Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Display Your Jewelry the Extraordinary Way

Are you a little tired of using the common types of jewelry display? Or do you just not have enough budget to buy those effective acrylic body forms? Well, even if you don’t have enough money to complete your display, it doesn’t mean that you have to delay the opening of your jewelry store or booth. In fact, this opens up a lot of windows for your creativity.

You see, in order to attract more people to your store or booth, especially during an Expo, you have to come up with an engaging display that will allow people to see your jewelry in a different light. Now, normally, people would use a wide range of display trays, towers and boxes. They’d even stock up on body forms just to accentuate their pieces. But if you cannot have these, you will have to resort to a different method of displaying your jewelry.

How? With a little creativity, these accessories may be able to give you an advantage over the usual trays and towers.

Make use of a sala chair

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Weird? Maybe. But in fact, these soft, comfortable sala chairs can easily garner a lot of attention, especially because it’s not common to have it display pieces of jewelry. If you have special brooches or pendants for display, you can easily hang them on the chair or use a push pin to stick bracelets and earrings onto the chair. Catching the attention of customers? Check. Beautiful pieces of jewelry? Check.

Use a mannequin or a sewing body form

If you don’t have a body form especially for displaying jewelry, use your mother’s old mannequin or that sewing body form that you thought you’d never use. Make sure you clean it up first or at least wrap it with some clothes so it doesn’t look too awkward. Besides being able to hang some pieces of jewelry on a sewing body form, you can also stick pins easily onto it, thus, you’d be able to hang earrings, brooches and even bracelets on it.

Clear glass items

The good thing about glass is that it allows you to see through it. There’s an elegancy about it that will make you curious, and it won’t cost you more than your Mom’s special china or cocktail glasses to display it. Best used for huge, statement rings and even engagement rings (because glasses have been known to be used to present rings), prepare a simple, but elegant display using the cocktail glass. Put your best ring inside and prop it over a Styrofoam or small mattress so it doesn’t sink to the bottom. Decorate the surroundings with similar rings and top it over an aesthetic cloth for an elegant, finished look.

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Stuffed toys

Toys are also good displays for jewelry. However, be careful not to stick anything into a stuffed bear, otherwise, you might get into trouble with a few parents. Instead, if you’ll be using a teddy bear, prettify the teddy bear by using a few pieces of jewelry. Not only will you garner a lot of appreciation from kids, you’ll also get a lot of oohs and ahhs from the crowd. You can also use a similar display like this stuffed octopus here. Since it has 8 arms, you can easily display bracelets. What a cutie!


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