Thursday, July 26, 2012

From faking it to making it

wedge boots

Being a woman is never easy. PMSing here, too many fashion trends there, love drama here and a little bad hair day over there – it’s just how we ladies roll.  It’s just amazing how we can handle all the stress and still look great from sunrise till sunset. Certainly, it takes a goddess like you and me to be a million things all at the same time.

And for that, I would like to applaud all the ladies in the universe through this post. I know that there are always times when you don’t feel as beautiful as we really are for whatever reason. Life may have its way of putting us down but we should never let our confidence fall to ground.

When I am suddenly placed in a not so happy day, I take the time to breath and remind myself that nothing lasts forever – both good and bad times. Placing things in this perspective really helps me to see the silver lining in any unfortunate situation I maybe in. If I get lucky enough to have a lovely day – this outlook in life reminds me to keep my feet on the ground as I savor every joyful moment. It has been truly liberating to be able to see life in this light.

Here’s how to do it:

1.Dress to impress – yourself: Never make the mistake of dressing up just to look in one’s eyes. It may be thrilling to be complimented by others but are you comfortable in how you look? When I feel like running away from everything, I often just pair my jeans with any shirt and rubbershoes. I also wear a hoodie and plug-in my headphones to complete the incognito feel. Other times I wear floral dress with wedge boots then I’m good to go. It should always depend on you – Whatever floats your boat will instantly boost your confidence on those days.

2.Surround yourself with wonderful people: Being with someone that makes you smile or hanging out with a group of people who allows you to be yourself is very important when you come across not so happy days. Make sure that you are able to share and express your feelings to lighten up the load.

And of course,

3.Flash the prettiest fake smile you could ever make – just don’t make it look like it. Smile at your neighbor’s cat, the trees, the sun, to a stranger – anything and anyone. I’m absolutely sure towards the end of the day you would have to continue faking a thing.

I’ve never seen this trick as fooling myself. I think it’s more of putting confidence in you until you are able to bring it out yourself. I’m sure we all know how difficult it is to strut down the street feeling and looking like a supermodel when all we want to do is go incognito to mankind.


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