Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recommended Footwear for summer

What do you wear on hot summer days? Surely, not those thick, faux boots in your closet. I make sure to stay away from my boots for as long as the sun still sets too high and I stop feeling like my skin is melting as if I’m one of those aliens from the TV series Roswell. Screw the fashion police, I wasn’t about to sweat my ligaments off, especially in an expensive pair of boots – not a chance!

wedge boots

So, if you ask me what would be my most recommended footwear for summer? Definitely these three types of shoes. Before you start buying womens shoes on wholesale for the summer, you might like to see what’s in and out on this hot, hot season.

Slippers are definitely IN during summer
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While slippers are usually a no-no during other days, this isn’t the same case for summer. What better footwear to don on the beach than slippers? After all, I’m sure you don’t want to get your platforms covered in sand. Yes, the sand will probably seep in through those little, bejeweled crevices in your high heels and you’ll definitely regret taking them to the beach. At least, slippers are comfortable, flat and easy to wear. Unfortunate for those who have ugly feet though, they’d have to suffer through negative nods from the fashion police. Well, unless you’re at the beach, who cares if you have ugly feet? As long as you have THE desired HOT body and the latest bikini, I’m sure nobody would notice those ugly, spiderlike veins on your feet.

Sandals or open flats for comfort and air
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The sad thing about summer is that if you let your feet snug in a shoe for too long, you might just end up getting smelly feet. BIG NO-NO. This is why sandals and open flats are highly recommended. Of course, not those trekking sandals, unless you’re going off on some adventure. Nowadays, sandals have varied into new, more cooler variations from gladiator sandals, to those bejeweled, right to your toes. At least, your feet are in open shoes and you get to be part of the latest trend. Just make sure not to run in them, I’m sure those soles weren’t meant for track and field.

Peep Toes High Heels/Wedge Shoes

wholesale womens shoes

I guess there are just some women who cannot NOT wear high heels, even on a hot day of summer. As long as you’re not off to the beach, peep toes are alright to wear on summer, as they give the toes a little breathing room. Do make sure you’ve just had a nice pedicure though; nobody likes to see greenish, toe nails. Yuck. Also remember – definitely not for the beach. If you get peep toes wet, you’ll never be able to get those muddy sands out of your toes without water. Good luck on that.


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