Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rihanna Surprise: Catch It Soon!


I’m sure you all know Rihanna. Wait, who doesn’t? This sensational pop star is known around the globe for her talent and unique fashion sense. From setting a trend to changing her hair color for bold looks, Rihanna has done it all. Despite making a few eyebrow twitching and hair raising choices, she has established her placed as one of the fashion icons of our time. We have known her to wear many hats over the years, and now she’s wearing a different one so I have very exciting news for all you fashion and Rihanna out there! This got me jumping up and down in my color block ankle boots – I’m just as excited as you are! I won’t keep you waiting so here goes the big news…

THE first promo teaser of Rihanna’s new show Styled To Rock can already be previewed over at YouTube. Ri-Ri is the executive producer of this UK-based reality TV show. The 10-week program will follow the journey of 12 contenders as they battle it out to get the most coveted price. With Nicola Roberts, Lysa Cooper and Henry Holland onboard as judges, I’m sure each contestant had to on top of their game every single moment.

Color Block Ankle Boots

Styled to Rock is out to seek an up-and-coming fashion designer who will get the chance of a life time to dress Rihanna for London’s Wireless music festival – her biggest English music gig for this year.

According to some news articles, the festival took place a couple of days ago. Rihanna really rocked her outfit but I’m not sure if that’s the output of the show. I’d just stay tuned to Styled To Rock which will air starting August.

US airing date and time? Not yet sure! I’ll keep you posted so we could all get to watch the 12 contenders as they dress one music icon after another each week. I’m so excited to know who will dress Rihanna for this year’s London Wireless music festival!

I’m just overly excited for this show! I have high hopes for it as it is a different reality TV. I think it’s like the Project Runway for music icons. Did I already mention that the contestants will get to dress a music artist after another for their weekly challenges?


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