Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fashion Spotlight: Getting All the Summer Trends Right

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In my recent posts, I’ve been raving about summer looks that are just awesome. They not only look good on the style stars that wear them but they also demonstrate the right way of wearing this season’s trends. Bamboo shoes are a different story – they’re here to stay. Lol.

I’m just excited with the look that I’m reviewing for this post! I just love its soft feminine look that I’m sure is timeless. In a bit, you’ll see what I’m just so crazy about.

As we all know, trends come and go at a flick of a finger only to come back after a couple of years later. I believe that chasing trends is never practical. Completely revamping your wardrobe every season is not just a waste of time but of money as well. Think of all the other things you can do with the time you spend shopping or wading through one fashion blog after another.

I believe that clothes are meant to flatter you. Wearing an outfit should be about boosting your confidence because you like how you look. It should never be about the money, money, money as Jessie J likes to put it.

I just had to mention that for this day’s post because I really love the outfit. I just know that it is something that will make any girl look and feel better about her self on any day. But before that, let’s meet our Lookbok style start for this post.

Jessica is a 25 year old fashion blogger and artist from California. She is a fulltime graphic artist for two companies but stills finds time to squeeze in blogging. Hapatime is home to a lot of trendy looks and finds that Jessica wants to hare with her readers. This half Japanese, half Caucasian beauty finds fashion blogging a lot of work but loves it nonetheless since she gets to inspire people to dress well and thoughtfully. Goin’ shopping is another highlight of the job to according to her.

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Looking at her dainty look at the right reminds me of why I love being a woman. It’s just so pretty!

In this look, Jessica managed to combine much of the hottest summer trends for 2012 – bold colors, pastels, floral prints, statement accessories and going transparent. Everything is there – and each one just blended well.

I love how she limited the color palette to turquoise and bright pink without making the look bland and monotonous. I believe the floral patterns helped a lot in keep the look interesting.

This look can be worn on a casual day out with friends or a romantic dinner date. It just hits dainty and flirty dressing right where any girl should place it.

Would you go on a first date in this outfit? Why or why not? Let me know what you think about featured today’s look.


Unknown said...

Wow, wonderful piece. Excellently done. Every piece is mesmerizing.

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