Monday, July 16, 2012

Can You Save My Day?

I have a gigantic problem.

No, it’s not the heat wave – and it’s definitely not my Nana’s cat.

Would you know if there is any store in the world that’s selling Cyclops’ sunglasses in wholesale or something?

Yup, Cyclops from the X-Men series.

I know what you’re thinking – I’m not in anyway a sci-fi geek. It’s just that I’m attending an awesome party about a week from now and I want one of those really cool sunglasses. Wait, let me take that back – I want a dozen of those.

I’m just so hyped up with the party that my friend is throwing because of the outrageous theme and of course, the people that I’m expecting to see on that shindig. Tasha and I go way way back and I must say, she’s really a dear friend. She used to date a boy friend of mine more or less about 5 years. I’m not really sure of the time frame but all I remember is that I liked them for each other. I’m not trying to play the match maker but I really thought they had chemistry. And god! They were so happy and in love. It’s sad that they didn’t last or they didn’t even get to that very solid state. Oh well, life at its finest.

It was so weird that Gucci and I kind of remembered Tasha in my barbecue the other week. Oh Gucci is the boy friend that I’ve been talking about. We just asked if either of us knew how she was doing or was at least in touch with him. But we weren’t so we just left it at that.

I was surprised to get a call from her the other day. More so to be invited to the party that she’s throwing on the 23rd. She has a lot of reasons to celebrate, according to her. I wonder what those might be.

Okay, back to the theme! Its sci-fi heroes of summer! Cool, huh? It’s my first time to attend a sci-fi party for summer. I’m assuming there would be a lot of skin, capes and trunks. Goodness gracious! Just thinking about it makes me want to roll on the ground. I decided to go as the female Cyclops hence I need the sunglasses – and I want a dozen! I want to see which one fits me very well.

If you know where else I could get wholesale sunglasses just like that of Cyclops; please, please point me to the right direction. I’d also love to get my hands on sunglasses with unique and interesting designs.

Got to run and find my costume!


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