Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Jewelry Makers Should Consider Selling Their Own Jewelry

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As a jewelry maker, I know I am definitely (cue boasting smile here) talented and creative. However, when I first got the offer of selling my own jewelry, I was not at all ecstatic. Yes, I sell my pieces to some actual sellers, but to build my own business? It sounded like a bad joke, especially for me – who only relied on my talent and friendship with sellers to make money.

Despite my love for jewelry and talent to create beautiful pieces, I didn’t know anything about businesses. In fact, I was so scared to fund my own capital, most of all, because I had no idea how to start.

You see, in starting a business, it’s not just the capital that I had to consider. I also had to think of where to sell my jewelry, how to sell and which market to target. There are so many aspects of business that needed to be considered. I wasn’t even sure if my jewelry would sell!

Fortunately, as time passed, I realized a few things. Jewelry makers who can sell their own jewelry may benefit not only from their creative talents, but also for their business knowledge. Why?

jewelry makers
Jewelry makers can make more profit

Being able to open up my own store opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Not only did I start attracting my own customers, but I was also able to attract resellers of my own. No more having to co-sign my jewelry to interested sellers or rely on friends to sell. Instead, I could focus on making jewelry and earning profits. Having a physical store allowed me to build my own reputation and attract more customers.

They can be recognized for their efforts

When I used to sell my jewelry to friends who were sellers, I was never really recognized as the jewelry maker. I’d see some people from my neighbors wearing my jewelry, but they never really knew it was ME who made it. Instead, they think it was my co-signer, my friend who sold the jewelry for me. However, when I opened up shop, I was able to establish my reputation, not only as a businesswoman, but as a talented jewelry maker.

Audrey Hepburn
A physical store tests the creativity of the jewelry maker

Building a business is hard, all the more a jewelry business. Besides having to make sure that I continuously create beautiful jewelry, I also had to consider the attractiveness of my store. This meant checking out various jewelry display ideas, getting a good interior designer or simply decorating my shop, in order to easily market and attract my customers. There wasn’t any day when I wouldn’t have to stretch my creativity.

How about you, talented jewelry maker? Are you ready to take your business to the next step? Why or why not?


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