Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Make a DIY Jewelry Display

jewelry display

Did you know that it isn’t that hard to create a creative jewelry display? I thought it would take me several brain aneurysms first before I could create one that can truly sell my pieces. If not a brain aneurysm, I’d have to drown in debt first just to pay all those expensive display trays. 

Good thing, I discovered that I can actually make a do-it-yourself display without having to sell my kidney. 

First, I had to think of a creative theme for my jewelry. Since I like nature and I have a thing for the color combination of blue, green and brown, I wanted to build an effective jewelry display that will focus on just that, plus the elements of nature. 

Now that I had a theme for my display, I needed to set up my materials first. I took some blue lace curtains and green fabrics from my house (luckily, I still had them). I also had to look for old plywood that I can turn into star risers and towers. I’m also pretty skilled in a little carpentry so I could easily make my own towers. However, while making my second star riser, I ended up running out of materials so I had to resort to using books instead. After painting my star risers, I was ready to set up my jewelry booth.

Using the fabrics, I spread them out over the table with the lace fabric decorated over the stretched out green cloth. I placed a few antique looking wood on the sides and used the books to create different heights. The star risers I placed in the middle. Since I also liked the common, but generally attractive acrylic hand and pendant boards, I spent some money on a piece each and surrounded the star riser with the ready-made jewelry display. Just to give the display a little more design, I took some pieces of branches from an old Christmas tree and added it to the design, near the wood, giving it a forestry look. To finish off my decorations, I also made sure to add some soft LED lights to emphasize the colors of all jewelry pieces on display. 

Through this DIY display, I didn’t have to spend much. How about you? Which type of display for your jewelry is your favorite? Did it take you as long as I did to create yours? 


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