folding easily and being lightweight, allowing the seller to pack them easily at the end of every day. Even the earring towers itself can be folded with the clip of a switch.
  • Ready-made, won’t take time to create. Being already made to display jewelry, the seller won’t have to think of ways to actually display the jewelry. Each traditional display comes with hooks, pins and wires to help the seller hang the pieces of jewelry. You won’t even have to worry about making a displaying the jewelry correctly because the traditional equipment will do that for you.
Home-made equipment to display jewelry
  • No limit to creativity. If you’re creating a display for your jewelry using various other equipment and tools, you won’t have any limitations to the type of display. You can use almost anything just to display your jewelry. The more creative you are the better! You can use old tools, antique couches, your Mom’s China, your old sewing tools. You can even fish bowls and vases.
  • Less expenses to display jewelry. The thing about making your own display is that you might not even need to spend just to get your jewelry out there. If you’re creative enough, you can simply make use of the things at home to get people to notice your pieces. If you’re opening up a store, this will help you in terms of cutting back costs before opening up shop. No more having to allot part of your budget to the display items you’re supposed to get.
While both types of displays definitely have their pros, having a good number of both can help you in producing the most creative display. Remember, not all home-made items will make a piece of jewelry look as good as it does on a traditional type of display. Not even a mannequin will look better than an acrylic hand display. However, if you use your creativity to match traditional towers and trays with some home-made jewelry display, you might just end up with a winning design, at least one that won’t take you hours just to set up.


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