Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tips to Picking Your Jewelry Display

Tips to Picking Your Jewelry Display

Hey, jewelry sellers, I have a question for you. Did you know that your jewelry display is an important factor to selling your jewelry?

The answer to this question is yes, it is definitely an important factor. I, myself, thought that I should just buy wholesale jewelry displays and focus instead on making and preparing the jewelry to sell. However, I realized that the display was important because in order to attract customers, I needed to make them see the jewelry in a different light. I needed to display the jewelry in a way that will attract them and get them to buy. If I wanted this to happen, I needed to be more careful in picking out the display for my jewelry.

From jewelry seller to jewelry seller, here are some tips I took that helped me pick out the right type of display for my jewelry shop:

First, I needed to know and understand what kind of jewelry shop I had. Since I own an all-around type of jewelry shop, I could easily skip this tip and go onto the second tip. However, for those of you who only own formal, elegant jewelry shops, you’ll need to focus on displaying beautiful and genuine pieces. Traditional jewelry shop owners may want to think of a theme for their display too, as they can decorate their display, depending on their theme. Unlike shops that sell genuine pieces and prefer to keep their display mostly simple and white to help define the clarity of their pieces, traditional shops can play more with their creativity in display.

Second, I needed to consider the amount and type of jewelry I had to display. Since I had some genuine pieces to display, I made sure to find acrylic hands and mannequins so I can actively display the jewelry, as if it was worn on a real hand. I also had to find attaché cases, especially for the really expensive pieces. For my traditional pieces, which were a lot, I made sure to at least get some pendant boards, utility trays and rotating towers.

Third, I also had to consider my budget after all, I’m not building this jewelry shop out of thin air. Since I was bent on saving money, I considered buying these display pieces online or on wholesale so at least, I could get some discount.

So, jewelry sellers, did you have the same things in mind when you picked out your jewelry display? Or do you have other tips for us, sellers?


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