Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Clean Your Ivory Jewelry

ivory fashion jewelry

Ivory is one of the popular, but controversial materials used for various kinds of traditional and elegant fashion jewelry. While it is illegal to sell ivory in some states, there are others where acquiring ivory the legal way is possible. And when you have an ivory necklace, it’s only right that you take proper care of it.

My husband knows I like the authenticity of ivory necklaces so when he’s able to buy some, he gives it to me as a present on special occasions. Unfortunately, he’s not always around to have them cleaned every now and then. But, instead of letting my ivory pieces dry out and darken, ruining its genuine texture and overall look, I decided to find out for myself how to clean my own ivory necklace.

Here’s two ways to get dust and dirt off one of my favorite accessories:

First, I can try dusting off the necklace first, using a paintbrush with fine tips. This way, I can remove any dust between the chains or small crevices in the pendant. Before I dust though, I make sure to wear cotton gloves so I don’t extend any dirt onto my necklace. A friend once suggested I use white, vinyl eraser to remove any dirt. I guess it depends on whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Second, I can also try removing the dirt off my ivory necklace by wiping it with lint-free cloth. Luckily, I have plenty of these since I own glasses. I always keep an extra pair or two just for use on any of my high fashion jewelry that may need cleaning. In order to wipe the dirt off, I make sure to use warm water and avoid soap or any other household products.

Small tip though: whenever I clean my ivory necklaces, I always make sure to dust it first, using the paintbrush before wiping it with water and cloth. The cloth can’t get into small spaces like paintbrushes can, but if I only use a paintbrush, I won’t be able to wipe the dirt off. I also make sure not to scrub, so I don’t ruin the pendant in any way. However, if you own an antique ivory necklace, maybe it’s best to leave the cleaning to professionals.

Do you own one of these lovely ivory pieces? How do clean it?


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